Christianity — Judaism Trojan Horse

Christianity emerged from Judaism.

It again became a Jew. "

Karl Marx


1. Crushing the Khazar Khaganate.

"Khazar Khanate was the first state faced ancient.

The outcome of the struggle between these two states depended the fate of not only the Eastern European tribes, but also of many tribes and peoples of Europe and Asia …

From the very beginning, the Khazars adopted its power over the most important trade routes from Eastern Europe to Asia. However, to a large extent, this trade was the intermediary. A significant portion of the proceeds were to trade duties outposts at key locations of land, river and sea routes. These included Tmutarakan in the Kerch Strait, White Tower (Sarkel) on Perevolke from the Don to the Volga, Itil on the lower Volga and other duties is a tenth of the goods …

Mortal blow Khazar Khanate, ending its independent existence was caused by Prince Sviatoslav, son of Igor. "The reign of Svyatoslav — this is the last wave of the shoulder, form the basis of the Kievan state," — writes V.V.Mavrodin. Prince Svyatoslav — the most prominent leader of ancient Russia. Russian chronicles devoted to him, his grocery surprisingly lofty words. In them, he is presented as a true Slavic-Russian Vityaz — fearless in battle, untiring in campaigns, genuine enemies, this time the correct word, just in everyday life.

With five years to Svyatoslav warhorse and, as expected prince, the first to start a fight with the enemy. "When Svyatoslav grew and matured, he began to gather a lot of brave warriors. And it's easy to go hiking, like a sail, and a lot of fighting. In the campaigns is not carried with him no carts, no boilers, no cooked meat, but thinly sliced horse meat or animal-like, or beef, and roast on grill, so eat. He had no tent, but slept, put it under the saddle numnah heads. So were all the rest of his soldiers. And he sent to other lands with the words: "I want you to go."

His first campaign of Prince Svyatoslav vyatichi to take against the Khazars.

In 964, Prince Svyatoslav "going to the Oka River and the Volga, and naleze vyatichi, and said to vyatichi:" To give tribute? "They can be solved," Kozar on schlyagu Rahl from giving. "

In 965, "going on Sviatoslav Kozar, a hearing of Kozar, izidosha opposes the prince his Kagan and stupishasya bitisya, and the former battlefield, defeating Svyatoslav Kozar and hail them and Belo Vezhyu vzya. And jars and Kosogs winners. "

This is all that is said in the Russian chronicles of war Prince Svyatoslav Khazar Khanate. By 966, however, has said: "Win Vyatichi Svyatoslav, and a tribute to them vzlozhi" (ibid.).

No matter how short message record, but the reality is that after going Svyatoslav Khazaria ceases to exist …

Be that as it may, the Khazar Khanate was crushed Svyatoslav. Meant the end of the Khazars union in one state, Kievan Rus, much of the East Slavic tribes. During the hike were crushed and ground-dependent Khaganate Bulgars Burtases jars and Kasogs. The power of the Khazars was crushed, not only in the center of the Khazars, and on its outskirts. The end of the Khazars travel means freedom in Russia, the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus and Khorezm. Russia has opened itself free road to the east. Trade relations with the East, Russia strengthened by eliminating middlemen Khazars. The victory meant Prince Svyatoslav and ideological victory of Russia in particular the right to choose the way of his spiritual development.

Crushing the Khazars, the top of which professed Judaism and supported his subordinates and of the surrounding nations through distribution beneficial to their world — slavery, bondage, submission, and the superiority of the Jews meant the most serious crush the shackles of oppression — spiritual, which could destroy the foundations vivid, original spiritual life of the Slavs and other peoples of Eastern Europe …

Kievan Rus was the most powerful and consistent enemy of the Jewish Khazar Khaganate. Almost polutorastoletnyaya liberation war against the Eastern Slavs Khazar Khaganate was completed the campaign of Prince Svyatoslav. Crushing the main military force Khaganate led by Kagan and destroyed the main bearing points Khazars in the Middle and Lower Volga, the North Caucasus and the lower Don, Prince Svyatoslav deprived of power and trade usurious top of the Khazars, the foundations of their parasitic existence. "Khazar kingdom vanished into thin air as soon as the eradication of the conditions of his existence: military superiority over its neighbors and the economic benefits that gave possession of the most important trade routes between Asia and Europe. As no other reason for its existence is, it strikes a stronger Russian state crumbled into its constituent parts, subsequently dissolved in the Polovtsian Sea "- concludes the story of the Khazars its biggest connoisseur MIArtamonov.

The latest wave of Slavic-Russian prince Svyatoslav heroic sword as it outlined the borders of Russia and predestined native Slav aspirations for unity and friendship with other nations to combat the global scourge. "

                                                      Anatoly Makarov.

Crushing the Khazar Khaganate Svyatoslav                                                                                     

                                                         Pp. 3-18

2. Revenge of the Jews


   A little history.

"Judea remain independent for eighty years. State ruled by the Hasmonean kings of the genus — the descendants of the priest Mattityahu. These rulers have created a strong army and expanded the State.

But then came near to the borders of Judea Roman forces led by Commander Pompey. Romans invaded and occupied Jerusalem. Since independence was destroyed by Jews, and the Jewish king Aristobulus Pompey led to Rome as a prisoner. After the withdrawal of the Roman troops the men of Judah are made attempts to restore the independence of the Jewish state. But all efforts were in vain: every time from Syria came the Roman legions and suppressed excitement in the West. "

                                                   The history of the Jewish people


As revenge for the destruction of Jews, Romans independence of the Jewish state?

"Calmly standing proud Rome and lived freely to its citizens. Remained elsewhere him worthy opponents. Ceased to kill one another small nation and could drive all over Europe without a visa and without any customs! Peace, law and order reigned everywhere. Barbarians were driven far to the north — east and completely ceased to threaten peace empire and its inhabitants.

     But intolerable form of a state for the goyim Yid eyes.The death of the Roman Empire was the cherished dream of the Jews. Their destructive instinct prompted them accurately surest path to that. "We have to destroy the influence of the priests of the people and the faith in the divine origin of the Emperor" — decided to Jews and strongly set to work.

For this purpose, they used appropriate to the case of the Christian doctrine, in which Jesus Christ appeared intolerable rival Roman emperor. I have to say a few words about this doctrine.

     In contrast to the faith that is given to us from above, all the divine teachings, all religions are the work of human hands.In them, as in a mirror, reflects cognitive development professing their people. Religion — is a thermometer that shows the height of the culture of the people. As for Christianity, it is not a separate doctrine. Rather, it can be called a bastard child of the Jewish religion. "



"The above-mentioned relationship of God the Father to his flock made Christianity the most dangerous anti-government sect, the dissemination of which the Jews immediately stopped in his Judah the toughest measures. But in doing so, they were not satisfied: end the poisonous teachings at home, the Romans began to plant it …



At the head of the Christian propaganda were the twelve apostles, of whom eleven were purebred Jews.Their assistants were countless zhidenyata, outstretched across vast territories of the Roman Empire.

I must say that nineteen centuries ago, Europe was the same sad picture that now: Roman industry, trade and finance — all of this was in the Jews' feet. Each small town stuck on some Jews, and the big city swarmed circumcised. And by this jewish ghetto, like blood through the veins, Christianity has spread throughout the body of the Roman Empire.

Like the current communists, the first Christians were composed of Jews, thieves, murderers, political criminals, paupers, vagabonds, people in general, laziness, promiscuity and immorality which made them enemies of all organized human society. Christian doctrine also had the heart to these people as being at the heart of Bolshevism worst elements of the Russian people. Roman writers never calls Christians as dregs of society.

With a host of Jewish tribe opened hostilities against the Great Empire and overcame it. Rome, the mighty Rome, defeated in open battle all his rivals, was powerless against these little poisonous narodtsem …



   Not understood at the time the Romans did not have a sense of our contemporaries that as early Christians, and now the Bolsheviks are a blunt instrument in the hands of the world criminal offender — retsedivista Judah. Died Great Rome, Russia dies and is on the verge of death from all Western Europe — for this misunderstanding.

Long undermined Jews powerful body of the Roman Empire. It took several centuries, they have the job. Gradually weakened great kingdom of the goyim, and the moment of complete triumph of Judeo — Christian almost coincided with the time of his death. Got their circumcised. "

                                                          VN Smooth.Jews

"Rome — is incorruptible virtue, duty, and patriotism as the highest virtue. By the beginning of a new era of Rome, extending the empire, already send their legions to the north of Europe, to where computationally kabbalists (see Bible, Vol. Ezekiel, ch. 38) should come kike death — mighty people Eng.

Kahal for there is only one opportunity to further the plot — conquer Rome, and then his sword North and the world. But how to win the Empire crush Carthage? Rome could win again only from the inside.

That's when the Elders of Zion and it was invented by Christianity, designed to destroy the tribal community sermon BEZRODNY and erasure of racial difference. The success of the plot could be achieved if only the Christian defeatist virus will be received by those who are doomed to destroy it — hated the Jews of northern peoples.

To these people fell for the bait, the Jews had not only to hide their murderous goals, but to hide themselves. What was needed was a screen. Judaism was and is the master race ideology. Christianity has become a screen — the ideology of slaves renegades. "

            Dobroslav.Russian answer to the "Jewish Question" 

                                                      NewspaperRussian word№ 3


"The Jews, with the immediate goal of discord and hatred of the Roman Empire, decided to grab it with the power they invented religion of slaves (goyim). Penetrated in Rome, iudohristianskie barker began recruiting followers in the capital descended into the bottom of the dregs of society there — homeless outcasts, that is, among those who called proletarians in the ancient Roman sense. At the same proletarians bet and Mordecai Marx, who wrote in his "Communist Manifesto" that "The proletarian is the Fatherland."

Easiest to iudohristnanskoy ideology ignorant plebs: bazaar traders, fences, landlords dens, roving comedians — all those for whom "where good there and the fatherland." The most pious "Christian" become a prostitute. Anatole France wrote in the "Revolt of the Angels": "The new superstition spread first in Syria and Africa, then it captures the ports, where swarming human rabble penetrated into Italy, where the first infected the courtesans and slaves, and then quickly gained success among urban mob. But rural areas for a long time remained intact this contagion. "

Iudohristianstvo from the start was designed to undermine the foundations of the state. It is no accident the best of the Caesars, for example, Dominitsian Traian most loyal nation-state idea, more than any other to counteract the spread iudohristianstva. But experienced schemers — the Jews, who possessed great riches, quietly, secretly, gradually preparing to seize power in Rome iudohristianami. Fixers become advisors and priblezhennymi effeminate emperors, eunuchs, their pets, and indulging their baser inclinations, inspire them iudohristianstva benefits for the state to control the people. So take iudohristianstvo Caesar, pursuing other religion never persecutes Judaism. Jerusalem ceased to be the Forbidden City to the Jews only when in Rome triumphed iudohristianstvo …



   For Jews iudohristianstvo become an instrument of expansion and oppression of other peoples. Next to iudohristianstkim priest always went armed soldier, overwhelming any distinctive beginning. A "holy" Inquisition of XVI — XVII century executed hundreds of thousands of people. By sentence iudohristianskoy church were condemned to death all the inhabitants of the Netherlands, of which the Duke of Alba, cut out entire cities.

In the XVIII century, a Saxon judge Karitsof executed 20,000 people, and Elizabeth of England was sentenced to death 90,000 people. Only one night in France on the eve of St. Bartholomew iudohristiane slaughtered two thousand civilians, and a few centuries later, Robespierre, with his hand in a single year has signed 17,000 death sentences. Lev Gumilev states that "only the first eight years of operation, the Spanish inquisitors carried 15,000 sentenced to be burned at the stake and 90,000 — to complete confiscation of property, ie more than one hundred thousand families condemned to death by starvation, or at best to poverty. "

                                             AV Trehlebov.Cry of the Phoenix

"Perhaps, even then, at the time of Golgotha, some smart head from among the rabbinate, seeing that the Jews rejected Jesus' teaching has success with the surrounding nations, in particular, the Samaritans, conceived a grand ideological sabotage against the goyim. It was decided to move the export reformed Judaism of Jesus and deny, if successful, non-Jews their own spiritual heritage, instead of imposing a Jewish one. The fact of Jewish rejection of Jesus was in the external markets work in favor of those of the Jews. So today crafty owners, not wanting to reveal the true identity of its fleet, let their ships under some Liberian flag. Possible and this option: the execution of Jesus as "King of the Jews" was the manner of the ancient Egyptian ritual Cheb Seda: murder (in Egypt — a purely symbolic) tribal leader in the name of strengthening the tribe.

In the very essence of rabbinical plan entered its ingenious idea of Nietzsche. In his "Genealogy of Morals," he wrote, "This Jesus of Nazareth — the embodiment of the gospel of love, the" savior ", carrying the sick, the poor, the sinners and the bliss of victory — not whether it is a temptation, in the most terrible and irresistible form, temptation and roundabout just to the Jewish values and the ideal of innovation? Is not this just a workaround, the "savior" of this apparent enemy and destroyer of the Jews of Israel reached its peak last goal of revenge? Was not the black art of truly great secret policy of revenge, farsighted, underground, slow and prudent revenge of the fact that Israel itself had to announce to the whole world and the mortal enemy of the crucified instrument of their vengeance, to "the whole world", all opponents Israel would fearlessly go for the bait? "

                                         Anatoly IvanovChristianity

'Songs …'

"Rome was not before military force fell as Phoenician Carthage

a brotherhood in Christ,

The more skillful the proud Romans not a suicide bomber,

and the soul, he owned and hung on the cross

And passion, indomitable spirit to quell

before the crucifixion of his soul humbly on his knees became

In the confusion, rejecting ancestors covenant

nerimlyanin the Romans just a visit —

Guest heating and feed, sharing with them food and shelter,

but not the right to land and national honor. "

                                                      Young Guard№ 9

Pp. 276

"Apparently, the first state to lumpen destroyed by foreign aggression, was the Roman Empire. From within its disorganized and organized Christianity treated the Jews in the Christian community lumpen. Jews were arrayed outside stimulated barbarians. Destroyed the empire. Then the debris almost a millennium formed a new nation, the Italians. "

                                    MP SherstnevWho rules the world


Let's try to understand the thinking reader some questions.

Is embedded Jewish Christianity contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire?

Is introducing Christianity, not revenge for the defeat of the Romans, the Jews of Judea?

Not Christianity was the instrument of vengeance of the Jews?

Russian Jews as revenge for the crushing of the Khazar Khanate?

3Ideological sabotage

"Of Veles book, written on the tablets to the Baptism of Russia, narrowly escaped destruction by Jewish inquisitors — we learn that Rousseau lived in nature, considering themselves part of it, dissolving in it. It was a sunny, lively and realistic ideology. It preached respect for all living species and natural vegetation. The key distinction of ancient religion of Christianity was that Russ did not consider themselves products of God, the things and even more so, the slaves of God. They did not humiliate myself worthless, recognizing a natural affinity with God and saw themselves as his descendant. Turning to God simply and naturally, they also had no temples, but only a good place for worship. There was no concept of hell, so there was no spiritual terror. Phenomenal for us was the fact that the deceased is not sorrow, but, on the contrary, saw off more festive, with contests and games. Our religion was joyful, not contrary to nature. Widespread were playing the role of batteries psihoenergii — Yoga in the style of Indian, with a large proportion were women, who, not surprisingly, were subsequently declared witches.

You would think that in addition skotovodchestva and hunting, as we are taught to chant in schools, we are in the past are no longer engaged. But there are actually two of Russia — East and West, in which the Republican-old Russian was veche system. Characteristically, our ancestors existed social security in old age. There was a well-developed writing and socially honesty was seen as the greatest virtue, while cunning and other disgusting vices strongly condemned. From North to South, the pre-Christian Russia was a country of almost universal literacy! This may sound contrary to the version, more Jewish lies about the total illiteracy. Up to Cyril and Methodius, who themselves wrote about how the South was found gospel, written in Russian. That's "no script"!

And so on.

But that will come soon … 988

Vladimir was the son of the notorious housekeeper Malusha, the former at the service of his grandmother — Princess Olga. This nickname comes from her father — Rabbi Malka. Translated from the Hebrew, Malcolm is king. In history it was called Dobrynia, but it would be a mistake to assume that this is a Russian name. It also comes from the Hebrew name to get, which means talker, speaker, talker. In view of the close harmony with the Russian word, it used to be called Dobrynya. In his works, he showed himself to his full extent of the Levites — extremely violent, as befits a Jew, brought up in the family rabbi.

Princess Olga was very angry not only because her son Sviatoslav got mixed up in the crib with her housekeeper, how many because the latter belonged to the vile exploitative nature of the Jews. She has sent a Malusha Pskov, where he was born illegitimate half-Jewish ravvinich Vladimir. In the future, the word ravvinich again in consonance will stubbornly replaced as "the son of a slave," rabichich.

Dobran toes by sending Vladimir's rabbinical training in more Judaize western Russia so he could without further witnesses be instructed how slow blow inside the last stronghold of powerful Aryan ideology on huge solar spaces that the time come within the field of view of the Jews. Since the foundation laid for a secret podtachivaniya, ugliness and turn Russia into a slave of Zion.

Killing a Jewish manner of his brother Yaropolk, Voss to the throne of Kiev, he immediately took up idolatry, thus causing confusion and discontent people.

Vladimir-Blood Prince was not going to openly proclaim Judaism in Russia, because he knew Russian. At the instigation of his Jewish backers he carefully prepared to introduce a reformed Judaism, masked, smoothed to Russia with the document under the majestic name of "New Testament", which consists of 27 books on the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

Violent and forcible imposition of the Orthodox branch of Christianity was in full swing. As abject gratitude for his service to Zion Vladimir declared equal to the apostles, that is, equated to the apostle. Apostle — an important position in the Jerusalem temple.

Vladimir particularly zealous in the destruction of old Russian literature and culture. Light ideology of our ancestors was it declared a "vile paganism", and birch planks with invaluable historical information on them mercilessly burned at the stake under satisfactory views of Jews. So fanatical, hastily converted to a new religion, the early Christians, unsuspecting that they are led, — with pious fury crushed ancient temples, statues, causing surprise in the future is not someone from the enlightened, and even the Tatar khans … Statues, which we now behold in museums where they have no arms, no legs, no head … Eternal Jewish hatred of every form of life, this absolute lack of spirituality emanating from the Talmud, the hatred that with such adoration Feuchtwanger sang in "Jewish War" — hit any man …

We lost a lot in the year 988 by exchanging our unique ideology, as a reflection of genuine Russian soul, the overt racism of the Old Testament and the New Testament cosmopolitanism. And try as he might choose a Russian man from the Bible all that there was no ispohablennogo and Fel Judaism, as they may have tried to understand the Old Testament allegorically huge flow insolence, heavily involved in the New Testament, the whole complex of the thousand self-deception did not go beyond a slight refinement of the Teaching, but some calls, for example, to asceticism, worked well: such a service should be formed raboobraznym goy-consciously self-limiting yourself to the limit, but most downloaded creation, the fruits of which, ultimately, will benefit the Jews. (Asceticism, the desire is very useful, but it is in a different form).

For the sake of international Judaism under the guise of Christianity and more agile to dodge the best minds of the administrators and Orthodoxy in Russia, without knowing it, have provided a disservice to his people. Russian people, devoid of native religion, now put his heart and soul into the creation of temples and their decoration, unaware of the essence of what is happening, which is well disguised church architecture, language, etc. In addition, after all, but the stinking atmosphere imposed ideology slightly beginning ennobles. The best Russian people began to give the church. This bogoobraznost, faces Russified Jews were the worse and more treacherous for the people coming to church — Russian in form but in content iudofilskoy.

In words, Christians for centuries trying to distance themselves from the Jews. Not embarrassed, they compare Judaism with the stench, and himself with flavor. But how can one and the same tree coexist abomination and spice? Already this alone should have made Christians think, but this, unfortunately, is not happening. Grim neighborhood and foul ideology of the Old Testament does not warp them. By the way: "Christians, the heirs and successors of the Jews, compared with the wild olive branches grafted to the trunk of olive culture, to make the re-blooming old tree" (see Rimlyan.II :17-24). Do not insult the Christian dogma and repetition gangsters like Moses. They are ready to smash their foreheads to the floor while praying, glorifying Jewish criminals depicted on icons. Russian Orthodox believe that no one is better they do not know the Bible. They claim to a better understanding and interpretation of the Bible, praising the Jewish characters in the heavens, while subverting yourself to hell. And at this time as it faces the Jewish secretly whispered, "Look at us, touches us, worship us, and we at this time will suck all of you as much as possible: your blood, flesh, property, soul …

Glory to our God in Zion … "

Although many were in doubt, but still for the entire Christian era somehow no one really came to a simple conclusion: the glorification of Jewish goyim dubious characters only beneficial to the Jews.

The fact that Christianity need only Jews Zionist Agursky well said, calling for a struggle against the anti-Christianity or paganism, because Zion is most afraid of the rebirth of our Aryan ideology. Indeed, Christianity should carefully defend, otherwise, why, then, was at one time to distort it to the Jewish way, to spend so much labor, plant, guide, etc.

The result was a complete Christian iudofilstva befuddling goyim. At first it is difficult to grasp and understand how Orthodox religion is a clear or secret purposes of Zion. This was once more clearly. For example, in the Middle Ages called the Russian people are the people of Israel was particularly flattering to Orthodoxy (see correspondence with Kurbski Ivan the Terrible).

But pure as spring stream ideology — not the only thing taken from us 988. He shortened it to our history for a thousand years!

Christian church under the guidance of the Jews in cold blood and subsequently destroyed the history and betrayed it to oblivion. Iudofil chronicler Nestor took the mission to the general censorship of all that was done to him, putting, thus beginning to infamous Elders of mash, which then will be called the history of ancient Russia. Reading it, imbued with a sense that for many centuries, the history perelopachennaya programmed and presented solely for certain rights of the Jews in the vast territory never belonged to them.

Thus was born the castrato Russian history.

Although the noble spirit of our ancient ideology long resisted, but Jews — specialists in harassment, suppressed voice of truth. And now they are making bullying by suppressing information. For this is enough to appear in print, indicating the fact that, say, the document is a forgery. This is what happened in the Soviet Union with "The Tale of Igor's Campaign", found in 1896 by Count Musin — Pushkin and the Book of Veles, discovered in 1919 near Kursk. As we see the ferocious hatred of Zion to the information in our ancestral history and ideology, animal fear its light content not slowed with time and does not change.

So, it turns out, when the great crucifix Russia!

Here, however, it is useful to quote the words again, not someone else, but most of Karl Marx (Vol. I): «Jewish dominance over the Christian world is complete. Practical spirit of Judaism in this process reached its highest development, as the preaching of the Gospel and the dignity of the Christian preacher turned into a commodity. Christianity emerged from Judaism. It again became a Jew. "

Let Orthodox people will find it a lot of food for thought. "

M. Ivanov.Jews in Russian history


"Church literature proclaims the act of Christianity in Russia is not only the greatest event in the history of the Russian people, but also the beginning of all beginnings, to determine all subsequent maintenance of the historical development up to the present, and the" orthodox "church makes the" demiurge of Russian history "and ascribes to it a crucial role in the establishment and development of national culture. She admits this immense exaggeration and therefore intentional or unintentional distortion of the truth.

Church writers have argued that only in the church was "born Russian national culture" in different ways, downplaying the pre-Christian Russia, portraying her realm of malice and evil, where supposedly dominated dark, angry and vengeful paganism, stagnant and selfish minds, pathetic tastes, base needs and brutal manners. They wrongly oppose our ancestors supposedly wild, no nothing — no public representations or national identity or cultural identity — the Greeks and Romans, who, they said, came to Christianity with the "rich pagan heritage."

Such statements are not only not patriotic, and deeply wrong, in fact — they are malicious lies.

We know from history that the cradle of modern Christianity were Jewish-Christian community, which in the first centuries have declared themselves "the army of Christ," and set a goal — "to enlighten the pagans" (in those days the word «poganus» meant a civilian, not military, that is a peaceful man who lives in the village). In the process of "enlightenment" Jews created iudohristianstvo — religion for their future slaves (ie, non-Jews — all non-Jews), and under the hassle managed to destroy one-fifth of the world's population …

Creating … iudohristianstvo, treacherous Jews spoke gullible Christians: "We gave you God! Our Torah is your Old Testament, according to which the robes of the Orthodox clergy have their prototype Aorona apparel and other Jewish priests. All Christians, all your culture grown on the roots of Judaism. You are indebted in Judaism for the grace he brought to mankind. " In these assertions is the essence of great deception, whose victims were Christian believers, it is concluded that the fight with the Jews, with this "God's chosen people," it is unacceptable to the religious, Christian point of view. "

                                               AV Trehlebov.Cry of the Phoenix



"The history of Russia is divided into three periods: the actual National (from the time of ancient Slavs in the historical arena and to the so-called" Baptism of Rus'), the Orthodox tsarist and communist period from 1917 to the "restructuring". The authorities in Russia belongs to the occupation regime, a protege of the American authorities, fulfilling the will of their masters to further destruction of the country. This occupation government of genocide of the Russian people is the internal policy of the further dismemberment of our country, the population of alcoholism, and cultivates a media immorality, promotes the growth of crime, plundering the country's wealth for the benefit of its overseas owners, disarm the army, promotes degeneration of Russia.

The purest image of Russia has been revealed in the actual national period of its formation. Rusich was without sin from birth, bright soul, courageous, honored ancestors, did not spare the life in defense of the Holy Russian Earth, praising God for the created a wonderful world. Lived in conscience and truth, carried by Nature planted in his mind the measure of universal justice. Therefore became Rus (tribe) the backbone of a great state.

Patristic worldview of our ancestors was reference (knowledge) of the authentic spiritual basis of existence, it was considered a joyful, enthusiastic attitude.

What is contemptuously called paganism, was not only an ideology, not just a system of spiritual and cultural values, it was real life, contains everything. Life in unity with nature. Nature — it's not just the trees and the river, but the whole cosmos, all real, authentic being.

Statehood required a single ideology. Together with the ideology of Byzantium was taken and political structure. Moscow became the heir to the Roman Empire. There was a powerful state provides to its affiliated nations peaceful existence, preservation and development of national identity.

Christianity (dissident offshoot of Judaism) a thousand years of its rule in Russia undermined ancient spiritual strength Rusich. Not because of, but in spite of Christianity was founded by the great Russia.

Christianity, Judaism followed up a person as a person sinful by nature, that pervert the immaculate purity of the Spirit, which is born from the ancient Slav. It has created a heroic personality of light masochist, seek out a non-existent sins.

Only the history of Israel was recognized as sacred life and deeds of our ancestors lost some value. All previous culture, imbued with unspeakable joy, obgazhivalas Christian ideology as will later be subverted, and despised the previous 17 th year of the national history and culture of the new haters and persecutors of the Russian spirit — official Marxist ideology and cut commissioners of the KGB. "

                                         II SinyavinPaths of righteousness                                                                          



   — We have given you, and God will give the king!


    — God, you have taken from us, for that matter, and slipped a Werewolf. It themselves with Satan confused. And who else would incite one tribe to plunder and genocide of all the nations, saying, "I do the darkness … I am doing wrong?!" (Isaiah, ch. 45:7). As for the governor — watch the cannibals from the biblical kings head: lewd geeks, fanatics, murderers … no really, when people are deprived of the king in the head of a bad ruler.

                              Viktor Savelyev.Jewish-Aryan dialogue



    "The attitude of the Slavic people to invasion iudohristian to Russia is very clearly shown in Slavomysla poem" The Song of the Jewish Khazars pobienii Svetoslav Khorobrit "written around the same time as the" Lay, "and was first published only in 1847 in Warsaw . She was lithographically reproduced in the book of the Polish scientist Thaddeus Volanskogo "Monuments of Slavic writing before Christ", for which Volansky was sentenced to be burned at the stake, folded it in this book as "extremely heretical," for it is not only opposed the Judeo-

Christianity, but also clearly showed that writing the Slavs existed long before the birth of Christ, and appeared much earlier than the Phoenicians, Jews and Greeks, and Egyptians.

In "Song," the Grand Duke of Russia Svetoslav says her mother, Olga, who took iudohristianstvo:

Still, for a Jew goy — cattle

I am a great Russ Prince,

of opinion Jew

the cattle belong.

Why did you covenants Jews

Old and New, old continues,

I filed together?

Me to the abyss of evil,

Ineffable God of the Jews

The Creation, tasted,

Or that I, leaving his good,

their evil, alien to me, adopted,

Romans insane,

destruction of their empire to seek,

so gullible Khazars

in the depths of the skonavshie?

Or are you in Constantinople our people, and I

slaves of the Greeks with the Jews

already sold? …

                       AV Trehlebov.Cry of the Phoenix



"In 988, the Jews managed to crush the main center at the time of the Aryan world view, Vedism, replacing its eastern branch of Christianity, that is Orthodoxy. The largest of the Aryan peoples of Europe, the Russian — began to cultivate a spirit of zhidofilstva while spitting all his former Aryan history, ideology and culture. It is from this year, and goes back to our imaginary country "internationalization."

                                    Victor Bezverkhy.History of Religion 


    "The people strongly opposed the introduction of Christianity in Russia, crying and fighting, sometimes even not without success. It took thousands of years to re-fire the revolution finally burn out the traces of this belief. If squad prince, who accompanied the Greek priests, was strong, it was strong and Gentile believers who stood for Svarog. More than once the squad is ambushed from which are not selected. By its nature, this is the imposition of Christianity was a revolution and was accompanied by the same atrocities as in the Slavic lands in the West. Uprisings. There were moments when Prince Vladimir knew he overcomes pagan or not. If not for the constant help and Greek if not for the lack of priests in paganism, it is, perhaps, not be defeated. Ognischan resistance was sporadic, though violent, threatening, but there is little organized. Smallest squad won brutality and military knowledge.

Ognischane not understand chief of the new religion, why God save people? Why would he send his Son to the earth when they were Slavs, in kinship with Svarog and is their friend, ancestor, Prado universe? Why God had to save people, if it was enough to go to movnitsyu, washing, reading, praise God Kupala and Svarog, and the man became, clean in mind and body? Why Greek priests were ordered to spit in the fire, which is considered holy Slavs (Agni)? Why not go to the spring of Krasnaya Gorka-Radonitsa on graves of relatives and talk to them, and had them sing the Greek God of resurrection? Previously, the Slavs were all children of God, and the Greeks came and said that there is only one Son of God and the Greek. "

                                       Yu peace.Sacred Russia


"Great are you, O Lord, and marvelous are thy works! Yesterday was still revere the people, and now mocked, "- writes in one of the chronicles witness of Christianity in Russia. Outrage over "yesterday's" Gods cause chronicler words full of bitterness and confusion. On yellowed pages chronicles appear to us the terrible massacre of the paintings recently almighty gods who were feared and patronage are looking for. "Chronicle" reports on Vladimir "commanded topple the idols — some chop, and other burn. Perun also ordered to attach to the horse's tail and drag it to the mountains on Borichev vzvoz to the creek and put twelve men pounding him with the rod. " And here it should be noted that, in previous centuries Russia was a powerful education in military …

     … "Unintended baptized — recognized E.E.Golubinsky known theologian, in his book" History of the Russian Church "- was very much in Kiev, and in general for the whole of Russia." Fear for their lives, many fled from Kiev to the steppes and forests, and there continued to practice the old faith. In 991 was sent to Novgorod bishop accompanied Kiev squads led Putyatov. How baptism occurred in Novgorod, Novgorod shows bitter recognition, "Putyata baptized sword and Dobrynya (local governor) — fire." Bloody Apostles Prince Vladimir baptized and did not want to take a different faith — were killed, burned their houses, and left behind only ashes. And if Novgorod could get to be baptized only in the XII century, the old Russian Novgorod suburbs kept religion in the land until the middle of XVI century.

Similar events took place in Rostov, Murom and other cities …

Russian people were forcibly ozhidovlen. Yes, that ozhidovlen! At first he lost his original Russian name: Borislav, Vlas, Vladislav, Mstislav, Svyatoslav, Zlata, power, Vlad, Svetlana, etc. And instead of these beautiful, resonant and bright baptismal names they began to receive Jewish names: John, Simon, Zahar Fadei, Gavrila, Ephraim …

But that was not the end. Russian people began to celebrate the Jewish holidays, Jewish worship "saints" drink "blood" martyred by the Jews of Jesus Christ — in the form of communion, and their churches are painted pictures of Jewish mythology …

      Looking at the history of … our people can see and understand all the tragedy that has taken place over a millennium ago. We must have the courage to admit sadly that metastasized to neutralize the ideological consciousness of the Russian nation was laid way back in the year 988. And if we do not want to admit it, we are not only committed a political error, but also condemn ourselves to marking time, the refusal of the national revival. "

Peter Shibin. At the root of the great tragedy



"It's time to stop. It is time to draw the line. One thousand years, you say? Exactly. Indulge yourself — and that's enough. Okino farewell gaze traversed path.

Christianity came into the world as a Jewish ideological sabotage was intended to undermine the spiritual foundation of the Aryan peoples. In decomposing the Roman Empire, this diversion was a success. "

Anatoly Ivanov.Christianity


Rasve can, without turning into a fool to imagine that white bread and red wine makes a god?

                                             F. Wolter.  Buzzword

Pp. 265


"The author of the multi-volume" History of the Russian Church, "Archbishop Makarios acknowledged that" many Christians were pagans: execute arbitrary rites of the Church, but kept the traditions and superstitions of their fathers. " He further notes that even in the XV — XVI centuries in Kiev paganism sit tight.

This implies that Christianity in its slave morality was alien to the spirit of the Slavic people, accustomed to consider himself the sons of God, not the slaves. And this is the case!

And what would the apologists of Christianity have spoken about "Christians of Russia", which would be neither pompous church erected among the poor villages and towns, only the "fire and sword" drove them there, because they saw in church politics and politicians in the name of those in power. "

                                                       Young Guard № 10

                                                                  Pp. 240-242 

"And Prince Vladimir of Kiev who converted to Christianity, had acted in the interest of the people or not?

The answer here is legitimate only negative, that is, no.

He acted, focusing on self-serving interests, and the prince wanted to consolidate his power. So it can not be a hero. And the moral character of his disgusting and low. For the hero and this is also of great importance. "

                                                       Young Guard № 10

                                                                   Pp. 265


   "The people who can spit their enemies saints, thinkers and heroes, doomed to Losses and loss, for the lepton gives impunity to destroy people's egregore that unites and protects the nation. And then the enemy can freely divide and rule over this people. Lepton aura has enormous power over the fate of the people. Ignorant political leaders do not know it and destroy its people. Smart leaders know these secrets, always vigorously defend the people, the national shrine. It is no accident in Japan is highly revered and support the cult of ancestors: it is a real force to maintain bio lepton Japan helps Japanese in the modern world. "

    Boris Iskakov. Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences,

President of the International Slavic Academy.

                 Life of parallel worlds.Pp. 37. Volume 2


   "However, in contrast to 1917, the 988 and its surroundings change formation was observed. However, the so-called superstructural plan — in the field of ideology, this year has the same historic significance as the year 1917. After all, in 988 international Zion failed to crush the main center of the Aryan ideology, replacing it with the reformed rather osperantizirovannym Judaism in the form of the eastern branch of Christianity, that is Orthodoxy. Thus the largest autochthonous people of Europe was put on the rails of mass copying iudofilstva while spitting all his former Aryan history, ideology and culture. It is from this year and starts in our country, the above "internationalization"

            Valery Emelyanov.DesionizatsiyaPp. 4

     "The Russian people, brought up among Privolny fields and forests on the banks of the cleanest rivers possessed the physical and mental benefits, which stopped any expansion. But we must firmly grasp that undermining the powerful roots of the Russian people did not begin in 1917, but much earlier. Namely, the breakthrough to the princely throne international emperors.

Worked hard over the Russian power and contrition iudozirovannoe Byzantine Christianity. "

"Does the imposition of Christianity in the beginning of the Russian state? Russian civilization?

No, it does not. Before the advent of Christianity in Russia driven around 1,000 years in the Middle East, Rome, Greece, Byzantium and Europe. As an ideology metamorphosed Judaism. Judaism as a secular formation — internationalism. Christianity in Russia radically subjugation of the ancient ideology of Russian — the deification of nature. "

                                    Yuri Makunin, Captain 2 rank.

NewspaperRussian Vedomosti№ 11, № 25



            Ilya Muromets in a quarrel with Prince Vladimir

(Russian epic)

Angry … Ilha da porazgnevalsya,

He went out to the wide courtyard,

Razryvchaty pulled taut bow,

Cullens boom so it as settling;

He began to pace around the city,

He began to pace in Kiev,

On God's church but he fire intermittently.

And with the churches he crosses povylomal …


Journal wends № 20

Pp. 17




 "In memory of Vladimir Rus was the first real Christian — he killed his own brother, trampled faith of their fathers and grandfathers, and betrayed his friends' killed innocent Rogvolod and his sons, and his daughter Rogneda — raped, burned all the old Russian books and manuscripts, which are not was the price the Russian people deprived of historical memory, cultural and ethnic continuity between generations, burned the whole city and its people, along with the elderly, women and children for refusing to accept new foreign faith, culture and psychology.

Vladimir invited thousands of strangers from Constantinople, monks burned tens of thousands of wooden planks and birch bark with Old tales, history, literature, law, etc. The same Russian chronicles, which because of their special value written on expensive parchment completely scraped and filled with monks ecclesiastical texts other countries hostile to us. Military resistance betrayal Vladimir had the largest cities — Chernigov, Smolensk, Novgorod and others. "

                                                       VM Kandyba.

                     The history of the Russian people

                                                          Pp. 75-76


    "Commando introduction Judeo-Christianity destroyed the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, destroyed the Third Rome (Russian Empire). Iudeomasonstvo failed to crush the monstrous power of the military machine and Gestapo Germany. "


«First Vsesokrushayuschaya ideological deviation — is planting a Jew Vladimir artificial Judaize Christianity in those parts of the Empire, who were called Kievan Rus and Novgorod. And before that, in the VI century, masons managed to impose Jewish Khazar Khaganate, are also part of the Empire.

Executing the Magi, sorcerers, magicians, executing thousands Rusich, burnt Vedic books and chronicles, the Vedic temples and gradually replacing the Old Slavic script Judeo-Greek Cyrillic Pharisees progressively converted Slavs in Ivan, not their roots. "

                                                       Inga Mochalova.

            Vedic knowledge at the crossroads of geopolitics

                                                        Pp. 57.84



"Man's position in the social hierarchy determines the possibility of its spreading in the ideological doctrine. Prince Vladimir believed in Christianity, drove it with fire and sword pagan Russia, made the Russian spiritual slaves of the Jews. "

                                                     MP Sherstnev.

                               The secret mechanisms of managing people

                                                        Pp. 119

"Today's ideological and philosophical occupation for Russia is not a novelty. Thus, the defeat of the Khazar Khanate turned to Russia in 988 subjugation in the face of the Judeo-Christian … "

                                                            VY Nikitin, Moscow

                                                                        Day Svarog                                                            

                                             NewspaperRussian Vedomosti№ 36

Is Baptism of Rus in 988, had no ideological diversion?

Is this diversion was not successful?

Is this a diversion Russian Jews are not retaliated for the crushing of the Khazar Khanate?


4. Christianity in Russian history.


    "Again Christianity came into the service of the Jews, again floated the light of God" carry Hellene nor Jew ", but for many centuries could not do anything about this religious equality with the" inertia "of the goyim. Since the beginning of the last century, beginning foolish Gentiles Zhydivsky repeal restrictive laws. Only a few decades as the Jews have equal rights, less than a hundred years have passed since they were regarded as a people, and already the whole Christian world, our culture are on the verge of death, and the greatest state of the goyim, my homeland, destroyed their .

With remarkable ease kill Jews moral and material values accumulated tireless work of many generations of the goyim. It's a shame, it hurts to look at the work of the chosen people, ashamed of Akuma and nothing can be done, because they are "mindless brutes." How infinitely primitive those democratic traps that are placed Goyim, and yet they are always full of them.

Nearsighted people see striking similarities between Christianity and socialism. "Excuse me, — they say — how can you compare? There all the heavenly-earthly everything, there is the spirit-matter, there is the desire up-crass materialism! "This is true, but the fact is that the application of these teachings into practice the results are exactly the same. No matter what the Jews have lured-rolls on the next world, or in this psychobilly-important, believing the Jews, we have no heavenly rolls or terrestrial Saeki not see, and, into the bargain, and to lose a piece of black bread, which already have . Be assured that in Christianity the Jews mixed with earthly heaven just in proportion as what was needed for the Fall of the Roman Empire. " 

      "Even more original behaved Russian. For 10 centuries as they were Christian, but one who has seen our revolution can easily ask the question: "What are these people taught 1,000 years in a row — love, humility and forgiveness, or the art of bark from living people and mold them without missing a bullet in their heads? '.

Christianity went against the laws of nature, and lost its followers two thousand years. "

                                                       VN Smooth. Jews


"The Christian church has gradually turned into a huge system of stripping and exploitation of the masses, reaching direct trade by the" kingdom of heaven ", which is so idealized the" fathers of the church ", the church has become one of the most predatory exploitative forces."

                                                          History of Philosophy

Pp. 396

"By 1917, Jews in Russia was 6.1 million, ie, more than in all other European countries combined.

E. Dühring, said: "In Russia, most of the Jews lived, the Zionists are planning to establish a Jewish state it is in Russia."

The coup 988 years, the Russian people to impose alien spiritual "masters", the stage for the October revolution, to impose the Jews rule-commissioners. Power in Russia was seized by the conspirators Judeo-Bolsheviks. As for the "Russian Orthodox" churches, the "Moor has done his work, the Moor has to go."

First in the world to power in a foreign country Dorval "government" — Kagan, consisting almost entirely of Jews. Zhidobolshevizm, is Soviet variant of Judaism, and in confirmation of this, over the land rises a bloody five-pointed star — the Seal of Solomon. Under the guise of the "dictatorship of the proletariat" starts mass murder on the grounds of Russian blood, begins in the most monstrous stories of blood sacrifice to Jehovah. "

            Dobroslav.Russian answer to the "Jewish Question" 

Newspaper "Russian word»№ 3

"Of all the spiritual epidemics ever afflicted mankind, the worst was — and, unfortunately, will remain — Christianity. It claimed both literally and figuratively so many lives, that, compared with them, even the "black death" that ravaged Europe in the XIV century, it may seem insignificant event.

Where did on our heads this attack?

Bacilli carrier was mostly Jews, whom the Christians, that no jerk, forever linked inseparably chain. This chain — the theory of "chosen people" of the Jewish people. "


"Objectively Christians today — the vanguard of the Jewish invasion, clearing the way for future" true masters ". And if we do not want the arrival of these hosts, we must realize clearly that today in the spiritual life of Christianity in Russia — a national threat. Or Russia — or Christianity. That's right — a national threat, and not "the quintessence of the Russian soul." Reduce the national identity of the Russian people to the Orthodox Church — the approach is completely wrong. The first in this delusion fell Slavophiles. But even close to him historian KN Bestuzhev — Rumin, correctly specified: "Orthodoxy as a religion borrowed can not be the hallmark of the people" (article "Slavophil doctrine and its fate in Russian literature"). Indeed, because the Orthodox Greeks, Romanians, and Russian, and Georgian, but how different from each other, and all these people! Hence, it is not the Orthodox, are not there looking for the origins of his hangers-national identity. Fundamentals of the Russian character, as the character of other people, were placed in the ancient times, when Christianity was still not stink in the Russian land. "


"Yesterday, Christian could be anybody, today it would be the only one determination: Christian — Jewish spiritual slave. Those not able to shake off the yoke of spiritual slavery, do not deserve a better fate than how to get in the end, and physical slavery. "

                                          Anatoly IvanovChristianity                                                                           

Pp. 3-49

"If at first the psychological impact on people commit acts of violence, it then became part of the population to voluntarily subject themselves to this zombie: they became limp, became mute animal, which later was used for all kinds of parasites means to enrich and carefree life on this sinful earth."

Peter Shibin.At the root of the great tragedy

Pp. 6

"The ideal of Holy Russia did not fit into the Christian dogma and existed only in the minds and memories of the people. The official ideology dictated another supra-goal — the construction of the New Jerusalem.

Conception of new life was regarded as a sin, inherited from the devil tempted Adam and Eve. And so the death sentence was imposed Life itself.

Following the precepts of the founder of the false religion, a person must have seen in her house — the worst enemies. State (the supreme organizer of social life) was defined as belonging to the Devil, and separated from God.

Rejection of economic life, from taking care of the future, the scientific knowledge of the world of the spiritual and material wealth as dictated by the ideal, as a way of escape from original sin.

According to Christ, the Jews — the children (God), non-Jews — the dogs, not people.

Nominate paranoid requirement not resist an evil person.

Knowledge substituted for blind faith in Pervouchitelya not supported by anything worthy than magic tricks, imitating the "miracles." It was necessary to believe that Jesus was the illegitimate son of God, God himself, while the third part of it.

Mainly mystical act around which the liturgy (ritual worship), was translating the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus, and then drinking and eating them. Church canon treats this "communion" not as a symbolic act, but as a real transformation in the true body and blood of the Son of God. Abomination of cannibalism-bogoedstva.

Rejoicing in Russia ceased. People forced into mourning and lamentation. Because Russian literature and Russian intellectuals have developed the ideal of "hero" — samokopayuschegosya dohlyatika, eternally at war with their state, despised, their people and their nation. With these characters, these "spiritual" leaders of a nation could not withstand internal and external enemies who aim to destroy the great power of the world …

… Christian drug permeated every pore of our culture, entered through family education and tradition in our flesh and blood, in our genes. Without a complete cleansing of our people contagion will remain a slave in the hands of alien bastards.

The Russian nation has gained great spiritual revelation, values and achievements. But not Jesus — a source of creativity. His spiritual insight, his mystical works of Russian people cram into a false scheme given him an alien spirit. As he later at the cost of unprecedented in the history of the victims was able to absorb and adapt Marxism for the purpose of nation building.

Christian religion to the XX century weakened spiritual strength of the nation. Upper ruling class and intelligentsia lost national instinct dictates the necessity of serving the Fatherland not sparing their strength and life itself, become rootless cosmopolitans. The last Russian tsar — the embodiment of the ideal Christian personality — surrendered without a fight, Holy Russia, betrayed the monarchical idea, trampled people's faith in the Little Father. The revolution in the Russian Empire was flourishing not the result of internal development, and the result of an international conspiracy and internal betrayal. Every revolution is a crime, even more so was the so-called "Russian" revolution provoked by the Zionist conspiracy, Democrats westernizers, Masons, Jewish Nazis and criminals. Stuck a knife in the back of Russia, to bleed to death on the battlefield. The main attack — against the Russian people, the best of his sons. Systematically been destroyed the most valuable part of the Russian gene pool: the upper ruling class, the Black Hundreds, the aristocracy, entrepreneurs, scientists, intellectuals, peasants, officers. Heredity nation undermined and perverted. Not much damage inflicted alcoholism and politics mingled families. Fix the crime can only deliberate efforts of government.

Greek civilization developed … ideal personality. She was a philosopher — a lover of wisdom. The Romans — a patriot. Christians impose a new ideal — crazy, calling him a saint.

Holy by Christians — is despised the world people, who refused his duty to his family, home, to continue its kind. From the knowledge of the work, from taking care of your body. It is closed on itself and on the imaginations of Joshua circumcised. He is a walking corpse, his existence is meaningless. How can you send your prayers this spiritual cripples, how to worship this human trash, what can be expected of them help? If other Christian "holy" and accomplishes something sensible, it is because it is not enough to Christianize not completely distorted his natural intelligence and understanding of the natural goodness and traditional morality …

… For centuries of its dominance in Russia Christianity perverted Russian character, the soul sucked out of our joy, laughter, dancing, and delight in nature, grace honoring one's parents and ancestors. Contributed soldering people that lit alcohol: that without wine, lit pop, you can not receive communion with Christ. Christianity plunged Russia into obscurantism, deprived it will kill the thirst of life and the will to reproduce, suppressed the duty of protection of the Earth, has put Russia in spiritual submission to Israel. Imposed in the gods mad trimmed stray Jew …

Russian pre-Christian period … — It's a bright, heroic personality, full-blooded member of the tribe. There is nothing of Jesus, nor the Jewish psychology. And who turned the Russian Christianity after almost millennial izmyvaniya on his psyche? In foul servant who is willing to endure any experiments on him and mockery. The violent break-up of the established traditions of the Russian people homeless lumpen, on which you can continue to make violent political and ideological experiments.

Christianity is filled surviving pagan traditions alien, alien spirit. Bandit killed the owner and, dressed in his clothes, started running semeyu … "

                                        II SinyavinPaths of righteousness

P.5-6, 56, 91, 95

"Christianize Europe was more cruel than a pagan, and without remorse suit new crusades in the name of a new myth."

Roman Perrin.Psychology of Nationalism

"The masterpiece of the same intellectual and yet passionate protest, without a doubt," The Antichrist "by Friedrich Nietzsche. Domestic researchers of his work, especially who boast of direct view and high morals, prefer to bypass streamlined phrases when it comes to this work. Although Nietzsche of all philosophers was, perhaps, the most honest man in question is Christianity, because only he could with such selfless courage to threaten on nearly two thousand years the "sacred history." The epilogue of the book sounds like a victory cry gladiator, his sight of painfully difficult victory:

"I condemn Christianity, I push against the Christian church the most terrible accusation has ever sounded in the mouths of the accuser. It is for me the worst of all imaginable spoilage, it had the will to the most dangerous, the most extreme damage. The Christian church did not spare anything and spoiled everything, every value is depreciated, drew every truth into a lie, all frankness — in spiritual meanness. Try to talk about its good "humane" mission! Eliminate no evil in her interest, she lived troubles, she needed a disaster to take hold forever … "

VB Avdeev.Overcoming Christianity

"And I bled … brother against brother, neighbor to neighbor country to country. And their spirits are gone, I will destroy their common sense … "(Isaiah, ch. 19,Bible).

"Around 955 Princess Olga traveled to Constantinople, where he converted to Christianity. This visit was also a great political significance. Returning from Constantinople, Olga officially handed power to his son Svyatostavu (957-972).

Svyatoslav was, above all, a warrior prince who sought to bring Russia to the major European powers of the then world. The whole of his short life was nearly continuous campaigns and battles, he defeated the Khazar Khanate, inflicted a crushing defeat Pechenegs near Kiev, made two campaigns in the Balkans.

After the death of Grand Prince Sviatoslav his son Yaropolk (972-980). In 977 Yaropolk quarreled with his brother, Prince Oleg Drevlyansky and started fighting against it. Prince Oleg Drevlyansky squads were broken, and he died in battle.

After the death of Oleg, Prince of Novgorod, the third son of Svyatoslav, Vladimir fled to the Vikings. Yaropolk sent his governors to Novgorod and became thus the sole ruler of the ancient Russian state.

Returning after two years in Novgorod, Prince Vladimir of Kiev expelled from the city governors and went to war with Yaropolk. The core of troops was Vladimir Varangian mercenary squad that came along with it.

Violent clashes between troops and Vladimir Yaropolk occurred in 980 on the Dnieper River near the city of Lubech. The winners were a squad of Vladimir, and the Grand Duke Yaropolk was soon killed. Power throughout the state into the hands of the Grand Duke Vladimir Sviatoslav (980-1015) …

Longtime … and strong relations of Russia and Byzantium eventually led to what Vladimir in 988, Christianity was accepted in its orthodox form. Penetration of Christianity in Russia began long before the recognition of its state religion. Christians were Princess Olga and Prince Yaropolk …

… To consolidate their power in different areas of the vast state, Vladimir appointed his sons as governors in the various cities and lands of Russia. After the death of Vladimir between his sons began a bitter struggle for power.

One of his sons Vladimir Svyatopolk (1015-1019), seized power in Kiev and declared himself Grand Duke. By order of Svatopluk killed three of his brothers — Rostov Boris, Gleb and Sviatoslav Drevlyansky Murom.

Occupied the throne in Novgorod, Yaroslav understood that danger threatens him. He decided to speak out against Svatopluk, who called in to help the Pechenegs. The army consisted of Yaroslav of Novgorod and Varangian mercenaries. Civil war between the brothers over flight Svyatopolk in Poland, where he soon died. Yaroslav has established itself as the Grand Prince of Kiev.

In 1024 Yaroslav made against his brother Mstislav Tmutarakan. As a result of this strife brothers divided the country into two parts … "

Allowance on stories Fatherland for incoming in        Universities

"Crushing the paganism in Russia was and contrition of national life. He lost confidence in their princes, and later began to fight when the people left them, and only reluctantly participated in the battles. None of them gave it preference, and Kievan Rus' weakened, became an easy prey to the Tatars. "

                                       Yu MirolyubovSacred Russia

Pp. 138

"The Journal" Magus »№ 1, 1991, in Leningrad, Alexander Ivanchenko in the article" From the poem "The Song of the Jewish Khazars pobienii Svetoslav Khorobrit" writes that in 1847. Polish scientist Thaddeus Volansky published his book "Monuments of Slavic writing before Christ," which was lithographically reproduced "The Song of the Jewish Khazars pobienii Svetoslav Khorobrit", written by the poet during Slavosmyslom to "oblagodetelstvovaniya Slavic written language and the Christian faith." Author Professor Volansky was sentenced to auto-da-fe (the sentence about the burning of the Inquisition) in the fire of his book as "extremely heretical," for it is not only opposed Christianity (the author does not believe in the act of Christ's resurrection from the dead, according to Christianity as a religion of the Jews foreign to us, and others), but also clearly showed that the writing of the ancient Slavs existed long before the birth of Christ, and it appeared much earlier than the Phoenicians, Jews and Greeks, and Egyptians. Was among the Slavs in those times and great poetry. "

                                                          Young Guard№ 9

Pp. 275

"Is it possible, for example, regarded as progress baptism of Russia, if the" voluntary acceptance "of the new religion, and followed after that religious conflicts have reduced the population of Kievan Rus from 12 to 3 million people? With 6 million of the 12 had been destroyed prior to the Mongol invasion, and the remaining three — is the direct help Horde,

We somehow very easy terms with the mass murder in the name of ideas, including the idea of religion, not realizing that every such offense — and this is only a crime and it leads to the destruction of the best, independently thinking and active part of the nation, the carriers of culture and intelligence, better particle ourselves. Do we ask ourselves the question: what would happen if these people are alive? "For Whom the Bell Tolls"? — Not an allegory. It tolls for all of us. The best proof that the current state of Russia, a country in which for at least eight centuries in a row destroyed the mind and conscience. "

                                                         Saints slaves.Pp. 10


"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to bring peace, but a sword of fire."

                                            Gospel from Matt., 10:34

"One of the most frequent remarks about Christianity, and especially Orthodoxy, suggests that it is — the religion of slaves and oppressed, and that for this purpose the Jews and created suitable for their purposes porabotitelskih denomination of slaves, it was easier to oppress and enslave the docile goyim are not capable of fighting for their freedom and independence, the religion of slaves created to educate people slaves … "


"Let us make an unusual, acute and paradoxical at first thought. It was thoughtless, blind, slavish, with "dumb delight," kneeling before the alleged "election" alleged "chosen narodtsem" a large part of the Russian clergy and the Russian intelligentsia sionozavisimoy early XX century paved the way for the ideologically-Zionist enslavement of Russia in 1910 and 1920, for the ritual murder of Zionist-imperial family in 1918. by order of the Jew Ya.Sverdlova, the ritual destruction of the Temple of Christ the Savior on the orders of the Jew Kaganovich, to create — in the designs of the Jews Kerensky, Sverdlov and Bronstein, Trotsky — Zionist-led Jewish Gulag N.Frenkelya, Ya.Bermana, S. Width and many other butchers in bloody Zionist repression organized representatives "elected narodtsem" in our country in the 1920s and 1930s, the 1940s, the executioners of the Russian people by the Jews Sverdlov, Bronstein-Trotsky-Zinoviev Apfelbaum, Radomyslsky-Uritsky , Rosenfeld, Kamenev, Radek, Sobelsonom, berries, Sorenzonom-Agranov, Zalkind-Samoilova-countrywoman, Beria, his deputies and Izraelovichem Abbakumova, Belsky, Berman, Rapoport, S.Koganom, Nahamkesom-Svetlov, Finkelstein Firin and many other Jewish ritual murderers. As convincingly with numerous documents in hand proved our scientists, it is slavish willingness Goiskoye Goiskoye intellectuals and clergy to "dumb delight" to recognize the "chosen narodtsem" right to double standards helped cynical Zion commissioners in leather jackets to arrange a bloodbath in Russia, halve the population country in the XX century. "

                                                        Boris Iskakov.

Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences,

President of the International Slavic Academy.

                                             The life of the parallel worlds


"The real traitors Slavic rusichej was ruling elite, usurped power and apostate. This is where to look for the answer to why the Russian people did not have the Tatar-Mongols proper resistance. Had a really strong resistance residents Kozelsk — vyatichi, have only just begun to attach to Christianity. Fought mainly disparate groups of individual princes. Hierarchs of the Orthodox Church saw the danger posed by the people, and went to collusion with the invaders, to bargain for themselves privileges for assistance in keeping people from speaking out against it. The Orthodox Church has ceased to pay his taxes. Since then there has been rapid growth of monasteries and monastic farms and rooting of Christianity in Russia.

The war was not only people, but also with its historical memory. Planting of Christianity led to the mass destruction of the monuments of our true history. Historical monuments were destroyed in order to erase from people's memories of the time when he lived in popular sovereignty. Destruction were ancient history books and other written, performed on parchment, bark, boards, stone and metal. Works on birch bark, tablets and parchment just burned. On the rocks or hollowed out the stones were heated in the rivers and swamps. Metal refiner. Here, by the way, I must say to the uninitiated layman, that the written Slavic rusichi mastered long before the "saints" of Cyril and Methodius, received it yet from the Aryans. "

                                   VM Demin.From Aryans to Rusich

                                            Pp. 5.4


"Reform" of Vladimir interrupted his death in 1015, after the death of Vladimir were to reign in all major Russian cities of his 12 sons. Grand Prince of Kiev was the "son of two fathers" Svyatopolk, whose mother, a Greek, who was killed by a pregnant Vladimir Yaropolk, he married. Son reigned in Novgorod Rogneda Yaroslav.

What is a Christian, father, like "new Russian" — the sons. Svyatopolk reign began by saying that he had killed his brother Gleb Boris and Sviatoslav. Then Yaroslav, agreed to the request for the Protection of Novgorod Russian faith, led his squad to the Christianized Kiev. The city Ljubech (1016) forces the two brothers met and defeated Yaroslav Kiev militia, came to Kiev, and burned all the churches, and the majority of traitors Vedic faith father brutally executed. But wily Svyatopolk managed to escape from the battle field and fled to Poland. Here, getting the Polish troops, in 1018 he moved to Kiev and met on the Bug squad Yaroslav defeated them and went to Kiev. Then Yaroslav returned to Novgorod, gathered new squad and again drove Svatopluk from Kiev. This time Svyatopolk fled to the West, where he died. "

     VM Kandyba.The history of the Russian people andmp. 76


"Christianization" caused irreparable damage Slavs Rusich-culturally and historically. Thousands of burned planks and bark letters with ancient legends and chronicles. Those records which, because of their special value written on expensive parchment, scraped and filled the church "teachings." They burned the Magi, the keepers of wisdom of the people, the people from generation to generation invaluable experience, which name is the custom. Actually, there was a civil war …

This suggests that the Slavs were freedom-loving people and go to religious slavery, they did not. It took more than 300-year-old missionary work targeted the Judeo-Christian and coercive force of the empire, that this system has established itself in the alien environment of our ancestors. Why it is wrong to assume that Russia adopted Christianity — in Russia it was implanted by force. Planting of Judeo-Christianity has led to overt and covert resistance to the occupying power, which does not stop now. "

                                          VM Demin.From Aryans to Rusich

                                         Pp. 195                                           

Not Christianity blunted instinct of the Russian nation propaganda of internationalism "neither Hellene nor Jew"?

Not Christianity being introduced to the Russian people the idea of "God's chosen people the Jews"?

Not Christianity played a fatal role in preparing the October Revolution of 1917 and the occupation of the Jews of Russia?

                                        5. Bible

"We have the Bible. Under the cover of a binding — the Old and New Testaments. This is — one and only document that gives an indication of the direct manifestation of the Christian God in human life, and of the requirements of God to man, that is, the religious morality of Christians. There is nothing in the tradition of the Church, in the stories, which could conflict with the Bible, and to convince the believer. Christian, a believer in the Bible — not a Christian.

Therefore, it is enough to reject all the sources and subsequent comments apply directly to this main source. As one wise man, God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not the God of philosophers and poets. So, re-read the Bible: try to do it as if for the first time in the world, with all the released ourselves, not looking for a different point of view on the material, other than the one that dictates the inner moral sense. "The Bible through the eyes of a child" — a subtitle could be given to our essay.

Before you start reading and parsing, we must stop at one point. We have already mentioned that the Bible, though, and is divided into two Testaments — is a single document. This unity is achieved by many factors: the fact that both Testaments created in the depths of one of the Jewish people, and the fact that the New Testament is permeated with endless references to "the law and the prophets," constantly draws in the Old Testament evidence of its authenticity and correctness. And, most importantly, the fact that, according to Christian Creed, the Lord, acting in both Testaments — is one, although in three persons. This means that in every act and word of Jehovah of the Old Testament, we should see the words and actions of Jesus Christ … "

                  Alexander SevastyanovNational capitalism

Pp. 191-192

"Old Testament — the book, completely alien to us, and should be for all of us more alien, if we do not want our identity to change forever."

                                     Eugen Dühring.The Jewish Question

Pp. 36

"Neither the Bible nor in the Gospel, there is no universal history. This particular story of the Jewish people and referred to only those nations with which the Jews were somehow related to their history. There is no mention either of the Russian nor the Tartars or the Georgians, nor about the Chinese. Where did the Russian, Ukrainians, Tatars, Kazakhs, Lithuanians and hundreds of other people — it's Jews have no interest. For them, other people — they are animals. "

Vladimir Istarkhi.Beat Russian Gods


    "If the man of the Enlightenment and unwarned asked what the author of the famous books of all he would like to be, then, whether this man a shred of self-respect, he certainly poosteregsya would say," the Bible. "

                                            S. Mirashel.Buzzword                                                 

                                                                  Pp. 258




"Your rulers of us to play along. They have taken the Bible, to oppress their own people more agile. Until then were considered mere mortals, princes elected. And then suddenly become God's anointed — tempting, you know. "All power is from God" — too tempting as a governor Almighty, the executor of his will, and who invented it? We are!

What a Christian, if — the Bible! Bible is the essence of Judaism, the same "dead dogma", which rebelled against the prophet of the gospel. It's the same as to drown in lies, wearing around his neck the Old Testament in the form of cobblestone. Proclamation of Christ were the foundation of the Aryan tradition bait, and the Bible — a hook on which you have picked up. Hence all the nonsense and all evil. It was and is, when a conversion to Judaism was executed, without ceasing to pray to Jehovah and swear on the Bible. Pretended decried our customs, both reverence and honoring our Scriptures. And it says that all non-Jews — pigs and must be destroyed. Is not this vile hypocrisy and bigotry?!

Borrowing the Old Testament, your pastors recognized as truth all that it says, including the right of Jews to plunder and enslave the natives, I mean, all the uncircumcised. The most that will fit your kings — fake edicts of expulsion Jews "with all of their names," and not "vpuschat except …" Is not it a sign of dementia: drive out to loot, but still leaving a loophole? So we learn from them, and in the 17th! "


"We have ennobled the Judeo-Christianity."


    "What I found to boast! Ennobled betrayal, meanness masked, humiliated himself by learning cult orphaned and poor. Or reject the Judaizers had with the "god of the dead," or so to adopt the methodology and techniques of the conquerors. Trying to reproach us for dishonesty, but look around: every nation is proud of its acquisitions, conquest, riches. And, although the achieved cunning tricks, no remorse is not suffering, and leave prey in no hurry. "

                           Viktor Savelyev.Jewish-Aryan dialogue

Pp. 151-152



     "You lomishsya an open door. Scripture called the Bible can only those who intend zadurit his people, turning it into a docile fools. "

                             Viktor Savelyev.Jewish-Aryan dialogue

      "Open your Bible to any page. Where do you see the universal God? He's not there. There never was. From any page in the Bible says, "God of the Jews, the God of Israel, the God of Abraham. God of Isaac, God of Jacob, and so forth. " My friends! This is not our God. The Christian God — is not of universal God … "

                                                        Vladimir Istarkhi.

                                             NewspaperRussian Vedomosti№ 30


"Before you read the Bible (Old and New Testament), this alien to us in spirit mythological story alien to us people, get acquainted with the wisdom of the Russian people, embodied in the tales, proverbs, sayings, with Russian history, then the myths of the ancient teachers and texts of ancient India , China, Greece, Egypt, with the German and Scandinavian sagas. And at least with the Bible.

The first part of the Bible (Old Testament) — a guide to unite the Jewish people, the text, give it a target for many historical times. And if this exhausts the content of the Bible, it was not, it would be equal to the significance of the book. But the Old Testament teaches methods of Jewish domination over other peoples and their ways of destruction. The New Testament in this respect is not opposed to the Old. It is even more insidious because ideologically disarm the nation, thus paving the field of the global problem of the Old Testament. We have different goals, and the two books of the Jews — not the sacred tablets for us, as for the rest of humanity.

Need to know the essence of Judaism.

Taking as a model of the Egyptian state and ideology, Moses created a complete system that still supports the unity of Jews and gives them power and wealth. But the truth, stolen from the Egyptians, and lingered in the finished form. We see the flowering of the cultures of ancient Greece, the people close to us genetically. It is a sincere search for truth and the generator was a great culture. Jews, trained to Moses, have been deprived of deep creativity and conscience, without which the search for truth and the creation possible. Outside of that person is not a person, it is a robot, a tool of foreign designs. No matter how rich and powerful Jews jealous they do not have, because they are more computers than people. And only then, when the Jew casts off the pre-programming, it ceases to be a Jew and becomes a man.

Only the outward forms of Judaism can provide food for the construction of our national ideology. Higher altitudes Spirit Judaism deprived.

The anti-Semites of the Christians is deducted from the Torah and the Talmud only places full of hatred and contempt for non-Jews, but do not notice something else — what distinguishes the Jewish sacred texts from the Christian. The first guided to work, family values, for national unity, a victory over the Jews. Second — to servility, nahlebnichestvo, degradation, racial and national expansion, to defeat, to destroy life, not just human. "

                                                II SinyavinPaths of righteousness


"Reading" holy "book of the Bible Christians (quoted in the edition of the Moscow Patriarchate in 1994, published with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II).


4.1. And now, Israel, listen to the statutes and judgments which I have (today) teach you, that you may live (and reproduce), and go in and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers giveth you (heritage);

23.19. Not lend upon usury (at interest) to thy brother (by context — Jew) nor silver, nor bread, nor anything else that is lent upon usury:

23.12. Stranger (ie, non-Jews) lend upon usury, but unto thy brother not lend upon usury to thy Lord bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand in the land whither thou goest to possess it;

28.12. And thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow (and you will rule over many nations, but they are over you will not prevail.)

The book of the prophet Isaiah:

60.10. And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings (presidents) — serve you

60.10. And thy gates shall be open, will not be shut, day or night, that men may bring you the wealth of nations, and that their kings;

60.12. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish, those nations shall be utterly wasted. "

Russian people! Let us, finally, to answer yourself honestly. "All that is cited, the Lord has commanded it or Satanism who wrote, rewrote the" holy "books in order to use them for centuries to fool our heads?" Is it not in accordance with this racist doctrine today we have the international bankers, lenders so that our grandchildren will never pay off. "

                                              K. PetrovMajor-General.

                                         Newspaper Knowledge is Power № 105


"The idea of dividing the world living in the elect, who are allowed to all, and to all others, the idea is imbued with the whole Bible. And the Old Testament and the New. Sometimes the idea of chosenness is personified in the prophet, a king, and sometimes — applies to the entire Jewish people. So, when applied to Christ Canaan to help her daughter, he told her: "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." But she came and knelt before him, saying, 'Lord, Help me. " He said in reply, "It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs" (Matthew, XV, 22-26).

Dwell on the manifestations of the idea of chosenness, which are particularly intolerable humanistic consciousness.

In XX century humanistic consciousness, a little piqued catastrophe Russian, Chinese and Cambodian tragedy, somehow entirely concentrated on the effect of the so-called Holocaust, that is, the mass murder of Jews in Hitler's Reich. In this regard, it was widely developed and universally branded concept of genocide. Destroy the people, guided by race, nationality, is now good. In our century, this attempt by the Jews, a thousand condemned by the world community. Members of this attempt to brutally persecuted until now without prescription.

I must say that ever since the Jews did not belong, as in the period of the Reich. Neither the Egyptians nor the Babylonians or the Romans, not just to conquer the Jews, did not try to destroy the people as such. Not seek the Spanish Inquisition, did not set such a task itself spontaneously arose in different countries at different times of the anti-Jewish movement. Obviously, the idea was foreign surrounded the genocide of the Jews hostile nations, including more powerful, able to carry out a genocide.

More interesting to find that for the chosen people, which appear biblical Jews, the idea of genocide was something natural, innate, self-evident in relation to non-Jews. Moral Code of the Bible simply involves the idea as part of. We saw above, it's cold and arrogant Jews likened Christ with children, and all others, with the dogs. Well, as you know, the dog and the dog's death put.

The first sign was the extermination of God all the firstborn in the land of Egypt — both man and beast — in response to the reluctance of the Pharaoh to let the Jews back home. That night the Jews ate the Passover lamb and calmly awaited the end of the bloody experiment. They at that time did not kill anyone personally, but the fact of destruction, for their well-being, all Egyptian firstborn was seen as something natural. "And a great cry throughout all the land of Egypt, for there was no house where there was not one dead" (Exodus, XII, 30). Jews, do not be a fool, prepared on this day the strange affliction his escape "and asked of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and garments. The Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians: and they gave him, and he robbed the Egyptians "(ibid, p.35-36). And left elected from Egypt, leaving behind the bodies of others, and the firstborn of taking other people's property. They waited for the promised land.

The program of development of the promised land was made by the Lord through Moses to the Jews: "I will send my fear before thee, and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come, and I will turn to you rear all thine enemies before thee, I will send hornets, and they shall hunt on behalf of the your Amorites, Evseev, the Jebusites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites, not drive them out from before thee in one year, lest the land become desolate, and multiplied against the beast of the field: little by little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and not take inherit the land "(Exodus, XXIV, 27-30). Do not these lines was reading Hitler, preparing the domestication of Europe up to the Urals?

And this program has been well digested, eagerly soaked souls chosen, for very strengthened them in the sweet idea of the elect. And now, Joshua and Caleb Jephunneh, returning from a forty exploratory raid the land of Canaan, persuade his people thus: "The land, which we passed through to search it, is very good, and if the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into this land and give it to us — the land flowing with milk and honey only rebel not against the LORD, and do not be afraid of the people of the land, for he is bread for us: their defense is departed from them, and the LORD is with us "(Numbers, XIV, 7 -9). And the Lord their occurrence immediately backed up the words.

After final approval of the program cannibalistic settlement of the Promised Land, it is time for action. And now, after the first skirmishes with the Canaanites and the Amorites, to play the episode, which is the first discernible signs of genocide: "And Moses sent to spy out Jazer, and took him and the villages that depend on it, and drove out the Amorites that were there … and opposed They Og king of Bashan, he and all his people, until there was none left alive, and took possession of his land "(Numbers, XXI, 32-35). After that, the prophet Balaam, taught by the Lord, said of the Jews: "This is the people as a lion, and stands as a lion, and lift up not lie down until he eat of the prey, and drink the blood of the slain" (ibid., XXI, 24).

This bloody page begins the tale of the conquest of the land of Canaan Jews, even when Moses first, then at Joshua. Other pages of this story — before you.

God tells Moses to deal with the Midianite tribe. And Moses went out after the fight to his victorious troops, and scolded them: "Why do you have left all the women alive? … So, kill every male, and every woman that hath known man by lying, kill, and all the women children, which have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves "(Numbers, XXXI, 15-18). Which was done.

Over time, shortly before his death, Moses more explicit and complete instructions. "When you draw near to a city to fight against it … thou shalt besiege it, and when the Lord thy God hath delivered it into thine hands, thou smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword: But the women and children, and cattle, and all that is in the city, all the booty it take for yourself … So do unto all the cities which are very far from you … and in the cities of these peoples that the Lord your God gives you for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breathes "(Deuteronomy, XX, 10-16).

The first city that fall under the scope of this statement has been unhappy Jericho. When its walls collapsed, "all the people went to the city, each with his hand, and took the city. And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with edge of the sword "(Joshua, VI, 19-20).

Step is the hardest. Bloody milestones chosen people hung on his way under the leadership of Joshua, the brave, "the men of Ai looked behind them, they saw the smoke of the city ascended up to heaven. And there was no place for them to flee — neither here nor there … When the Israelites killed all the inhabitants of Ai in the field … that all the Israelites returned unto Ai, and smote it with the edge of the sword. Fell that day, men and women, of all the inhabitants of Ai were twelve thousand … only cattle and production of this city, the children of Israel divided among themselves … Jesus took Makkedah, and struck him with the sword, and the king thereof he utterly destroyed, them, and all the souls that were in him: no one left who would survive and escape. Then Joshua and all Israel from Macheda to shower … and they took it, and the king thereof, and the sword of Jesus destroyed all the souls that were in it: no one left in it, who would have survived and escaped … And the LORD delivered Lachish into the hand of Israel, and took it on the second day, and smote him with the sword, and all the souls that were therein, and cut it off, as I have done with showers. (Forgive me the reader, then it all goes a bit too monotonous: Israel destroyed in the same way all the souls in the city-kingdoms of Gezer, Eglon, Hebron, Debir — AS) and Joshua all the land mountainous hills, and of the south and earth, vale, and all their kings: he left none who are remaining, but utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the LORD God of Israel "(Joshua, VIII, 220-X, 40).

The news of this horrific beatings came to all the surrounding peoples, and they, of course, tried to unite and fight back. But "the Lord delivered them into the hand of Israel, and they smote them … and killed them, so that none of them left the survivors would have escaped. And Joshua did unto them as the Lord said to him hamstrung their horses and chariots of fire burned … And all the cities of those kings, and all the kings of them, did Joshua … And all the spoil of these cities, and all the cattle, the children of Israel itself, but every man killed the sword, until they had destroyed them all: of them have left a single soul. As the LORD commanded Moses his servant, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did so left nothing undone by a single word in all that the Lord commanded Moses "(Joshua, XI, 8-15).

As a result, long past the genocide Israel is "clear" land for themselves from Mount Halak, to Seir, to Baal-gad in the valley of Lebanon. Cleared of native land was divided between the tribes and the colonized. "And the land rested from war", — says the anonymous author peacefully biblical account.

Radical way of appeasing the land: is not it? And it is highly moral, for Jesus had closely followed the Lord's instructions, allowing no gag.

Elapsed generation, and David the Psalmist in local wars resurrected ancestral methods. I remember in my childhood, when I watched the movie "Treasure Island", I perplexing proverb in the mouth of the old pirate, "Remember, O Lord, King David and all his meekness!" What does the gentle King David? What does it pirates? Re-reading the Bible in his mature years, I figured out this puzzle.

David, fleeing from the wrath of Saul, came to the service of the Philistines, and potentates had wars with Geshur, girzeyanami and Amalek. This was by no means a "holy war" for the promised land, but "David devastated that country, and kept alive is neither male nor female" (1 Samuel, XXVII, 9). Later, when he was king over Israel, David went on to lead the war, again not a stranger to radical ways. So, once he "struck Moab and measured them with a line, on the ground, and he measured two lines to put to death, and one full line to keep alive" (2 Kings, VIII, 2). Cute!

However, all the gentleness of David revealed to me in another episode. He fought against the imperial city of Rabbah of the Ammonites. And he took it. "And he took their king's crown from off his head … and … put on his head, and the spoil of the city made a great deal. And the people that were in it, he brought up and put them under saws, and under harrows of iron, under axes of iron, and made them pass through the brick-kiln. Thus did he unto all the cities of the children of Ammon "(2 Samuel, XII, 30-31).

Why, why did this humble king? Why lit sladkoglasy psalmist protoosventsimskie oven? Really could not just cut the prisoners throats from ear to ear? Do not be just and humane to stuff them into some neat gas kamerku? No, I do not understand it is reasonable darling! "

Alexander Sevastyanov.National capitalism

Pp. 201-205

"And the clue to our countrymen that the Bible was written for the Jews, the Jews themselves. That it reflects the history of others, other cultures and other people's customs. And this, alien culture, thoroughly imbued with Judeo-Zion gamy, served as the foundation, which led the Russian people to the complete degradation of the national identity. "

Peter Shibin.At the root of the great tragedy


"Resist not evil. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And who wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak. Someone forces you to go with him one mile, go with him two. "

                                                BibleSermon preaching.

Wicked — the carrier of evil. According to Christ, it is necessary for the salvation of the soul is not to resist evil, evil: robber help, raped his wife and daughter podsun yet. A gang of thugs could not invent a more convenient rules of conduct for the victims than it did for them was Jesus. It is necessary to crush their pride, dignity, honor, freedom, respect for their identity — and then become a real Christian. "

                                              II SinyavinPaths of righteousness

Pp. 129

"Without the Old Testament, not the" sacred "history of the Jewish people from the" early beginnings "until the coming of Jesus, not Abraham and his descendants, without Moses and his teachings — the whole edifice of Christianity would fall apart like a house built on sand. And because Christianity (this Jewish sect) makes on his back in a Christianized civilization Judaism. Christianity — a Trojan horse Judaism and world Jewry, who enters into the soul, culture and statehood, all nations came under the influence of Jesus. "

                                          II SinyavinPaths of righteousness


"Iudohristiane and to this day continue to rightly say:

"The Christian religion is not and never was not examined by religion, not related to the Old Testament.

Not only never giving up on Israel, the chosen people of God, his history, his prophets, the Christian Church in its essence deeply understand and feel the value of our forefathers that came from Israel and prepared the coming of the Messiah.

Need to say more: Christianity is the direct consequence of Israel if the Jewish faith in the world preserved in its purity, we, as Christians, are the only of its loyal followers. Christianity not only rejects the patriarchs and prophets, but, recognizing the Lord entrusted to them to honor their mission, and in the past, when they were, they obeyed and the recognition of Christ the Saviour, as the Messiah, the Old Testament faith continued forever, rinse it in the form of the Judeo-Christian religion … "

                                          AV Trehlebov.Cry of the Phoenix

                                         Pp. 339

"It is not in vain in the poem I. Kobzeva" Knights "(M, 1917) Prophetic Bojan warned:

Since you accept, the prince, the Christian way,

For us to Russia, say in advance:

Churchmen crow will fly,

Navezut "holy scripture."

Although writing is a "holy" name,

It is difficult to find a book corrupted.

It and the lies and dirt, and shameful lust,

And the hostility and treachery bratnaya. "

                                            AV TrehlebovCry of the Phoenix                                                                            


"Patterns in the Bible zhidolyubiya lot and this is one of the most typical:" The Lord shall bring thee, thy God, in the land which He swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give thee great and goodly cities, which you did not build, and with houses full of all good things, which you did not fill … "(Deuteronomy 6, 10-11). And further in Chapter 7, "The Lord" helps Canaanite Jews to possess the land, destroying all the people living there, "For you are holy to the LORD your God has chosen you the Lord, your God, you to be his peculiar people of all nations that on earth "(ibid. 7, 6), would help" But because the LORD loved you "(ibid. 7, 8).

                                               Igor KucherenkoTaganrog

"Then prof. Tokarev SA clarifies these times: "The first five books of the Old Testament — Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy — are called the Pentateuch, in Judaism, they are called the Torah or Law, ie teaching. Jewish theologians give the Pentateuch for integral work, supposedly written by Moses directly from the words of Yahweh. In fact, biblical criticism found that the text of the Pentateuch was completed with over more than 500 years, together with the text of the sixth book of the Old Testament — I.Navina, in connection with what they say about Shestiknizhii. In the Pentateuch story is from God, then called Elohim (plural Elohim), then Yahweh. In Russian KJV Elohim is usually transmitted by the word "God," and Yahweh — "Lord."


"And at the end of Deuteronomy crafty Pharisees Jewish rabbis have put into the mouth of Moses, the apotheosis of ethnic chauvinism and fascism:" Blessed are you, O Israel (ie theomachist — BI)! Who is like unto thee, O people saved by the LORD, who is the shield of thy help, and the sword of thy excellency! Your enemies liars unto thee, and thou shalt tread upon their high places "(1, Deut., 33:29). This is reminiscent of the Nazi anthem, "Germany above all!" And how it ended in the 40s XXcen.?

Thus, it is of a distorted interpretation of the self-righteous misanthropic Five Books of Moses, the Torah and the Talmud explains in detail its sinister roots of modern sprout sionofashizma, tormented today Russia and the world, cynically warring with all of humanity. "


"If you want to crush the hypocrites, liars, aggressors, invaders and occupiers, encroaching on the freedom and independence of our people and our country, trying to drive all nations into the world of slavery, strongly hit by their blasphemous, misanthropic" shrines ", smash their chauvinistic lepton" shrine "that they justify their claims to world domination, the occupation and genocide in Russia and other countries, for only in their brokenness egregor possible liberation of Russia and the whole of humanity."


"Thus, the scientific analysis proves conclusively that the rumors about the sanctity of archaic and chauvinistic section of the Old Testament as a document claiming to be the world's supposedly universal religion, greatly exaggerated, as many of its texts and sections, and even some of the books are not free of the narrow nationalist or uzkoplemennogo chauvinism and misanthropic views, nothing unjustifiable cruelty, as well as non-condemnation, sometimes even savoring moral dirt (lies, slander, deceit, treachery, greed, hypocrisy, cynicism, blasphemy, sacrilege, treason, bratopredatelstva, ottsepredatelstva, bogopredatelstva, fornication, incest, fratricide, bloodlust, violence, genocide, claims to world domination wild drevneiudeyskoy sect small pastoral tribe, etc.). "

                                              Boris Iskakov.

Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences,

President of the International Slavic Academy.

                                         The life of the parallel worlds


    "Every religion is not specified stories or articles aunt Mani Rogozhin, and the main primary canonical texts, and only them. All secondary scriptures — that is secondary and they cost nothing compared to the original. For Christianity the primary source is the Bible. She and she alone is the religious canon and that's what you need to know and it is to be invoked. The rest of the Christian trash can safely stop reading … Only the source (the Bible) is a criterion for evaluation. It's canon.

Is an overwhelming number of Christians have never read the Bible as a whole. They can not overpower it completely, it is difficult to write, and they would like something simpler. A simpler fails. Read the Bible! This is a very informative book. It is full of valuable information …

Where do you find the words in the Bible: "Russian", "Aryan", "Russia", "Russia"? You these words in the Hebrew Bible, you find it. But you will find infinitely many words: "Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews", "Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel." Christianity — is not Orthodoxy is zhidoslavie. In the Bible, you will find the history of the Russian people. There is only the history of the Jewish people. And why is it us? Why we do not want to learn their Russian national history? Why do we impose on the study of Jewish history?

The main problem of the Russian people that he has forgotten his native gods and worship idols fraudulent Jewish, Moses, Jesus Christ, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, etc. And this is all one team playing a single game in the Jewish world domination. "

   Vladimir Istarkhi.

                                              NewspaperI — Russian№ 62


6. Jesus Christ — who is he?


"All the talk about the priests that Christ — the Son of God, that Christianity — the religion common to all mankind — all cheap demagoguery for idiots.

You can not have people outside of nationality, a man can not be formed without nationality. Open to the first page of the Gospel. "The generation of Jesus Christ, son of David (not the son of God), the son of Abraham. Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob, and so on. Jesus Christ is pure Jew. In his family there are no gods or demigods nor Russian nor Tartars or Uzbeks. 42 Jews in the family. "

                                                           Vladimir Istarkhi.

                                            NewspaperRussian Vedomosti№ 30


"You need to take note that all the acts of Christ are directed for the benefit of the Jewish people, and that all people, trying to adapt to the mission of Christ himself, completely helpless."

                                         Jacob Estor.Revelation Jew

NewspaperTomorrow№ 27 


   "It is necessary for the thousandth time to explain in Russian, that Christianity — a purely Jewish religion.

All priests talk about the fact that Christ the Son of God, that he is the nationality, Christ obschechelovechen that Christianity — a common human religion — all these idiots for cheap demagoguery.

You can not have people outside of nationality, a man can not be formed without nationality. Not anything of universal Christianity. "

                           Vladimir Istarkhi.Beat Russian Gods


    Something — who is trying to claim that Jesus Christ was not a Jew, that he was born as a result of "immaculate conception" of Mary.

But at this point in Pushkin is another version, described in the poem "Gavriiliada":

"Get me in the same day

The evil one, the archangel and with God. "

"Almighty God, as usual, then

Acknowledged his Jewish virgin son. "



   That there was no "misunderstanding" about national identity, in Israel there is a law that a Jew is a person born to a mother who is Jewish. Since the nationality of the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary, that she was Jewish not disputed, therefore, Jesus Christ — a Jew!

"The Journal" Echo of the Planet "in December 1994. an article "One Hundred Great Jewish", reports from Tel Aviv L. Zhudro. He starts it like this: "No one will deny that the representatives of the Jewish nation and do make a huge contribution to the development of human civilization …"

In support of the "enormous contribution" magazine provides a list of "hundreds of Jewish" — the most prominent Jews who have made the most significant "contribution." We are reprinting this hundred for analysis.

                                "Jewish Hundred"

1. Moses, the prophet, who led the Jews out of Egypt

2. Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity

3. Albert Einstein, the founder of the theory of relativity

4. Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalyst

5. Forefather Abraham, the father of the Jews

6. Paul, a follower of Christ

7. Karl Marx, the founder of the theory of scientific communism

8. Theodor Herzl, founder of Zionism

9. Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ

10. Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza, the philosopher "…

NewspaperDuel № 32


  "As far as the Greeks were above the Jews are so much higher, even exalted, not only intellectually, but really, was Socrates compared with Jesus. And who would not fall into the false teaching of our normal, that is to work hard on the false idealization, according to which the Jew Jesus ascribed a value of what he does not deserve. "

                                       Eugen Dühring.The Jewish Question

                                                                                    Pp. 64


 "Christ, briefly, was nothing but a Jew of a later time."

                                  Eugen Dühring.The Jewish Question

Pp. 60

"The chief evil of Christianity is not in its stupidity. Jesus calls himself the Christ is not just an idiot, and paranoid freak. It is easy to see the actions of targeted malice. Christianity — a religion of spiritual decay, a kind of spiritual AIDS, disarming people's defenses before the invasion of alien and hostile forces. Breaking the will of the people to resist, putting people down and makes people slaves without a struggle.

Since the canonical Jesus Christ — the only one of the names of the devil, and the devil is doing the opposite, then you listen to Christ's commandments, and do the opposite. Christ teaches us that we are servants of God. It's a lie — we are not slaves, we are the children of the gods. Christ wants us to suffer and suffer. Be happy and smile life! Christ teaches us to be poor and sick. Be healthy and wealthy! Christ tells the tale, that all men are brothers. It is a lie, life actually present process of struggle, including for world domination. Christ teaches, getting in the face, turn the other cheek. Daichi putting one who humiliates you! Christ teaches us to love your enemies, and they lick the boots. Learn to hate our enemies and to love our friends! Christ teaches men gentleness and humility. Russian, become proud real men! Christ teaches that all life is sinful, and we are all sinners in front of him, and wants to humiliate us. Do not believe him and his sins. We do not have his sins. Our main one sin — we forgot their gods. "

                                                   Vladimir Istarkhi.

                                        NewspaperRussian Vedomosti№ 30 


    "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth, do not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man against his father, and the daughter against her mother, a daughter sosvekrovyu. And man's foes of his own household "(Matthew 10, 34-36, Sermon on the Mount).

Christian ideology to counter the allegations in masochism Jesus quoted him as saying "I brought not peace, but a sword", while forgetting to finish it the idea that the "sword" — only discord, strife in the family. There are no words to curse this rascal.

Yes, that does not create peace in the family, not to strengthen the family, and plunge it into the internal war that Jesus came.

The Chinese in the most ancient of the book "I Ching" ("Book of Changes") is the assertion that it is not able to establish peace and order in the family can participate in government. Donesshemu a parent supposed to chop off the head, regardless of whether there was reason denunciation. The laws of Moses were the words: honor parents and care for them in old age. The Christians worship the idol that provokes his family to decay. Jesus — not the son of God, but something of the devil.

"He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."

Even if Jesus was desyatizhdy God, he should not make demands to make a choice between him and his father, mother or child cheloveka.Bog everything. And above all, for a person in his household. The choice can be made between comparable things. Can I require the person to love more sun than the bird, his father more than an egg? For each substance, for each subject, each phenomenon in humans has its own, specific attachment or repulsion.

Require to itself the exclusive, all-consuming love can only narcissistic, of pride come down to insane people.

All the medieval mystics, absorbed without a trace the image of Jesus, became a madman. But as they reveled in the foolishness of most of the faithful!

Jesus puts the person a choice: serve good or evil. His requirement: "Either I, or home." This choice can only come from the Devil "

                                               II SinyavinPaths of righteousness

Pp. 143

"Suppose someone comes today — punk, a tramp, a beggar, a revolutionary, a shaman, a preacher of immorality, illegitimate assault on all the shrines — all rolled into one — and declares that all should come to believe in him, because he is God. In this case, comes in all the churches, academic institutions, there misbehave, broadcasts on television and radio, organizing the party. The least — would hit into a madhouse. At the time of at public expense is not contained.

"My God, why have you forsaken me? '" (Matt. 27.46).

Word of the crucified Jesus before his death. Self-confidence deserted him. Tragicomedy over.

Should I feel sorry for this either crazy, or the great deceiver, or someone's diabolical game artist? It would be possible if he did not leave behind a sea of tears and blood of the innocent by translating their insane ideas. "

                                               II SinyavinPaths of righteousness  


"The Jews are constantly trying to prove that they are not involved in the killing of Jesus. They should not make excuses, and be proud of. Convicted and punished was the greatest seducer of family and national morality. It is regrettable that this did not get the honor of our ancestors. "

                                             II SinyavinPaths of righteousness


"Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and persecute you. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have you? "

                                               BibleSermon preaching

"Do I have to love those who hate you? Yes, if you son of the devil, because the hatred of evil is worthy of love. But if you are the son of the Light, that you have a son who hates the devil, and love it — madness. Thus, all the followers of Jesus — children of the devil. Only a fool or a villain could bequeath people love their enemies. "

                                            II SinyavinPaths of righteousness

Pp. 130

"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves steal. But store up treasures in heaven. "BibleSermon preaching JesusChrist.

"Again, preaching poverty. Wealth if it is acquired by honest labor, no weights on the wings of the spirit, and huge. Christ's sanctification of poverty and wealth condemnation centuries undermined roots rusichej more than other people entrusted the great deceiver. Unequivocal condemnation of the riches of Christ — one of the reasons that produced a revolution in Russia.

Instruction should sound differently: "Accumulate wealth of the righteous, but first seek treasures in heaven."

                                           II SinyavinPaths of righteousness

Pp. 132

"There is an anecdote. The priest talks to a Jew. Jewish priest teases its limited capabilities. Well, what he might be? Bishop, cardinal, pope? But it is not the same God! And our one and slipped back! Sibyl says Nietzsche:

Rome became a great public house,

Caesar fell to the cattle, the Jew became a god … "

                                        Anatoly IvanovChristianity

Pp. 43

"Jesus Christ — God"(Advertising in metro).

"It is time to find out who is Christ?

The scenario with the crucifixion of Christ was conceived even by Solomon and detailed in his apocryphal prophecy. Here are instructed about the resurrection, and the Holy Sepulcher. The construction of the image of a hand, and Moses, because he owns the copyright in the invention of the crown of thorns as a symbol of martyrdom, and the appearance, so to speak, an identikit of the Messiah, was given by the book of Isaiah. For many years before Christ, he was prepared name. What kind of a name — Jesus Christ? Jesus — is the shortened form of the word Yehoshua, meaning "Jehovah — is salvation," Christ is the same — it is Greek "Messiah." Thus, for many years before his birth, his mission has been designated, codified in the name, and a pure Jewish representations of the prophet were to grant universal secularization features …

"Perhaps people think that I have come to give peace to the world, and they do not know that I have come to cast the land division, fire, sword, war. For five of them in the house: three will be against two and two against three. Father against son and son against father, and they will stand as the only. "

"I shall destroy this house, and no one could build it again."

Shredder natural pagan religions, he certainly knew what he said, and two thousand years after this terrible religious experiments have proved the truth of his words. Division, fire, sword, war, father against son — how else to characterize short history of Christianity. "

"The kingdom of God is talking about Jesus, it's just a hallucination and deception of the imagination, peculiar to the abnormal visionary and fanatic." But the main argument of the researcher is that if currently on Earth appeared the subject who would want to talk and act as gospel attributed to Christ, it certainly would have found crazy.

French psychiatrist A. Binet-Sangli wrote two volumes under the descriptive title "Madness of Jesus," and the Soviet physician J. Mintz published "Jesus Christ as the type of person of unsound mind." Diagnosis in both cases — paranoia. German psychiatrist Krenelin puts it: "The disease, which is characterized by the fact that on the basis of a kind of psychopathic disposition, while maintaining sensible and correct thinking, does a person have persistent delusions system, which can add up to a coherent, cohesive and vibrant system that bears the traces of creativity" . According to researchers, Christ was obsessed paranoid syndrome, the content of which had megalomania associated with self-deification, and the notion that he, as the Messiah, is designed to save all mankind, though at the cost of their own suffering. "

"It is interesting and arguments in favor of impotence Jesus, according to Jewish law did not marry until that age — the gravest sin. Not to mention the fact that neither the canons, nor in the Apocrypha you syschite single hint of interest in the opposite sex. On the contrary, the long journey to the male disciples, of which Peter was always trying to drive a single woman, as well as calls to trample his own clothes and walk naked into the kingdom of heaven, aggressively pushing us to the version of passive homosexuality Messiah and possible addiction to exhibitionism. In the early Christian sect of the Nicolaitans homosexuality was legalized "over" form of behavior, all of Christianity, imbued quiet contempt for weak-willed woman who appeals to tsebalitu, gives us no wrong. "

"Jesus Christ — is a collective image of the religious zombies, the only purpose of which was to die, then to gullible fools easily digestible slip the fable of the resurrection and second coming to the elementary manipulation human material for entire centuries!"

"Therefore, in accordance with the above, we declare the myth of Jesus Christ, the most spectacular deception in history. Well, in order to deliver, finally, the whole point of information dedicated to him, let us, as we are taught by the scriptures and the men of piety, to whom is given the right to explain them to us, "orphaned" and "frivolous."

In the XIII century esoteric commentator Pentateuch Zohar on the book number is written like this: "In order to establish a lie, it is mixed with the truth."

In the exegesis of Scripture "Tanhuma Shofetim" means not less cynical and definitely, "How many broken feathers, spent much ink to describe something that has never happened."

VB Avdeev.Overcoming Christianity

Page 33, 39-40, 46, 51

"The Adoration of the Jew I. Christ allowed the Jews under their influence mass consciousness of other people first, and secondly, by the primitive and original presentation, to conceal the true knowledge of the universe and to obstruct its scientific study."

                                     VM Demin.From Aryans to Rusich

                                                                  Pp. 16

"The issue of national identity of Jesus Christ is described in the New Testament of the Bible in the very first page. The New Testament and begins: "Genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham, Abraham begat Isaac, and Isaac begat Jacob, and so forth." The Bible makes it clear that Jesus is called Christ — a pure Jew, a direct descendant of King David. And what if someone else or write:

Rogozhin whether analytical department NNP, holiest saint Alexis II (by the way, half-Jewish), Aunt Manya from next door — all these things are worth nothing compared with the canonical text of the Bible.

Jesus Christ — a Jew. Clean Jew. Circumcised Jew, as befits a Jew. It is written in the Bible, it is a criterion and the canon. Besides Jesus Christ — no not the son of God and the son of a Jewish King David. It is written in the Bible on the front page of the New Testament.

Christians! You do not like your Holy Bible? Let's take another Bible! Come on, where is it? With no other Bible our current pseudo pereistolkovyvayut Bible as they please. Enough interpretations. The Bible does not need interpreters. It should simply read as it is written in black and white …

Look at the name of Jesus. What's in it Russian? Purely Jewish name. To the Russian ear these names, Jesus, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, double vowel sound unnatural. You can certainly argue that Jesus, Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, etc. — This is a purely Russian names. But it is evidence of Zionists. In fact, the names of Jesus, Abraham, Isaac, Sarah — a purely Jewish names. "

                      Vladimir Istarkhi.

NewspaperI — Russian№ 62    


"Christianity emerged from Judaism. It again became a Jew. "ToMarx.

"Choosing the gods — we choose destiny."

                          Ancient pagan Roman poet Virgil.

Judaism and Christianity, and Marxism-Leninism (Communism) — this is religion, generated little sick mind fanatical sect of ancient priests — the Levites and their followers in different ages of the world community.

Religion Judaism there was more than 1000 years before the Christian religion. Religion of Marxism-Leninism (Communism) shape descendants and followers of this sect in 1800 or so years after the Christian religion.

All these religions are based on faith. Faith — is an absolute, mindless perception that you inspire teachers, preachers, prophets. Blind faith terrible weapon duping people.

Judaism and Christianity — are two sides of the same coin for duping people. Judaism — to dupe Jews, Christians — to dupe Gentiles.

Jews are proud of the fact that they supposedly belong to a secret and obvious power over the world. In fact, they only biorobots — clerks of this power, but the real power belongs to the (so far) "prince of this world", whose eye sees the world from the back of the U.S. one-dollar bill. The name of the prince — the Devil, Satan.

The Christian religion (as we have said, the Jews created for non-Jewish people, or more precisely, for people who do not profess Judaism) programs the brains of people do not explicitly, but on a subconscious level. And those who are trying to get the essence of Christian values to the surface of consciousness, subjects lynched.

Think of Tolstoy, a brilliant writer and moralist. He has studied the Bible and realized how great meanness, filth, misanthropy of the Old Testament and the Jewish God called wild poluchudovischem. He took the essence of the New Testament, but, unfortunately, did not understand that the point is not less vicious than the essence of the Old Testament. When he announced the idea of "resist not evil", the church hierarchy betrayed him anathema. But Tolstoy clearly grasped the idea of "non-resistance to evil" is the basic idea of Christianity. Only Christians subconscious of its tangible and Tolstoy formulated it well and pulled out into the open for all to see.

Colon revealed only one of the mysteries of Christianity, but also for this high priestly brethren hated him and punished, excommunicated. Why? Yes, because any thinking person, it became clear who benefits from Christianity. It is advantageous to evil (Satan), who wants to deal with a weak-willed, zombie enemy and not to have problems with his enslavement.

Jewish religion took their own blueprint satanic values: meanness, lying, murder, stealing, cheating, unrestrained despotism inordinate will to power over other peoples, insatiable desire for wealth, money, gold.

For example, compare the basic values of Christianity and Judaism:

1. If Christian values such as ambition, the will to power, the desire for possession of money, property, entrepreneurship, pride, wealth, and hatred for the enemies, killing enemies, love for the nation — nationalism, meanness, arrogance, are classified as bad, then Judaism — is good.

2. If Christian humility, obedience, patience, self-denial, crying, suffering, poverty, compassion, pity, love for people classified as good, then Judaism — is bad or very bad, if these values are goyim (non-Jews).

This comparison allows us to conclude:

Judaism programs psycho active master of life, slave owner, a rogue, a ruthless despot and tyrant;

Christianity programs psycho slave, truly, a weak-willed person.

This is the true face of Christianity, was, is and will be for as long as people do not realize that the Satanists of all stripes are using the religion for their enslavement. And the people of the servants of God turned into slaves of world Jewry, managing both Judaic and Christian religions.

Christ was crucified on Calvary, because of his preaching of the Jewish people were threatening the loss of real power to the Pharisees, the elite of the Jewish people. But the Pharisees later realized that the teachings of Christ can be turned into great benefit for themselves. Zionist sages and scribes created the Christian religion to use Aryan (goyim) people who zombiruet 2000 years non-Jewish people and a little more than 1,000 years — the Russian people.

Christianity in the first place, has thought and cowardice by the fear of God makes the Christian mentally paralyzed.

Fear is the main cause of all human psihokompleksov. Christianity deliberately programmed using a notorious fear and insecure people. Confident person can make a thousand times more than uncertain. Christianity deliberately lowers and lowers a person's soul, makes a man a hundred times weaker. Makes him a servant of God. In fact, not of God, of course, but a servant of the Jewish "chosen people."

Kiev Prince Vladimir, Red Sun, born of the Great Prince of Kiev Svyatoslav and housekeeper Jewish Mulkey, daughter of a rabbi, and a 988-year fire and sword, with the help of Jewish-Khazar squads, brought Christianity to the ancient Russia.

Dear Reader Now you become more clear this fantastic phenomenon. Russian people robbed and humiliated Russia plundered, all the levers of government in the Kremlin and the White House took over the face of Jewish Zionist persuasion, and people are not only silent and suffer, but succumbing to zombification media chooses to the State Duma and his attackers thieves like Abramovich, Berezovsky, Nemtsov and other kirienok Hakamada, chooses president who openly called Yeltsin's successor, this biorobot his "family" and their overseas owners, groin, led the looting of Russia.

This is the result of the impact of millennial Christianity and Judaism through the 80-year impact of Marxism-Leninism (Zionist side of the coin) on the brain, psychology, will, self-consciousness of the Russian people.

If we do not recognize, do not poke out from itself, although it will be painful and agonizing, this abomination, this hateful ideology, not abhor himself imposed on us by the Jewish God in Christianity is called not turn to ancient Russian Aryan faith, we and our descendants will bend back to the despotic king of Judah, chilled in poverty and dirt, and our wealth and the results of our work will delight representatives satanic sect burr.

Anyone who has read this article, Russian (and Russian) Russian land patriot must gentle ways, as much as possible to convince family, friends, acquaintances and strangers this terrible scene enslaving spirit will enslave the Russian people, their physical destruction over the centuries, and especially the decades of the 20th century, this man-tribal sect, which, using its powerful religious and ideological weapon — Judaism, Christianity, Marxism, communism, Zionism managed to enslave the Aryan peoples of Europe and the American people, apply the most severe fatal blow to the Russian state.

Each person must erase from a slave, servant and lackey, should be free from filth man — a warrior, ready to stand up for the land, for the faith of their ancestors. Consciousness everyone should join the public consciousness, and only then will we be able to destroy the Zionist yoke, to liberate their people, themselves, their children and grandchildren from the Zionist slavery and create a free Russian state to be ancestral home for all peoples living in Russia.

And to achieve this goal — RUSSIAN, UNITE!

Unite all Russian organizations, societies, companies under any other names. Not in the name of the point. The main thing that your organization was not a Jew. Let them be the Chuvash, Bashkirs, Tatars and representatives of all other peoples of Russia, but no Jew should not be. Mnogostoletny experience has shown, where there was one Jew, tomorrow there will be a lot, but after a short time they will take over the management of your organization and, rest assured, will manage it to their advantage.

Only the Russian national-minded patriots, united in an organization can lead the national-minded Russian president to power. And he certainly will not be the successor of the Yeltsin-fiends, Satanist and destroyer of the Russian people.

Russian President, the Russian government the whole Jewish mafia, these Abramovich, Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Gaidarov, Kiriyenko kohov, Nemtsov, Chaim, Smolensk, Jodorowsky and all their accomplices must be brought to justice. All of the stolen property should be confiscated to the state.

Other Jews to be full of deportation from Russia. They have sought for centuries to return to the promised land. It is necessary to help bring the age-old dream of their ancestors.

In the history of the Russian state has the following examples:

1. Prince Vladimir II (not Vladimir — Red sun, half-Jewish on his mother) expelled the Jews from the land in the Russian

Jan. 1, 13;

2. Peter I forbade Jews to settle in Russia;

3. Empress Catherine I issued a decree "On the expulsion of the Jews of Russia";

4. Empress Elizabeth issued a decree ordering the Jews to "immediately get out of bounds."

Russia XXI century must be Russian, and should have the Russian government. But today, according to the television screen to a meeting of the Russian Government or the Office of the President, you have a feeling you're in Israel. In fact, Russia has become a colony of Israel.

Russia has been under the yoke iudohazarskogo Khaganate, though briefly. The Grand Prince of Kiev Svyatoslav defeated in 969 Khazar Khanate, destroyed his capital Itil (on the site today is Volgograd) and released the Russian people from the Jewish-Khazar rule. Sons of Russia, Russian patriots will find the strength and courage to repeat the feat of his ancestors and liberate their people from the Jewish yoke.

We reject Judaism, Christianity, Marxism-Leninism, Zionism, like the false philosophies and religions, carrying the enslaved peoples of the world Zionist obscurantist, seeking to create a world government under the leadership of a despotic monarch Jewish monarch.

What to replace these false religions to use the Russian people?

We Russian, and not only Russian, but also to all the Aryans, no need to invent artificial religion. We have our own religion. Natural, powerful and beautiful. We closed the knowledge of it. But now that knowledge again come to the surface of public life in Russia.

Note that the Slavs — a kind of Aryan or Aryans (in Hebrew — goyim) that there are more than 20 000 years, whereas the 2000 years of Christianity, and Christianity in Russia of 1000.

The ancient religion of the Aryan nations — Paganism throws back millennia. In the Caucasus, paganism lasted until 1 century. Christianity in the Caucasus, too, imposed by force and blood. Consequently, all of our main story — it is not Christianity and it should know.

The reconstruction of Russian paganism began recently. Work is hampered by the fact that the primary sources are stored in the secret archives of the unknown. But today, the public access to "Book of Veles", "Lay", "Chronicle", "Bayan hymn"

and other sources.

This material is not enough and the pioneers had to learn and use other pagan religions — Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, in which the set of ideas, principles have different forms, but one essence, as All these religions grew out of a religious background — Vedism.

All pagan religions have a common root, common religious basis — Vedism. Vedism does not need to "blind", "holy", "true" or "absolute faith." Blind faith — a tool for obzhulivaniya suckers. Vedism not faith — a religion. It does not have to believe it is necessary to know and understand. Russian paganism describes real world forces that exist in space.

Paganism — a knowledge of the world, the data in the figurative and symbolic form. Christian God "made" man himself — a slave: a man of the earth, a woman from a man's rib.

Unlike Christianity old Russian man-made products are not gods, not the more slaves to the gods, not great sinners before the Gods. Slavs — the descendants of the gods.

RUSSIAN GODS, they are our ancestors.

Therefore, the philosophy of religion of ancient Slavs completely different than Christians.

RUSSIAN GODS. Who are they?

Almighty — Absolute space, uniting all the gods and the cosmos together. All the other gods — are manifestations (incarnation) and sub-personalities of God. What is a hypostasis? It is better explained by analogy. People. He is the sower, a blacksmith, a farmer, artist, etc. It's all human incarnation. The only difference is that one can not simultaneously be a plowman, artist, blacksmith, etc., and may the Almighty.

It is essential that the Almighty — it is not only God, is a Supreme Absolute. Only God — is false fabrications Satanists-odnobozhnikov to disguise the true knowledge. Only god calls himself Chernobog (Satan) to hide the presence of people from other light gods.

For a deeper understanding of the picture of the cosmic forces to guide you, dear reader, to the book of Istarkhov "Beat the Russian Gods", on page 191.

Bright and happy was the religion of our ancestors. And then came the end of the fun. Like a dark storm cloud, Christianity hangs over Russia with their meatless mugs, like an Egyptian mummy, and supernatural penalties, with crosses, relics and other carrion.

Christianity under the wise leadership of Talmudic Judaism, fire and sword, killing tens of millions of lives — this is the fruit of Christianity in the world! Yes it was ever in human history, doctrine more disgusting? Indeed, the devil in the flesh, and not the "Son of God" could only be its founder.

In a short article it is impossible to state the problem, voiced in the title. Therefore I send you, dear reader, to the writings and books that I used for this article. This, above all:

1. Douglas Reed, "The Controversy of Zion";

2. Gregory Klimov "people of God";

3. Vladimir Istarkhi "Beat the Russian Gods";

4. Anatoly Ivanov, "Christianity";

5. Yu.M.Ivanov "Jews in Russian history";

6. Henry Ford's "The International Jew";

7. A. Wild "Jews in Russia and in the Soviet Union";

8. Yuri Skuratov "Option Dragon";

9. Sergei Forest "Where are you, Russ?";

10. Archibald Ramsay "Nameless War."

And if you, dear reader, want to deal seriously with the problem of bleeding, I recommend to buy "library of Russian patriot" published by "The Knight".

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