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It turns out that all somehow forgotten (probably due to an excess of information) innovation of the Russian authorities, are the procedures to monitor reproductive function in adolescents who are already being implemented in the Chelyabinsk region. It is reported that for this assessment will take a blood test, and the results will inform the parents that they can avoid all sorts of problems, including bezplodiya.

First, once we note that the Western media hysteria about the fact that they will take samples of germ cells, and this procedure is quite painful and traumatic psyche, not unfounded. They could not know that the definition of the state of the reproductive function is carried out by analyzing the blood hormones. By the way, a blood test — it is a way to determine not only the problems with reproduction, as well as this very blood, but also with the endocrine system, there are no cancer risk, etc. Generally there are a large number of different tests and blood work.

Below is a quote articles on this topic:

Scheduled scans 15 and 18 year old girls are identified annually by an average 12% of reproductive abnormalities. In the first place authors have menstrual disorders, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. They note that an earlier survey of teenagers would identify health problems at the stage where they can still be corrected. To this end, this year will be held 14-year clinical examination.

"We predict that a detailed examination of adolescents reveal pathology in every ten girls — BelTA todaychief pediatric gynecologist Chelyabinsk Svetlana Subbotin. — As a rule, now 14-year-olds do not look particularly doctors. The very young at this age prefer to hide pain from her parents, the latter, in turn, are confident that their children are all right.

Within the approved regional program to modernize health care of the Chelyabinsk region in 2011-2012 decided to eliminate injustice. The region will be dispensary 14-year-olds. The program includes examinations by a pediatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist trained in Vocational Education Programs in the features of gynecological diseases in children (girls), a urologist, andrologist (boys), complete blood and urine.

"Medical examination of young stems first of all from the fact that in 14 years they enter their reproductive years, so it is easier to identify and cure the disease, a disease that can lead to disruption of the function of man — saidPress Secretary of the Chelyabinsk Regional Mandatory Health Insurance Fund Dean Kravchenko.

According to the Chief of Child freelance gynecologist Chelyabinsk Svetlana Subbotina, the demographic situation in a few years will directly depend on the health of adolescents. "Today it is children who are 14 years and 10 years — parents kids. So the purpose of medical examination of teenagers — to see which nation will be in general: how their health is possible in the future to avoid a number of problems. Improve, to give the necessary treatment, if needed, "- says Svetlana Subbotin.

Pathology of the reproductive functions of modern teenage girls 15-18 years, according to Svetlana Subbotina linked to the menstrual cycle, painful nature of this process, inflammatory diseases of genital department. These diseases doctors tied for first and second place. The last depends on the sexual life of the girl. In her current teenagers come, according to experts, early enough. "4-5% of pathologies associated with diseases of the breast, — continues the theme of the main pediatric gynecologist Chelyabinsk. — They also include delayed sexual development, and various tumors. "

General statistics to identify pathology in adolescents 14 years HIF yet — fertility specialists in the medical examination will test the first time. Earlier, similar clinical examination was carried out only within the framework of the national project "Health". Survey were athletes, orphans and the adult population of the region.

Check the health of 14-year-olds will be at the expense of the regional target program to modernize health care Chelyabinsk region. According to Dina Kravchenko, one examination by a specialist, blood and urine tests on average, 729 rubles for girls and 632 rubles for a boy. Additional ultrasound (abdominal cavity) and the study hormonal cost respectively 827 and 730 rubles. "For all the patients in the study of the medical examination are free", — said A. Dean.

Study the hormonal profile of adolescents in the clinical examination will be three medical organizations with the attachment of the territories: Municipal Clinical Hospital № 10 Chelyabinsk will serve hospitals Chelyabinsk Municipal GB number 2 Magnitogorsk — Magnitogorsk medical organizations, as well as Agapovka, Verkhneuralsk, Kizilskoe, Nagaybakskogo municipalities, Chelyabinsk Region Hospital — all other medical institutions.

According to the press service of the regional government, earned during the clinical examination of a 14-year-olds by health organizations will be able to spend on salaries of medical workers who took part in the event. To encourage professionals should leave at least 70% of the funds received. No more than 30% can be spent on the purchase of medicines, dressings, medical instruments, reagents and chemicals, glassware needed for the medical examination.

Olga Semeniuk, ChelDoctor

Radio Liberty, together with the Society evidence-based medicine together groaning all. At the same time, if such events were held somewhere in the U.S., we would have presented it as the latest achievements of human civilization, and the top of science. According to them, all in Russia is dangerous and unnecessary. Not surprisingly, since RL is funded by the U.S. Congress. For the U.S. Congress and their actions on health care in Russia is dangerous and unnecessary, contrary to the population decline is better than interventions to increase it.

Vlasov, among other things, which they interview, is also a member of several not our organizations, which can be seen here.

You know, in general I think it's very good that we still have a Ministry of Health with the programs funded no by the Soros Foundation and other similar organizations. Because Soros is usually no good finances.

In general, if we have in the country were all conscious and follow the correct way of life, to educate and train themselves in the tradition of children, then it is clear that such measures would be unnecessary and even harmful. However, the above picture, we do not observe. On the contrary, there is quite a large mass of socially disadvantaged population, the children of these people hang out on the street, drinking "Jaguar", "screwdriver", and cheap beer, give birth to promiscuity, and to them no one cares. In schools, for example, already a common thing — if you are not plump and fuck, then you will be considered for the abnormal. That is truly normal children in the minority. This has resulted in our activities the Western media, to implement this way of life in the minds of children, they may include proceedings of the RL, openly advocating LGBT.

Now what to do with this huge mass of disorderly living and essentially useless children? Their parents are more interested in how much money they will receive in the next month, but even how steep they can buy the phone to the child — they think about health in the least, and most of all, when it will be too late.

So you should at least think about what the Western media sought and representatives of non-profit organizations, rather than to take for granted all of their messages. Or forgotten by everybody 91st year?

The matched and filled video with the time factor.

Admin Gifakt, Day X.

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