Caterpillar plague in Belgorod region

Big center dangerous quarantine pest — white moth found in the village of October Belgorod region.

In the department of supervision in the field of plant quarantine by representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor settlement administration to articulate a pest that destroyed the planting of trees along the railroad tracks at the station and have penetrated into the gardens of the villagers.

Studies have shown that it is an American white butterfly. When we reached the experts found that the focus of the border is about two hectares. Issued an order of liquidation and localization of, offers advice on how to control quarantine pests that pose a great danger for fruit trees.

Today in the six districts of the region registered 26 outbreaks white moth, it hit almost 1,600 hectares.

For your information:

The birthplace of the American white moth is North America. Pest damage of about 300 species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Most preferred — mulberry, apple, pear, plum, quince, cherry, elderberry and walnut. The caterpillars feed on the leaves, 6-8 nests pest on the average value of a fruit tree can completely destroy its foliage.

Butterfly white with silky shimmer. Wingspan 25-35 mm, resting, they have roof-shape. Eggs — spherical, greenish, laying eggs in a single layer on top of the abdomen is covered with scales from the female. Caterpillars have five to seven ages.

Pupa winters in the loose gray hairs from the caterpillars cocoon in crevices under the bark of trees, dry leaves, plant debris on the ground, cracks of buildings, fences, in the soil. Quarantine phytosanitary examination of cargoes and vehicles coming from imported and domestic products of the countries and regions of pest distribution and prevent the import of fruit and seed zones of its distribution and the disinfection of regulated products and systematic survey of gardens, parks, etc. during the second half of May to September, every 10 days, the organization of work on localization and liquidation of the primary foci of infection.


-prevention: cutting slots initially harm the caterpillars, catching them in the trapping zone, cleaning, followed by the burning of plant debris, clean the barrel from the dead bark, with subsequent burning and coating them with lime;

-Agronomical plowing and digging its projected crown;

-Chemical pesticide use during the mass of caterpillars, according to a "State Catalogue of pesticides and grohimikatov authorized for use in the Russian Federation", which is approved for the corresponding period. In liquidation and localization of each generation is carried out at least three treatments at intervals of 7-10 days;

-Biological: Bacterial preparations: bitoksibatsillin, dendrobatsillin, dipel, lepidotsid etc. recommended especially in populated areas, sanatoriums, rest homes, etc. In addition, spend catching moths to light and pheromone traps.

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