CNN invites to Christmas in Belarus

Belarusian village churchyard hit the top 10 best places in the world to celebrate Christmas present, compiled by CNN. There, CNN, You can see the old Christmas ritual with elements of paganism.

The drafters did not specify which of the Belarusian churchyard they are advised to visit the nearest holidays. Picture of Victor Bastard, located at information about the Belarusian address, we can conclude that CNN welcomes a churchyard Zhitkovichy district.

In Windows Explorer, CNN, drawn up in the form of a ranking list, the Belarusian Churchyard in third place, ahead of Salzburg, Sydney, New York, Hong Kong, Puerto Rican San Juan, London and Boston. Churchyard ahead in the ranking of U.S. companies — German Nuremberg and islyandki Reykjavik.

According to the authors of the rating, difficulties crossing the Belarusian border offset originality rituals. The authors note that the Belarusian Christmas Carols — "is a folk ritual, which was originally a pagan holiday, and was later adapted to coincide with the Christmas and New Year."

"During Christmas in such villages as Churchyard, grandmother zhluktsyats bottles of vodka, and the young people show folk scene. Locals dress up in animal skins and walk, kalyaduyuchy, according to neighbors," — writes of the rating, inviting Belarus to celebrate CHRISTMAS New Year.

CNN recommends visiting the churchyard during the period from December 25 to January 7.

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