Belobog and Chernobog

Belobog and Chernobog

And Navi, in the Black Mountains, in a tangle of black snakes coiled up himself. After the defeat at the Battle of Svarog and welded zhichami scattered across the face of the Earth of its soldiers.

And then flew to heaven But the very Heavenly ancestor. Injustice remained on the damp ground. Injustice suffered across the earth, beneath the sky throughout the kingdom-trials.

Black snake god of cold, destruction, death, are black magicians, magicians. Crawling around his palace Snake Lamia. Sprites and werewolves roam the Black Forest.

In the darkness swirling clouds
and crows circling flocks.
Chernobog-Koschei there lyutuet,
wizards and witches gather
all ministers Chernobog.
"The Book of Christmas Carols», IX B
Black God — the Lord of Darkness, Navi Pekelnogo kingdom. He sits on a throne in the Black Castle, next to it — the goddess of death Madder, and before it sits beyond the grave judge the lion Radogost.

Commander in the army is Chernobog Vij, brother of the god of the sky Dyje. In peacetime, the Wii — the jailer in hell. He holds in his hand a fiery whip, whom treats sinners. His eyelids heavy, they hold the Wii's henchmen pitchforks. If Vij open eyes and look at the man — he dies. Wii can not stand sunlight, so always prefers to remain underground.

Also, the Black God are demons dasuni son Wii — goat-footed Pan, Black Stork Buck dragon witch, witches Margast, sister Maga — Mazata, the Witch and the demoness Putana Black Kali.

Werewolves, black magicians and witches are Chernobog army. It is served by all the forces of darkness, the people would bake the demons of Hell. Chernobog power is great — it is subject to all of the dark side of life. From it blows cold, cosmic darkness.

Black God loves to wear a black cassock, to sort out a rosary. So he makes fun of faith, for it denies the existence of God and the existence. Black God is fighting with all the gods. It also happens that he took the side of one of the gods, but it does so with one purpose — to shake the faith in other gods. It destroys temples, burning books. He also wrote the book, the purpose of which — to distort or destroy the true Vedic religion. Zaledenit souls of men, clad world ice — that's his goal. So he — Lord North. His wife — the goddess of death, Mara. Chernobog and Mara gave birth to many demons and demonesses — Moroka, Mora, Black Help and daughters Lihomanok that cause human disease: shake, Glya-Day, Hrapushu, plump, Nemeyu, deaf Lomeyu, yellow, old, Smutnitsu , Zyabuhu, Karkushu and others.

There was a time when warriors Chernobog — Black Snake captured almost the entire world. Great ice covered much of the Earth. And the earth was filled evil. In order to overcome evil and return to the world of the truth, God came down to our universe. He singled out because our world of other, unknown to us worlds.

About Czernebog in "The Book of Veles" Triglav 13, said that he "fights Bjelobog" and at the same time with him, "Svarga support", as one of the most important cosmic forces (force destroyed). Also in the "Book of Veles", Troyan, Prov: 14 states that Chernobog — the god of madness: "And if a not keep his nature at this time and say crazy — this is from Chernobog." The "Slavic chronicle" Gelmolda (12th c.) Describes a pagan rite, according to whom the pagans gathered in a circle and take a drink of Bratina uttered an oath on behalf of two gods — the good and the evil (black). In Old Icelandic saga source Knitlinga-mentioned God Chernogolovka. We must assume that the temple of the Black God says Masudi (see part "Ancestral Heritage"). Image Chernobog leads historian P. Safarik "Image Chernobog in Bamberg" JS6., 1838. Temple Black was once a god and in Chernigov.

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