Caddis fly-embroidery

Rare local holiday or festival in Rivne region Ukraine stoneflies do without: that there is a great team at the City Palace of Youth with the 1983rd year. They are also one of the few who still remembers and is able to spend a longtime Polissya rite — keeping Scrub at Trinity or Green party. This ancient Slavic pagan actions, which came to our times and now it is done only in a single village in Ukraine — Svaritsevichah. However, spring has already met him and Peresopnitsu.

Bush choose and decorate the most beautiful girl in the village. She and her friends walking from house to house and wish the owners well-being, singing songs. In the morning is always first child Bushes were performed at the dinner — a girl's, and in the evening went to the gate already married women and our babushki.Prazdnik Scrub — a kind of prohibition on the destruction of nature, the Tree-worship ancestors. After all, our ancestors believed that the human soul after death and can be reborn in the tree alive and green)

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