Breaker is whether the Ashes, zagudyat Borei?

From Wednesday began to clear the situation concerning the conclusion of agreements between the Ministry of Defense and the United Shipbuilding Company (USC). Under the scrutiny of Prime Minister Putin in Severodvinsk were signed long-awaited agreement between buyers and suppliers in the amount of about 280 billion rubles minute. This can be considered harsh shifts after a very long-standing mutual rejection criterion 2-sides.

The President and the Prime Minister has long been expressed about the fact that the severe disruption of contracts may affect the defense of the Russian Federation has recently. It is difficult to disagree. If we talk about the underwater Fleet, now fighting tasks while still making obsolete submarines 2nd generation. It is planned that the joint efforts of the "Sevmash", "Malachite" and CKB "Rubin" and thanks to a federal funding program there will be built submarines of Project 885 — "Ash" and the ultra-modern underwater cruiser "Boreas" (Project 955 A). Needless to say, cruiser "Borey" project, named the majestic leader Alexander Nevsky already launched at Severodvinsk. Timeout is an important event for the Russian fleet at the end of the year. But while the "Alexander Nevsky" did not pass all the required tests, because it plans to present the commissioning endured some changes. Besides the "Alexander Nevsky" in the next year will be completed underwater cruiser "Yury Dolgoruky".

It is planned that the submarines of Project 955 "Borey" will be held on active service in the Pacific Fleet. Already at the moment with the Arkhangelsk region of Kamchatka arrived crew, who perceive underwater cruiser, To perform the necessary activities for its "break-in" and then perform a march to the Pacific submarine base. "Running" can take anywhere from a year and a half, and while all the technical characteristics of the ship will not be found to meet the requirements, it will be assigned to the port of Severodvinsk.

The described arrangements are one of the parts of programs from a large-scale rearmament of the Navy of the country. It is planned that over the next eight years (until 2020) of the budget for the modernization of the fleet will spend about $ 4.7 trillion rubles. This means that the companies involved in the design and construction of new ships will be loaded on the full program there.

Putin in Severodvinsk said that the current plans are designed specifically for the highest work load Russian shipbuilding companies. In addition, to the success of Premier took what was already at the moment is actually one hundred percent managed to turn away from the order of devices from the CIS. This can be considered harsh step in the development of the industry, because if the dependency zabugornyh countries in terms of the construction of warships will be a straight line, then it could put Russia in unprofitable situation. After all, such a thing as a "partner blackmail" we have been through and in connection with the Ukraine, and in connection with Belarus, while it's not only the gas blackmail.

For a long time the issue of contracts for the construction of new ships was in a limbo. This was due in the main to the price issues. For example, the Ministry of Defense and USC could not agree on what should be applicable strip profitability. After intervention in the situation of the first persons of the country the Ministry of Defence has decided to agree to "pay" 35% return immediately to industrialists.

But this kind of concessions will be made, if the industry is to waste the acquired funds to modernize its own production. The formula looks quite promising, and because the ice of mistrust towards each other, at least on the outside, had begun to melt. A modernization of the equipment of industrial enterprises in this context in particular plays a stronger role, because it is not realistic to build a modern military equipment on the machines, which for more than 30 years.

Let's not forget the fact that the building will not only submarines, and the ultra-modern icebreakers, tankers and other marine and river vessels. To maintain the pace of construction of vessels, in the far East are additional shipyard. They are designed for partnerships with companies in Singapore and South Korea.

In all likelihood, the prime minister decided to take up so intensely "help" in deciding between USC and the Defense Ministry, recalling that on the nose elections. Let us entrust this is not just another PR move, and obmyslennaya policy, designed for the long term. It seems that there may be, but the control over all the agreements between the partners appear to have been held for future government — headed by Dmitry Medvedev. And here it is necessary and to remember the words of the report nedavneshnego Head Military Prosecutor Fridinsky that the state defense order of "left" leaves about 20% of the allocated funds. There is a lot to work …

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