Belarus raises export duty on crude oil and petroleum products

Belarus raises export duties on oil and oil products exported from its territory outside the customs territory of the Customs Union. Decision of the Council of Ministers adopted this, BelTA informs.

Exported duty rate of 1 ton of crude oil from June 1, increased from $ 453.7 to $ 462.1. For light oil products (light and middle distillates) the fee will be $ 309.6 per 1 tonne of petrol trade — $ 415.8.

The duty on heavy petroleum products (liquid fuels, oils, waste oils) from June 1, will be $ 215.8, propane, butane, ethylene, propylene, other liquefied gases — $ 189.8 per tonne.

The document defines the new terms of the supply of oil and petroleum products to Belarus. Address the issues of collection and transfer to the budget Russian duty when exported from Belarus beyond Customs Union crude oil and products from hydrocarbons.

Introduced and a new mechanism for payment and transfer of export duties. It provides that the duty of the Belarusian exports of crude oil comes to the budget Republic of Belarus, a duty on exports of oil products — the budget of the Russian Federation.



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