Chronicle evidence of forcible baptism of Rus

Chronicle evidence of forcible baptism of Rus

Laurentian Chronicle. The ancient text see:

Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles (PSRL), Vol.1, v.1, Moscow, 1962; repetition ed. PSRL, A "1926, or in the book. "Literature of Ancient Russia 1X-XII s." , 1978. B. Kresen translation.

6488 (980). And he began to reign, Vladimir in Kiev alone, and put the idol on the hill outside the court Terem: Perun Wooden — Silver head, mustache and gold, and Horse Dazhbog and Stribog and Simargl and Mokosh … Vladimir planted Dobrynya, his uncle, in Novgorod . And he came to Novgorod, Dobrynya put idol on the river Volkhov, and sacrifice the sacrifices of Novgorod as a god.

Vladimir was also defeated by lust of women's, and that's what were his wife: Rogneda, which is planted on Lybed from her had four sons: Izeslava, Mstislav, Yaroslav, Vsevolod, and two daughters of Greek women had — Svatopluk, from chehini — Vysheslav , from the other — Svyatoslav and Mstislav, and from bolgaryni-Boris and Gleb, and concubines he had 300 — Vyshegorod 300 — Belgorod and 200 Berestove. And he was insatiable in fornication, brought to him and married women and girls rastlyal. Was it the same zhenolyubets as Solomon, for they say that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Wise he was, and in the end died. The same was ignorant, and in the end was saved.

In the year 6496 (988) went on campaigns Vladimir Korsun, hail Greek. And sent to the emperors Basil and Constantine, and so they passed: "That took your glorious city, when they heard what you have virgin sister, if you do not give it for me, I shall create your city (the capital) is the same as that of this city created. " And hearing this, they (Basil and Constantine), sorrowful, and sent him a message, and this was the answer: "Do not give Christians stuck wives for infidelity. If the cross, then it will get, and the kingdom of heaven will accept, and the commonness of religion will be with us. "

By God's providence at this time Vladimir ache eyes, and saw nothing, and grieved much and did not know what to do. And sent him the Queen (Anne) and referred: "If you want to get rid of this disease, they were baptized soon, otherwise izbudesh this disease." Hearing Vladimir said: "If indeed the thing, the truly great is the Christian God." And he commanded to baptize themselves. Bishop also Korsun with Tsaritsyn priests, announcing, baptized Vladimir. When laying a hand on him, once he regained his sight. Vladimir also, sensing his sudden healing, he glorified God, "Now I saw the true God:"

After that, Vladimir took the queen and Korsun-priests with relics of Saint Clement, took the church and the vessels, and the blessing of the icon itself. And took two copper idols, and four copper horses that still stand behind the church of St. Virgin. Korsun had given the Greeks as dowry for the queen, and he came to Kiev. And when he came, he commanded to overthrow idols — some chop, and others — on fire. Perun is commanded to bind to the tail of a horse and drag it to the mountains on Borichev vzvoz to the brook, and put twelve men pounding his batons. This was not because the tree feels, but for defilement demon. Yesterday was the honor people and mocked today. When attracted by Perun Creek to the Dnieper, mourned his wrong people. And, dragged and dropped it into the Dnieper. And said Vladimir escort, "If he will stick with you spurn him from the shore, until, until after the rapids, then only leave it." They did as he commanded. As soon as it left the door, so the wind brought it ashore, which was then called Perun Mehl, so it is called to this day. Vladimir then sent across the city say, "If someone turns on the river tomorrow — whether rich or poor, or a beggar or a slave — is repugnant to me."

Mazurinsky chronicler. PSRL. t 34, Moscow, 1968. B. Kresen translation.

6498 (992). Dobrynya Uncle Vladimir, went to Novgorod, and all the idols smashed and ruined trebischa, and many people were baptized, and the church raised up, and of the priests placed on cities and villages Novgorod limit. Idol as Perun was flogged, and hurled to the ground and tied the rope, and drew him to feces, b and c truncheons and trampling. And at that time came to a soulless demon idol Perun and it cried like a man, "Oh, woe is me! Oh me! I got the unmerciful hands. " And threw his men into the river Volkhov and commanded that no one took over. He "just sailing through the great bridge, hit the bridge of his club and said," Here let amuse people of Novgorod, remembering me, "and then worked insane people for many years, came together in some festivals and staged representation, and do battle.

Ioakimovskaya Chronicle. The ancient text in the book. VN Tatishchev Russian History, 1t. Moscow, 1963. B. Kresen translation.

6499 (991). In Novgorod, the people saw that Dobrynya is to baptize them, committed the Chamber and all took an oath not to let them into the city and not to give to refute idols. And when he came, they swept the great bridge, came with a weapon, and no matter how threatening or sweet words nor their Dobrynya admonished, they would not hear, and they brought two large crossbow with a lot of stones, and put them on the bridge, as these enemies. Supreme over the same Slavic priests God, who, because of his eloquence was named Nightingale, forbade people to obey.

We stood on the trading side, walked the streets and market place, and taught the people as they could. But perishing in wickedness cross word, the apostle said, was the folly and deceit. And so we stayed for two days and baptized hundreds of people.

Lean tysyatsky hijacked Novgorod, went around and shouted, "We'd better die than give our gods to be mocked." Multitude thereof country rassviripev, house Dobryni destroyed, looted property, wife and mother beat him. Tysyatsky same Putyata Vladimirov, intelligent and brave man, and dress the boat and choosing from Rostovtsev 500 people at night crossed over to the other side of the city and went into the city, and no heed, as all who saw them thought that they were seeing their soldiers. And he came unto the court of theft, he and the other men at once sent first to Dobrnya the river. People of the country heard about it, came to 5000, surrounded Putyata, and was among the evil carnage. Some have gone and the Church of the Transfiguration and swept homes of Christians began to plunder. At dawn podospel Dobrynya with former soldiers with him, and he commanded the coast to burn some houses than people were very frightened, and they ran to extinguish the fire, and immediately stopped whipping and lean men first came to Dobrinja, began to sue for peace.

Dobrinya is, gathering soldiers forbade robbery, and immediately smashed the idols, burnt wood, and stone, broken, overthrown in the river, and it was wicked great sadness. Men and women, having seen it, with a loud and tears, asked for them, though for these gods. Dobrinya is mocking them said, "What, crazy, sorry for those who can not of defending themselves, what benefits you can chayat from them." He sent everywhere, declaring that all went for baptism. Then came the many, not wanting baptized soldiers drags and baptized, men above the bridge, and women below the bridge. And so baptizing, Putyata went to Kiev. Because people of Novgorod and reviled, they say, they are baptized Putyata sword, and Dobrynya fire.

Laurentian Chronicle. B. Kresen translation.

6532 (1024). That same year, the Magi revolted in Suzdal, they beat the old chad on the instigation of the devil and besovanyu, saying that they hide stocks. Mutiny was great and hunger across the country. Yaroslav heard of the wise men came to Suzdal, capturing the Magi, some drove, and other executions, saying, "God for the sins of every country sends to famine, or pestilence, or drought, or other penalty, but man does not know what ".

6779 (107

1). At the same time came the sorcerer, seduced by a demon, came to Kiev, he said, and then told the people that in the fifth year of the Dnieper flows reversed and that the land will be swapped, that the Greek land will be at the place of Russian and Russian — to the place of the Greek, and other land change. Ignorant listened, laughed as faithful, saying: "The devil is thee to perish you." What came to pass with him one night disappeared.

6579 (1071). There was a famine in the Rostov region, and then rose two sorcerer near Yaroslavl. And they came to Belozerov, and was with them 300 people. At the same time happened to come from Svetoslav collected tribute Yan, son Vyshatinu. Yan also commanded to beat them and pull them beards. When they were beaten and pulled out of the split beard, Yan asked them, "What do they say you are gods?" They said, 'Why should we pre Svyatoslav! "And he commanded them to invest Euro Yen mouth and tie them to the mast of the boat and let them go in front of him in a boat, and went after them. We stopped at the mouth of the Sheksna and told them Yan: "What they say to you now the gods?" They said, "So we are gods they say: do not be alive to us from you." And he told them Yan: "That is what they told you the truth." They grabbed them, killed them, and hanged in an oak.

6579 (1071) This magician appeared at Glebe in Novgorod, told people, pretending to be God, and deceived many, almost the entire city, claiming that "all knows and anticipates" and blaspheming the Christian faith, he assured that "goes to all the Volkhov ". And there was a revolt in the city, and all believed him and wanted to kill the bishop. Bishop also took the cross and put on the robe and stood up and said, "Who wants to believe the wise men, and let him go after him, who believe, let go to the cross." And the people are divided into two parts: the prince Gleb and his squad went and stood near the bishop, but people went for the sorcerer. And the great mutiny started between them. Hleb also took an ax under his cloak, approached the magician and asked, "Do Veda that tomorrow morning, and that what happens to night?" — "All I foresee." And he said Hleb: "Do you know, what will be with you today?" — "Miracles done great things," — he said. Hleb is, taking an ax, cut the sorcerer, and he fell dead.

Nikon Chronicle. PSRL, v. 10., M., 1965, singing. Spb., 1862. B. Kresen translation.

6735 (1227) came to Novgorod magicians, nymphs, potvornitsy and many enchantments, and potvory and false signs were doing and have done a lot of harm, and lead many astray. And gathered Novgorod caught them and brought to the court of the Archbishop. And the men of Prince Yaroslav stood for them. Novgorod also led the Magi to the yard men Yaroslav, and laid the great fire in the court of Yaroslav, and tied up all the wise men, and thrown into the fire, and then they all burned.

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And so the same, advocates of Christianity, it is helpful to read the available chronicles the period 12.10-century archaeological research and documents of the era, such as the works of Arab and Byzantine authors on the baptism of Rus …

No, it's a lie, of course. For it was from this data, not including the chronicles of the 10th century written on paper 16th font 17th is just visible extinction, impoverishment and degradation of Russia. Just compare the description of Russia and its impact on Byzantium Byzantine authors in the 10th and 12th centuries, geography, hiking and brave zavaevany Svyatoslav, Vladimir Monomakh, customs documents on trade with Russia Arabs in the 10th and 12th centuries, to do with us at the same period, the Germans and Poles, the words Arab historian osotne Russian city in the 10th century (and in his words in Byzantium was then only three settlements that could be called the city) and the Scandinavian name Rus — Gardarica (country towns), so that immediately caught the Mongols in the 13th century — the ruined constant strife, disunity, deserted land.

And no external enemies for that period in Russia was not. Only the baptism … Actually, everyone who is interested And this topic, I can recommend the works of L. Prozorov Gentile Christianity in Russia. Tale black years, where popular language describes the whole tragedy came to Russia alien faith.

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