By the Earth fly about 30 fragments of the Phobos-Grunt


At the Earth will fall 20 — 30 fragments of the Russian interplanetary station "Phobos-Grunt" the total weight of about 200 pounds. The press service of the Federal Space Agency of Russia.

"The main part of the device with which communication was lost shortly after launch on November 9, burn up in the atmosphere," — said the agency.

"Radioactive materials available on the" Phobos-Grunt "is not dangerous," Ionization source (cobalt-57), set in one of the scientific instruments, the spacecraft has a mass not exceeding 10 micrograms, short half-life and does not cause a danger radioactive infection, "- added in the press-service.

The exact time and location of the unit falling debris, the press service of the Russian Space Agency, can be determined only for a day. In the meantime, the approximate time of the fall — on January 15.

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