Bridges: from team members Rymasheuski police demands an explanation

December 6 in the morning about eight o'clock in the local policeman came to the apartment of Elena Davidovich, activist Staff Vital Rymasheuski, demanding that she explain in writing — who and where delivered to them for campaign materials presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski that she and her friends were sticking in the city.

December 5, when Elena Davidovich together with members putting up campaign posters in a store building materials, they began to cling to one of the shop workers, blaming that they are against the current government. Later called the police.

The police took from Elena Davidovich and written explanations, making sure that post campaign materials in locations designated by the district executive committee, they let her go.

On December 6, in the morning, with the words of Elena Davidovich, to her apartment came a local policeman, who demanded that a new explanation — who and where delivering campaign materials presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski in Bridges.

Elena Davidovich refused to give new explanations, referring to the fact that I did it yesterday.

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