Both Moscow and the West are preparing to fight for possession of the arctic shelf seas

Both Moscow and the West are preparing to fight for possession of the arctic shelf seas

As the Chief of Land Forces, Colonel General Alexander Postnikov, in the town of Pechenga on the Kola Peninsula will be created a special team to combat operations in the Arctic. So Makar, of course, our homeland, embarking on adopted by the Security Council of the Russian Federation "Principles of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic up to 2020 and the subsequent term." This document is foreseen in the coming years to form in the Arctic Circle combined arms group of general-purpose, "capable of ensuring military security under various criteria of the military-political situation." So Makarov, Moscow displays the indignant West its determination to immerse your head in starting an international squabble over resources of the Arctic Ocean.

But at first that the reason why we have gathered bristle shafts under the northern lights. According to the UN and the U.S., supplies of oil in the Arctic region are 90-100 billion tons, which is several times greater than the resources of the Russian Federation or Saudi Arabia. According to estimates of other international professionals in the Arctic shelf nestled between 20 and 25% of global supplies of hydrocarbons. You can add to that, the fact that there is produced almost half the world's fish production. In addition, runs the Northern Sea Route — the smallest route from Europe to America and Asia, as the Northwest Passage, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Clearly it was long ago, but the ice did languid resource extraction and the constant introduction of the NSR case unrealistic. All change for global warming. Scientists believe that by 2030 even the North Pole can be cleansed of ice. It was then, apparently, to begin … In any case, the adviser to the Canadian government, Robert Hubert, an ongoing rather mealy-mouthed: "2010 year in the Arctic — it's like 1935 in Europe. "

According to experts the British publishing group Jane's, maybe even the year 2020 will begin a harsh political battle for the right to possession of the riches of the Arctic, which threatens to grow into a direct military confrontation. With the British analysts agree representatives of Western intelligence, which predict that in the coming 20 years, the world will increase the possibility of international conflicts over rassredotachivanie economic resources in the Arctic due to the expected start of the melting of the Arctic ice. In the middle of possible enemies called Russia, Denmark, Norway, Canada, USA, and China.

In fairness, it is worth to see exactly what our home was the first to fight for shelf of the Arctic Ocean, announcing a claim of 18% of the territory of the Arctic with the length of the border is 20 thousand kilometers. In 2001, Moscow suddenly for many application filed in the United Nations with the reasons of their own claims to the ownership of the areas in the Arctic, which could hold off and not be others. West here decided that nothing had stayed at the start. And rushed to catch up.

Three years back the President of the United States signed a directive number 66 on the national security. In it, namely, it is said: "The United States has broad and fundamental national security interests in the Arctic region, and they are ready to defend those interests, as without the help of others, and in collaboration with other nations. In the middle of these interests have issues such as missile defense and the distant detection; deployment of sea and air systems for strategic sealift, strategic deterrence, maritime presence, maritime security operations, ensuring freedom of navigation and aviation. "

In January 2009, held in Reykjavik so called NATO seminar on the prospects for security on the Late North. The seminar was the role of the Secretary General of NATO, the chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, and NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Transformation.

August 1, 2009 Norway suffered its own operational command headquarters from Stavanger to Reitan polar, north of the country.

In December of the same year, the Swedish minister of defense walls Tolgfors stated that "in finansovlozheniyah the defensive value will be the purchase of arms and the improvement of infrastructure to enhance military air and naval potential of the country on the Late North."

In the same year, eight of the Nordic Council (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Åland) have decided to make a joint Nordic Battle Group (Nordic Battle Group). It is composed of 1,600 troops from Sweden, 250 in Finland, 150 of Iceland and 100 from Estonia and Norway. Group headquarters is located in Sweden.

In August 2010, the United States and Denmark for the first time took part in the yearly exercise in the Canadian Arctic, "Operation Nanook", though both members of NATO in the region has unresolved territorial disputes with Canada. More great military revels took place in Sweden in 2009. Called these ten-day maneuvers «Loyal Arrow 2009" ("Faithful Boom 2009"). The exercises were attracted 10 countries, 2,000 troops, an aircraft carrier and 50 destroyers.

All of these militaristic making the West look so clearly that in September 2010 they were obliged to respond to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. He said: "In any case, Russian Federation, with a rather severe stress looking for this kind of activity (NATO in the Arctic), as this area of peaceful cooperation, economic cooperation. And the presence of the military factor, it is always, at least, makes additional questions. " According to Medvedev, the prospects for cooperation in this field he has "no way associated with the escalation of the NATO presence in the Arctic region."

No tangible response concerns the head of our country's partners have not received. Then, of course, was born in Moscow in Pechenga plan to make a special "Arctic" brigade for the force defending Russian interests. What do you get out of this venture — totally incomprehensible.

More or less accurately we can say that for the base of the new military unit will be taken by the 200-th separate Pechenga Order of Kutuzov 2nd degree Motorized Rifle Brigade, which is deployed and in Pechenga. More over a wide area from St. Petersburg to Murmansk in the Russian Federation, we have nothing but the border guards and the 61st of the Red Kirkenes separate marine brigade of the Northern Fleet. But the Marines still very different tasks.

200th Motor Rifle Brigade a couple of decades back was the 131st Motorized Infantry Division and was considered among the more combat-capable connections 6th Field Army of the Leningrad Military neighborhood. That army has long there is none and the Leningrad Military neighborhood. In 1997, 131 th Division skukozhilas to the brigade. But nothing in particular of the "Arctic" it has never been and there. What are going to do with the team at the Ministry of Defence, that she was able to successfully wage war from the Arctic for natural resources, Colonel General Postnikov not explained. Only one caveat: adopted Pechenga sideltsev go articulated tractors "Knight". Machinery and indeed remarkable that can successfully move into the most impenetrable snow. What is not a time and substantiated by operating the civilian expeditions to Antarctica.

But this — the o
nly detail about our plans Arctic military leaders. One can imagine that the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff dream to come back to where our long-standing military and from where so lightly cleared out a couple of decades back. Back in the 80's of the last century, the world's northernmost airfield for military aviation was our — Grahame-Bel arhipelege on Franz Josef Land. Providing ice diving nuclear submarines was the main objective of the Northern Fleet. A scattered from Chukotka to the Kola Peninsula anti-missile air defense battalions of the army of the Arkhangelsk did impregnable to the enemy air space of the Russian Arctic. However, from these combat abilities is virtually nothing left. To get them back, requires resources, which the Russian Federation no. But the dream of hunting and generals.

The plans of the Ministry of Defence says the director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Ph.D. Candidate of Military Sciences, a member of the Academy of Military Sciences, Dr. Colonel Alexander's Stores Sharavin.

— Alexander, Russia needs now 'arctic' Special Forces?

— Needed. The solution is completely correct. Though belated.

— Why belated? Indeed, while in those places is nothing special happens.

— Since we have thousands of kilometers of border run along the coast of the Arctic Ocean. And this is a tremendous place is not generally covered by anything or anyone. And as global warming, there can happen quite so sudden thing.

— Well, it was the same at all of us in the Arctic. The army air defense and infantry division in Chukotka.

— There were a lot of things. Even such, as never openly reported. I was able to create fantastic things there. Imagine: in ancient times Dudinki in the snow is a big empty military garrison. It ammunition — by division, food, machinery, fuel for submarines in the tanks. It was assumed, apparently flown back personnel, change clothes, arm and begin to wage war.

— All this and now lies under Dudinka?

— I'm not sure. But I think that nothing is taken out, because it's terribly expensive. Food and uniforms, for sure, the rats ate. A fuel, home appliances probably in place.

— Excellent, the manager, as he said Postnikov, one brigade of Special Forces near the border with Norway. But is that enough? Thousands of kilometers, then?

— At least something will be. The main thing will be the connection, the men who will be outfitted so as not to freeze and wage war in the snow. Of course, specially trained. On the basis of such compounds in a pinch, you can deploy additional forces.

— But it is impossible to imagine that in the event that a team from the Kola Peninsula will flip, for example, to Chukotka. There easier to fly from Kamchatka or Sakhalin.

— In Chukotka, for sure, too, need such arctic commandos. Maybe not the brigade, and battalion. Someday, I think, is deployed there.

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