Can save Russia just Lukashenko. Results of the survey HP

Can save Russia just LukashenkoMOSCOW, January 27 (New Region, Arina Morokova) — The next president of Russia in 2012 to become Alexander Lukashenko. Only he can bring Russia out of the crisis. That is the sensational result of the vote, which took place on the site RIA "New Region". Voted for Lukashenko vast majority of readers by — 78.28%.

9 days in the survey was attended by 44 098 people.

While the Russian government (tandem) deliberately ignores the inauguration dad, does not hide his irritation over his statements, the Russian people, you miss the strong economic hand, fully sympathetic to Alexander Lukashenko and is even ready to choose him as their president. Russian voters for the most part believe that in the neighboring country, "there is order and justice", the life there is better and better fed.

Interestingly, in the case of participation of Lukashenko in presidential elections in Russia, "natslider" Vladimir Putin with honest counting score only 6, 68%votes, and his successor Medvedev even less — 2.2%.

Slightly more 3% of votes voters will gain eternal candidates — Boris Nemtsov, Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Virtually no chance in opposition Eduard Limonov, who announced his intention to be a candidate in 2012. Only 1.9% readers of "male" are ready to give him my vote.

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