Cities of the Baltic region of Kaliningrad after the hurricane left without water and electricity

Tattered bag.  © / Kr.  B. / Cc-by34,000 residents of the Kaliningrad region Baltiysk left without electricity, and without water and heat due to the hurricane, which damaged the electrical substation, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the head of administration of the municipal area of the Baltic Tatiana Bondarchuk. Currently, the hospital and transferred to the Hospital of backup power.

"Water and heat in homes and public facilities will not appear until the established power, as both heat sources and water utility tied to electricity. Now restoration work intensively are several teams, and we are confident that by the end of the day electricity is restored, "- said Bondarchuk.

In the Baltic from the building of the substation "Oboronenergo" that can feed the entire city, the roof blown off by the wind that damaged equipment and electrical wires, leaving the city without electricity.

Last weekend at the Nordic region was hit by Hurricane "Berit". From the disaster hit Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Storm wind speed of 30 m / s affected the Kaliningrad region. Without the light remained over 20,000 residents. Fall of roadside trees and broken branches damaged 39 lines 10-15 kilovolts, shut down five lines of 110 kilovolts. Currently, the operational team of power engineers, who have worked all last night, continue to eliminate the effects of the disaster.

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