Candor — the basis of your relationship

It does not matter, these relationships with family, friends, loved ones or strangers.

Candor - the basis of your relationship

Look at the children, they are open and lively. Fear nothing, always ready for new experiments. But also very vulnerable, they need parental care and protection. As adults, we have bumps and fills kopim grievances are becoming more serious and strict.

And less cheerful. Gradually we close from the outside world, because we understand their vulnerability. For many, it turns into fear, and the fear that he was a first for us, deep in our subconscious mind settles. This is a necessary evolutionary process of the world. As the descended angels, we are used to a different way. Alien to us from birth cruelty and violence. Gradually we learn and grow a personality. That person, which is a part of it. So we cultivate body-wire-thin tool, mental interaction here, for us it is the foundation of survival. Subsequently, most begin to fully associate ourselves with the body, seeing it as his own benefit and protection. Thus forgetting who they were there originally.

Remember my early childhood, when you were happy and so joyful. It was light and airy, and your inspiration and smiles no bounds.

Each of us is a little child. It may be sad or mischievous, sad or joyful. Use your imagination, deep Feel the child within you. Let the child is difficult and a lot of sad, do not turn away from him. He is you. It is our self that once plunged into the world, scared and decided to hide. After all, young children are always hiding when they are scared. Take the child's hand and open it to the world. After all, you are already an adult and strong, you are ready to help and protect the child.

This child is a source of sincere joy for you. Now he has nothing to fear and he is finally ready to re-open to the world. And at a time when you and your inner child feel in one piece, are the fears and resentments, and you are ready to open the knowledge of this world.

Knowing the child in yourself, you can see the inner child in people around. This will help you feel much more deeply and understand other people.

Without a full revelation you will never know true love. Only fully open person is able to be present and responsible. He does not play roles, not hiding their unwanted (in his opinion) aspects. He is, he is. And just so it can love it, just open, just the present. The only way you can interact with people from heart to heart, the only way you can be in one piece and trust others as yourself.

Many are not able to be honest with yourself. Unable to recognize their own mistakes and wrong deeds. Hide them from ourselves and from others. These people are afraid of themselves, afraid to see his own nature and hide their dismay inner child. In the eyes of these people, the world looks like sheer imperfection. For everyone in the world sees itself, and only those aspects that laid within him. Only he who knows himself present, able to see the real world, a world in which everything is one and there is no separation of the dual, as in man, the knower of all aspects of its own Ya Such a person consciously rise above self and taking on the responsibility that is ready to fully step into the future.

Only open person can give something new to the world, to change it for the better. In our time, it is so lacking that we like children forgot their grievances and embraced as one big family. Even more so when we know that the nature and our ancestors are One.

Our home is One, we of-blood-enny. And one of our blood.

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