Brainstorming. "GMO: unidentified object" watch online

Brainstorming.  "GMO: unidentified object" watch online

GMO — is genetically modified organisms. If you buy a product in the store, which is designated "non-GMO", it means that the product is created without introducing any foreign genes.
Why are they being implemented? To better preserved tomatoes, strawberries so that could be sold in the winter, so plants grow better and resist diseases. But there is another side. It is unclear how modified plants can affect humans. It is unsafe to use them? That is the main question of our current applets.
Guests: Alexander Golikov — Director of risk management policies genetically engineered organisms, a professional in the industry Biosafety Programs from the UN Environment Programme, Alexander Gaponenko — Senior Researcher, Institute of Developmental Biology. Kol'tsova Academy of Sciences, Doctor of biological sciences, Dr. Ira Ermakova — Doctor bio sciences, independent expert on the dilemmas Biosafety; Alexander Rams — the president of the Nationwide Association of genetic Security, Lena Sharojkin — Director Nationwide Association of genetic security.

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