Chinese aircraft collided with a UFO?


This news has been transferred to the Chinese news agency June 4, 2013 and is the plane, operated Air China, suffered a mid-air collision with an unidentified flying object, according to the Italian edition.

It happened in the morning June 4, 2013, when the Boeing 757, with Air China, flying from Chengdu to Guangzhou and is located an altitude of 26,000 feet (8,000 meters), was hit by an unknown object. The incident occurred 20 minutes after take-off, but none of the passengers and crew members was injured.

According to news agencies, Boeing 757 took off at 10:11 (local time) Shuangliu Airport in Chengdu, and after about 20 minutes of flight, he had a problem, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing immediately at the airport Shuangliu.

Boeing 757 pilots informed the control room on the ground of the internal "mechanical failures", but one of the passengers of the flight, after he got off the plane, took a picture of the aircraft on the ground. Pictures show what the alleged "mechanical failure." Nose of the aircraft was damaged, as if he was faced with another aircraft.

Airport authorities have started an immediate investigation and very quickly they found the explanation of the cause of the accident — the aircraft collided with a bird. Of course, taking into account the size and type of impact, the readers will be wondering what kind of bird? And the bird is whether, given that the incident occurred at an altitude of 8,000 m Perhaps it was a pterodactyl?

Incidentally, a similar incident occurred in 2008 in the United States.

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