Bride Romanchuk: Game did not give the order to Yaroslav married!

Tsigankov: Let's start with the most common questions for dating, because until now we, like most politically active Belarusians, for you do not know. Tell us about yourself — who are working, your education?

I am a master student of the Belarusian National Technical University. Also a specialist in accounting in the company "Braginets and partners." I teach macroeconomics at the university. '22. She was born in Russia, but the family moved 14 years ago in Belarus and now lives in Logoisk.

Tsigankov: The family returned to Belarus?

Emelyanov: My dad is from Belarus, he went to work in the north, to Yakutsk. There met my mother, I was born. But after decided to move to Russia, because my dad's parents are from a small village near Khatyn.

Tsigankov: How did you meet with Yaroslav, under what circumstances?

Emelyanov: First, Jaroslav — economist, and I — the economist. Those activities that suit Jaroslaw, interested me a few years ago. And my supervisor decided to send me to one of these events — the School of the day. And in April 2008, I took part in it, met with Yaroslav. After taking part in the linguistic school in Lithuania. Since then, and began our acquaintance, the process of knowing each other.

Dynko: Well, and how this process? Successful? Happy?

Emelyanov: First, Jaroslav — a professional in the economic sphere, which is very interesting to me. It was very interesting to talk in person, given the fact that we are from the same school of economic thought.

Tsigankov: So you are also a supporter of liberalism advocated by Yaroslav?

Emelyanov: So.

Dynko: And what is your research topic?

Emelyanov: How can we solve the problem of foreign trade of Belarus during the 2008 crisis and the crisis in Belarus. In my opinion, it is necessary to rely on the development of small and medium-sized businesses. This is the locomotive that can pull our economy out of the crisis. This includes not only trade, but also the internal problems of the Belarusian economy.

Dynko: It was interesting that Mr. Romanchuk in the program, of course, put an emphasis on the economic sphere, but there are also other areas — social, cultural, to which other candidates pay little attention. What do you think about this?

Emelyanov: In its program Romanchuk not turn away from those sectors of the population to which we are forced to pay attention — not just in times of crisis, but also in everyday life. In the social sphere, about which he wrote Romanchuk in the program, we have exactly the same views. He offers to help women to help children, to help people with disabilities. Why not?

Tsigankov: What Jaroslav going to go for the presidency, probably within the party was known but kept secret for very long. And when you found out that he was going to go to the president?

Emelyanov: He publicly announced his desire to be a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus in May this year. And I found out about it in February and March. Then, when we talked about the fact that the presidential election in this country is around the corner, which is the situation as it is different from the situation in 2006, that scenario may be.

Tsigankov: And what was your reaction? After all there are stereotypes, and even some presidential candidates are admitted in interviews that their women say, "Oh, why do this to you, it's scary and can be a bad thing over."

It was his decision, which I respect. I said to myself, this is a man who is not afraid to take responsibility for their actions. It offers a way for the development of the country and is responsible for it. So I'm sure a hundred percent that this decision has a right to exist.

Dynko: He made the decision and told you — or is it was a decision taken in conversations with you?

Emelyanov: I think this is a decision that was made without my participation. In conversations with friends, colleagues and people who help him at the moment. I stand on the other hand, help, I can. Kind of counselor.

Dynko: What kind of help?

Emelyanov: It's very difficult. In the morning to leave the house — come at night. Without the ability to eat normally, to lead a normal life. Prepare there, ask how was your day, what questions are asked, the answers have been, it was hard to be easy, that you liked, did not like, which suit to wear, how to tie a tie …

Dynko: And the suit in which television Jaroslav played in his first TV air who chose?

Emelyanov: I did not participate in the selection of this costume.

Tsigankov: In your opinion, what are the qualities of Yaroslav allow it to be if not the president, but definitely a leader?

Emelyanov: Professionalism, confidence, responsibility for the decisions that it takes initiative and dedication.

Tsigankov: From what I know about Yaroslav — and we are really familiar with it for a long time — it's quite an emotional person. Very energetic, positive. Flame! But there are some opinions that sometimes happy life for the people should have a different temperament — "ice and fire", so to speak. What do you think about this?

Emelyanov: No problems. We have the same temperament, but we razvivaemsya in two different directions. I can not say that I'm this emotional cooling Yaroslav not. On the contrary, I like it because it is the person who defends his ideas. Without such ematsyynastsi it would have been impossible. So I like it and is not for me no problem. Yum! You can not say that it is emotional and therefore his emotions choked and it is run. No! Jaroslav — the person who is responsible for their actions.

Dynko: Everyone was surprised that the party has set itself the task of Yaroslav — to get married, and he is very rational thought "yes," marry. How do you feel about the idea that a person occupying a high position, have to be married?

The party did not give any orders to Yaroslav married. Matched events in our lives and in the life of our country. Our decision to marry was taken a few months before, so I can not say that the party gave such an order.

Regarding the fact that the president of our country to have a family, to be married, to act always with my wife — I do not think so. The president of the country — is the person who should be a professional, not only in the economic but also political potential should be. Family, kids, wife — it's a stereotype or parameters of stereotypes that are used to seeing the Belarusians. Yaroslav, in a sense is not subject to them. But it's all the same stereotypes so they can be changed. And I think that the president does not necessarily have a family or wife.

Dynko: And that's how your parents took your decision to get married? Or are they really wanted to get you at 22, married, or they waited to be something else?

Emelyanov: I've always been such a child that came to my parents and said, I will do so, because … And always called several arguments with which parents could not a
rgue. So now, when I came and told me that I had a romantic relationship with someone older than me, had a few arguments. This is not just a person who just works, lives and enjoys life. No! This is a man who can be respected for what he does every day, for what he says as he helps other people. I can not say that it was very hard — my parents knew that their daughter will live with someone with whom there will be no problems ever, because he is a professional and a good person, and responsible, and many other positive characteristics.

Dynko: And how do they react to the fact that he is not just a good and responsible, while a presidential candidate?

Emelyanov: It was the following data after we reported that we have a romantic relationship. No problems, on the contrary, the parents watched closely by all appearances, listened to all the candidates, called, gave some advice.

Tsigankov: If you keep this personal sensitive subject, the presidential campaign, in a sense ruin your plans?

Emelyanov: The decision was made did a few months ago, but the tragic events happened in the life of Yaroslav — his father had died, so we decided to postpone our wedding for a year.

Tsigankov: Are you ready for that, regardless of the election results — with such a man as Jaroslav, you somehow have to become a public figure?

Emelyanov: I do not think that I would have become a public figure. If two people love each other, live together, are serious about the relationship, invest daily in their relationship — publicity, political activity will not be a problem ever.

Dynko: If we imagine that Jaroslav is a high office. You make the experience very ambitious and very motivated person. Or you give yourself a report that having a husband president is unlikely to be able to occupy a high position themselves?

Emelyanov: You can hold a high position in a private company or a public company. We razvivaemsya in two different directions, so the political activity of Yaroslav and high positions in the government of Belarus is in no way associated with my success in professional life.

Dynko: How do you see your future career? Maybe you have it already traced?

Emelyanov: I love to teach, and teach it the economy at the university. If you notice that you have the opportunity to influence the opinion of the students, when you realize that you help by answering a variety of questions — it's great! In doing so, we are the same with Yaroslav. As for the professional life as a specialist in accounting, financial management, I will develop in this direction, and teaching will remain a hobby.

Tsigankov: Among all the candidates Jaroslav perhaps gave the most sincere interviews, including about his personal life. How do you feel about it — at all about the fact that his personal life story is quite large?

The past we can not influence, the past we can not change — there is a desire to do it or not. I believe that we should not at the past is my past Jaroslav pay attention and concentrate on the present and look to the future. Then there will be no problems.

Tsigankov: Jaroslav Knowing and appreciating the political situation, and the possibility that he now will not be president …

Emelyanov: Who said that? No one knows what will happen!

Tsigankov: Well, there is such an opportunity, so to speak. If he does not win this election — whether it will continue to run for president?

Emelyanov: Yes! Brand leader, the party brand, namnozhany political potential, a program that has only Yaroslav at the moment .. I think so!


Romanchuk, Emelyanov

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