Campaigning against — in question

Ordered Assembly of the Gomel community activists campaigning for voters against a candidate for president Alexander Lukashenko — a big question.

Chairman of the Soviet of the regional commission for the presidency, he is the deputy head of the district administration, Nicholas Small informed the applicants Vladimir Katsora thVasily Polyakov, that is not against the meeting of voters on December 10 in DC "festival." But you need to go to the city council, state the purpose of the meeting, arrangements for the maintenance of public order, health care and cleaning "territory after holding the public event."

In addition, in the near future in the room, "festival" held many meetings of proxies for the presidency. Nicholas Small advises community activist in these meetings, "openly discuss … electoral programs of the candidates and their business acumen. "

Katsora"A group of citizens trying to exercise their right to campaign against presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko in certain areas by the authorities for campaigning. But it is clear that it scared the local authorities. We send out for new permits."

Descended on the brakes and the second meeting of electors ordered Valery Klimov andVladimir Siekierki on December 12 at the Training Center of the Gomel regional association of trade unions. The citizens here also had to campaign against Alexander Lukashenko, who is running for president for the fourth time.

And although the room Training Center is also defined as a place for propaganda, chairman of the Central Election Commission of the district, he is the deputy head of the district administration, Andrey Gorbachev told the applicants that on December 12 — Sunday, and it is a "rest day for all workers of the said institutions" . The electoral law also does not change the schedule of the institutions that are the owners of the premises for campaigning.

The applicants appealed to the meetings of the Central Election Commission chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna and demanded on the basis of the electoral law to give room for a meeting of the voters. All the more so that the applicants informed voters about the meeting in the Palace of Culture "festival" and educational center of the Gomel regional association of trade unions.

However, Ms. Yarmoshyna sent letters to the applicants in the Gomel oblast territorial commission on presidential elections, which may give them an answer within three days. Just leave when ordered by date for the meeting with voters.



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