Candidates routes: Berlin, Borisov, Vitebsk …

While Alexander Lukashenko spoke at the Belarusian National Assembly, his opponents were on the road. The presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich for the day flew to Berlin. Alexei Mikhalevich Borisov met with voters. Yaroslav Romanchuk laid flowers at the monument to Korotkevich in Vitebsk.

The presidential candidate of the Party of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou Today will pass through three districts of Mogilev region. This is our radio said the head of the electoral headquarters of the applicant Yanukevich:

Gregory Kastusyou

"The master Gregory three meetings. Two — street and one in the evening — in the hall. I believe that our candidate is very well made at the debate. And now with the new powers we continue to campaign."

Nyaklyayeu Today the tradition has not changed, says the head of the initiative group Andrei Dmitriev:

Neklyaeva picket near the railway station in Minsk

"Every Monday we have going online, where via Skype, phone, you can specify your question candidates. Nekljaev hour answering questions. Yesterday was also a series of meetings with foreign embassies. After that, he went to Zaslawye. And then — on the national gathering of the" Tell the truth. "

Tell her the truth Nyaklyayeu going to voters at Station Square, as he was not allowed a delegate to the Belarusian People's Assembly. At the meeting invited presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov.

The opportunity to join this action today view and at the headquarters of presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski. This is "Radio Liberty" said the chief of staff Paul Seviarynets, who added that the decision would be made immediately before the action:

Vitaly Rymashevski in Grodno, December 5

"Perhaps we will participate at the headquarters will decide in the action, which is carried out Nekljaev Sannikov and near the railway station."

Before that time, Vitali Rymashevski held an online conference to BelaPAN, discussed future plans with several other candidates for the presidency, was meeting with his confidants.

Presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk Wake found in Vitebsk, where he laid a wreath at the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich. And before that, the candidate meets with voters in the city center.

Yaroslav Romanchuk agitating residents Kobrin, November 22

Interested in how they reacted to the debates:

"We positively assessed. Did I say that the debate was not. But for voters, as I understand it, the main thing was — not even the format of the debate, and the ability to see the screen of the various candidates."

A Statkevich on the day flew to Berlin

Statkevich with voters in Baranovichi, December 2

"I decided to afford during this campaign, a foreign trip to Berlin. There will be meetings with the leaders of the German Social Democrats, as well as the leaders of the faction of the Social Democrats in the European Parliament. I want to lay out his vision of European colleagues, his position on what is happening Now in Belarus and the Belarusian-European relations. I think this is very important and so is forced to sacrifice one day of the election campaign. "

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