Bundestag deputy Manuel Caratsin took patronage over Nikita Lihavidam

Member of the German Bundestag and PACE fraction green and Manuel Caratsin announced sponsorship of Belarusian political prisoners, 21-year-old activist of the movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavidam, who was punished by 3.5 years in prison for involvement in the events of December 19.

Company "Patronage of the political prisoners' rights organization launched« Libereco — Partnership for Human Rights », with headquarters in Bonn. Its purpose — to every political prisoner in Belarus and his family have received moral and political support from the German parliament. The essence of this approach is to keep track of problems, "patronized" political prisoner support, in including and financially, his family, to disseminate information about this and other political prisoners in Belarus with a view to their release.

Commenting on his decision to patronage Nikita Lihavidam, Manuel Sarrazin said that he is very concerned about the repression of the Lukashenko regime against peaceful demonstrators, who disagree with the outcome of the presidential election:

"He can not agree with the sentence of 3.5 years on ethe man. Similar political processes Lukashenko literally trampled down all democratic principles. Also, I can not accept the repressive attitude of the colony in Novopolotsk reported by family Nikita. "

Last week, their patronage and political prisoners Paul Seviarynets Dashkevich said MEP Michael Galer and a member of the Bundestag, the chairman of the CDU youth organization Philip Misfelder. Earlier, the support of political prisoner and former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich announced member of the Bundestag faction of the Social Democrats, Franz Tsenes. Member of the Bundestag faction of the Greens, the coordinator for Eastern Europe Marieluise Beck took the patronage of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, elections, and Member of the European Parliament from Poland, a representative of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Belarus Marek Migalski said the patronage of political prisoners, Dmitry Bondarenko.

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