CEC will consider the application of withdrawal of Lukashenko

December 9 in Minsk will host the next meeting of the Central Election Commission, which will consider the applications of the candidates for the presidency of Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov, as well as a member of the election committee of the Minsk Galina Semdyanavay and one of the leaders of the campaign "For Free Elections" Sergei Kalyakin.

Kaljakin Semdyanova and asked to remove a candidate's registration Alexander Lukashenko "Due to the fact that the registration of the initiative group Lukashenko were grossly violated the requirements of the Election Code." In their view, was a violation of Article. 61 of the Electoral Code Republic of Belarus, according to which the list of the initiative group in the CEC applicant must apply in person. However, the documents for registration of the initiative group of Lukashenka filed not he personally, and Alexander Radkov, Head of petition.

Sergei Kalyakin said, "Freedom", which claims to have, and the fact that Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the administration of trustees in the workplace, thus violating the equality between the candidates.

V.Neklyaev and A.Sannikav ask more time on television. About This was announced "Freedom" CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik.

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