Common sense and the new world order

Common sense and the new world order

Faced with the widespread decline in living standards, the global scrapping of classical social and economic systems, inescapable poverty and social tensions increase taking place in the background as much vserasprostranennogo expansion of state power — not many people will refuse to acknowledge that we live in a time when major reforms are needed and some general opinion, that could lead us to the best possible future. So far, unfortunately, more people are finding out in such simple solutions, such as religious fundamentalism, extravagant worship, racist xenophobia and myopic pseudo-philosophy.

Those who retained the respect for democratic pluralism, give in to oppression from such reckless assaults iconic peaks, finding them unproductive, does not solve problems. But there is a special sort fundamentalism, occasionally identifiable, which is perhaps most of all unsafe. Unlike any other, this fundamentalism is extolled in the media, government circles and in the self-proclaimed professionals of all stripes — but just like the rest of fundamentalist mythology, he does not stand up to harsh criticism. I'm talking about the "unregulated free market" or, as it was called more than a century, "lassefer"-economy ("laisse fair" — France. — Unlimited in action, "do what you want" — approx. Trans.).

Today's proponents never use that term, because it is right to point to the unnecessary contact with their famous predictions. But the "market reforms" served as new cool idea. And the idea is not completely new and quite tested (for example, America XIX century and much of the Third World now), that were ugly are obvious consequences of its implementation. Even faster than a liberal utopia, the idea pulls the economic collapse, cutting personal freedom, corruption, Taming of the company with monopoly of the rich robber headed.

"Lassefer" should not be confused with "free enterprise." Their productivity and profitability for the company justify such mechanisms of the latter, as the possibility of the buyer and the merchant to set prices, producers — to follow his own understanding of market capabilities as the management of the dynamics of the economy means the market demand and supply. But these mechanisms are the best way in the criteria of the municipal regulation, which should be reflected in the establishment of rules and limits of freedom to counter the monopoly, preventing excessive exploitation of workers, consumers and the environment. "Lassefer" also means the elimination of these and quite natural limitations to transfer full control of monopoly aimed corporate players.

Word "reform", characteristic for the adherents of neo-"lassefer" quite acceptable for fundamentalist mythologies — along with rewriting history, deriding of other approaches and idealization of their effectiveness. Even when the "reform" leads directly to unemployment, marginalized people, increased crime and general deterioration of the quality of life and their supporters tend to blame the opponents, but to save impair call "reform."

"Lassefer" particularly unsafe when not tied to the national level. But now there are even more naizloveschaya threat. Those whose interest is limited unbridled "free trade" — the big multinational companies — are not satisfied with real power over the state economy. Rejoicing unparalleled benefits acquired as a result of success of policies of Reagan and Thatcher, from ruling in the 3rd world (accessories authorized modes of dictators warlords), transnationals want more, and immediately. Inspired by its outside unassailable dominance, they try quite assert his authority with a global strategy that retrieves all the great fame under the name New World Order.


The New World Order (NWO) has several closely related qualities: military, political, economic, social, ideological and propaganda. His ideology — and the economy — the mythical "free market." Disastrous for all but a tiny elite, it is useful also because it allows you to limit the number of highly concentrated corporate conglomerates.

Social level NMP can be collectively defined as the "termination of guardianship." In the First World, this is expressed in the dismantling of social programs, undermining labor laws and safety, in total disregard to the creation of a healthy environment or a decent life. Dismantling assists propaganda in the media and create its demagogues from government circles, such as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Bob Dole, John Major, etc. The role of such demagoguery — to sabotage the government from the inside, allowing it to fall, and later to declare a "reorganization" and "privatization" as "the only plausible solutions" problems made by or exacerbated by the demagogues.

Similar "solutions" suggest themselves in the Third World, with the only difference being that instead of relying on the control of the political process in each country, politicians put pressure on them from the outside, using criteria developed by the international monetary society.

Then connect the political level. The political regime established for the management of the New World Ordered, frighteningly simple: no political parties, constitutions, declarations of human rights, there is no balance of power, no complaints and compensation, no elections (in any case — without a hint of representativeness). Instead of the life of the people shall be controlled by impersonal committees of technocrats appointed by (directly or indirectly) by transnational representatives, and designed to comply with corporate interests.

Predecessor of these commissions can behold in the face of international financial Fund (IMF). Specifically, as a mechanism of control and it is very effective to equip a mass corresponding levers. Instead of interfering in the internal affairs of countries, as in the case of the usual imperialism, a small committee of technocrats simply floats their interest stranglehold, and then dictates the guidelines and principles of behavior. And all nations shall either find your own way, or to exist in the chains imposed criteria. Very shy — they will allow transnationals. Very vile — for millions who were forced to adapt to survive somehow, and their families under the stringent requirements, or, worse than that — to condemn oneself hunger and deprivation. Yes, it is very unpleasant — not to be necessary to the New World Order and its corporate masters!

This nightmarish political regime applies in the 2nd and First worlds means NAFTA (North American Free Trade Area), GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Taxes), WTO (Global Trade Organization) and other similar agreements, and "creatures". Unlike the IMF, which produces the shackles of foreign exchange control means, these so-called "trade agreements" are being introduced into the inner mechanisms of the signatory countries. Using a contractual mechanism having the force of law, the agreement becomes an integral part of any constitutional system, so that future governments do not have the ability to select other policy approaches. So transnationals are able to distribute interim political impact achieved with considerable effort and cost for permanent "strangulation" of sovereign countries.

These agreements go far beyond the border "trade policy." But disguised as &quo
t;trade", they give the opportunity to avoid the harsh political debate, which in fact are very much needed. But instead of some "resellers" of each country are semi-official and compose the conditions of "economic reform", laying the same far-reaching implications for sovereignty.

That's "camel reforms" of the New World Order vanities own nose in the tent city. Heavy body of this camel is not limited to the import and export tariffs, quotas — it crushes their weight and labor laws, and the security mechanisms and rules for environmental monitoring and land use practices, and social applets, etc. to infinity. Camel does not care about the state of life, because the citizens are obliged to adapt to so paltry existence.

Another way that gets us NMP, deserves special mention — the Maastricht agreement and the European Alliance. Just as the IMF disguised Fund and GATT — under the trade reform and the EU filed under the guise of "more competitive Europe" — there is as subtle trick. As in the case of trade agreements, the debate on Maastricht was put on a very narrow little, collated the bed, in the first issue of "open markets." But, fortunately, Europe has a highly educated public and a massive democratic tradition, because there are some debates have reached close to the reality of the question about the essence of the contract: surrender of national sovereignty to officials in Brussels. Unfortunately, the wisest foresight demonstrated a Euro-skeptics in the English Parliament, the Norwegians, others were drowned out in support of the insane pressure negligible Maastricht formula.

The narrowing of the controversy Maastricht was as possible, no matter how understandable: rather find than actually own this contract is — and this is the operational framework for the United States of Europe — that recognize the desirability of such a double portion of the constriction. After all, for such a contract needs special safeguards for human rights, right obmyslenny balance of power, a bicameral legislature and many other parts of mandatory for at least some nominally democratic system. Maastricht simply does not correspond to the real rank of the basic law and the scope of the head of his appointment deliberately hushed up.

At the current time the camel NMP squeezed into a tent city on the continent have only their own nose. Humps him the same — the concentration of control in the commissions appointed technocrats whose primary goal — to facilitate the ability of investment in the corporate sector. Part of this insidious propaganda campaign is a bulge of progressive measures, such as the empowerment of workers in states below the average level of the euro. But this concern is not relevant area of interest of Maastricht and Brussels as a mechanism quite firmly established in power, manifested his true essence. It is clear that the profit is in sight, and hook up a temporary shelter, but in the end he finds himself.

But how can the people in this era of advanced and affordable global communications so upset just let yourself down a slippery slope of non-democratic neo-feudalism?

This issue affects the level of propaganda of the New World Order. Very anxious that all global info and entertainment facilities are concentrated under the control of small groups of media conglomerates. They soaked up the television, newspapers, magazines, film and absolutely are kept under the control of their content and distribution. They decide what is considered "news" and how these "announcements" to interpret which of historical thought lay in the basis of movies and television series, which candidates to recognize the "chosen" in the election, what legislative initiatives to praise what — making fun of what the mythology of the global offering the audience.

The priority of these legends — "market reforms." In the narrow sense, media conglomerates are vital enthusiasm "of the reform" ideology. We litsezreem is an example of debate Chirac with Hollywood on the status of intra-media production. But this does not in any way explain the depth of faith, devotion media "reform."

Media conglomerates are connected — and in almost all cases, admit it — with companies other profile. Media — a member of the steady, strong corporate society, and its specific role in this capacity — build global public opinion according to the goals of the society. In addition, it is reflected at other levels of NMP.

Thus, specifically in the military context NMP suddenly been thrown into the everyday life and the concept of the "New World Order. "I mean clarification by U.S. President George W. Bush's" War in the Gulf "as the layout of how to be maintained order in the world in the criteria NMP. The term morbid touches the strings, as was used by the Nazis during the second world war, and the latest interpretation of it has not received. Of course, Bush used rhetoric to which the media have not prepared as desired population. But this bobble assist fully expose the NWO. Even a cursory review of "Gulf War" a very significant for understanding the qualities of the 2-NMP — the military and propaganda.

For at least a decade the United States and other Western powers to the fullest did business with Iraq, there selling a variety of industrial products, the ingredients for chemical weapons, munitions of modern warfare. In addition to the specific benefits of this trade once again provoke Iran, who is in a state of protracted Iraq war. With all of this perfectly recognizable style of internal policies of Saddam then one does not get very disturbed and not rich media coverage.

In view of all this assistance, because of the presence in the Gulf in the duration of the conflict of U.S. Navy ships that Saddam had every reason to consider themselves the status of "agent" of the Western powers in the region. Moreover, the media has flickered properties Iraq as a new center of stability in the region, "teeming with Islamic fundamentalists." In this context, Saddam sends letter to U.S. Secretary of State, informing about their own intentions to use military force to resolve the protracted territorial claims to Kuwait and to go beyond the boundaries established by the British in the colonial period of early. Comes unequivocal answer: Washington considers these contentious issues as the "internal affairs of Arab countries." Now it may seem that Saddam showed recklessness, allowing himself to be duped a similar response, but that after so many years of support and encouragement in his military enterprises such risk his credulity completely understandable.

Thus, the trap was set, and Saddam marched boldly into it. But up to what turned out to be a trap Stealther! Almost within the first hours of the invasion by Saddam was lowered all the power of the global media, and a large force of diplomacy disgruntled States. West suddenly found that Saddam was something — Teran, it suppresses the Kurds, he military adventurer, armed and extremely unsafe. Since this information was not included in a propaganda nuance during the Iran-Iraq war, she successfully played the role of a kind of media "revelations." Naturally, for the South American governments, nothing in this campaign, as well as the invasion itself, the news was not.

What was the purpose of the collated campaign? She previously analyzed in the definition of management of global oil resources and constraints of modernization of the Arab countries, which, of course, was the case. But from the standpoint of a more global perspective, "The Gulf War" is painstakingly orchestrated the precedent of the military regime, planned by the New World Order.

Shtatovskih of early experiences "blitzkrieg" — Grenada and Panama — were made unilaterally, according to imperialist "Monroe Doctrine.&
quot; Those tests are allowed to test the effectiveness of advanced military technologies — rockets of "stealth" means a night of war, high-speed blitzkrieg, etc.

That, perhaps, even more fundamentally, exercise blitzkrieg also allowed to experience new generation technologies propaganda: the elimination of the press coverage of the conflict, lack of any reference transactions; swamping the information space does not mean anything noise and views sverhtehnologichny gun, start cheering campaign demonizing the "enemy." All of this sends a memory, a constructed for the conflict by the press.

Despite the lack of a real disk imaging, data propaganda techniques not only succeeded in developing a broad public acceptance of the illegal invasion, but completely suited to the cerebral type is popular in prime time. This "light" in the press may look shocking in a country that considers itself democratic and involving freedom of the press, but these technologies are not propaganda unparalleled. Just the same technology and the same result used by Hitler when performed his own blitz of early (to a large extent by the predecessors of the modern corporate society).

Oprobiruya military and propaganda techniques on your own "backyard", the U.S. instrument the "War in the Gulf" as a means of bringing these techniques in the context of a rapidly consolidating structures of the New World Order. While States successfully destroyed or blocked all approaches to the negotiation process, the media world was bombed hard and hyperbolized campaign demonizing Saddam. And, in the end, the intense and widespread lobbying forced the UN to agree with America's demand to untie her hands.

Having received carte blanche, the U.S. is not engaged in ousting Iraqi troops from Kuwait and systematic destruction of the internal infrastructure of Iraq. It was not a war, it was a settlement. While 100 or more thousand peaceful inhabitants of iron and B-42 bombs from the sea, a global TV audience watched all the reruns of the same stories about the "smart bombs" that hit the target, designated as "non-residential" and "military." A bloodbath, as opposed to the media, has not been sanitation.

Despite the fact that the whole operation from start to finish was the first South American show, she was still neatly hidden away under the brand of the United Nations and provided with identification marks of military forces "allies" for verbovaniya many of which require immense resort to bribery. This was the "internationalist" facade of America initiated the conflict unresolved target goals and of course associated with the management of lower urinary tract Arab world and the international oil resources.

In the past century, the United States felt entitled to make interventions in those or other countries to support operations related to various group interests. Precedent as "Gulf" is scheduled NMP scheme, according to which such intervention "legitimized" means integration into the international framework. And it will not be the UN, which has a very contradictory nature — it will be replaced organization like NATO, it is better suited under the technocratic model and easier to manage for the NWO elite.

So Makar, military strategy NMP can foresee the usual method of appeal to the history of the South American imperialism in the 3rd World. As a government typed chutzpah to pursue their own interests rather than the interests of international corporate investors — here we should expect this to curb the country's overwhelming military force, the anticipation of the respective demonization campaign in the media. Customary international law — in any case, usually, in practice Ignored — formally changed "internationalized", but controlled by the elite police force of the shock NMP.


The main question about the NWO — "What can we do?". By "we" I mean everyone who shares the concern about the future of the world's population, democracy and way of life. Unfolding advanced system NWO strikes, and how many more can be nestled … Full-fledged picture of the austere related to NRM, the devastating effects of their implementation — all this gives rise to the beginnings of the modern global meaningful opposition coalition.

First, to preserve the cultural identity and the right to self-determination, we should be able to appeal to the public interest, are equally responsible to the needs of the country and the people. NMP seeks to undermine workers' rights, and we must also be able to access the labor unions, and equivalent labor unions. The same — with respect to the tremendous number of progressive organizations and concerned individuals, specializing in environment protection, civilian freedoms, social programs distributed to legal control — you can completely rely on their support and assistance in developing a new vision of human needs-independent and democratic countries.

For the organization of an effective counter-attack, we need the following areas: analysis of the situation and the "enemy", special and better vision of the future, the coalition strategy. I'm going to outline only the primary components of the analysis.

The database approach, it seems to me, should be re-habilitation of the principles of democratic governance and independence. Where profitable to begin not with the dominance of corporate-focused committees, and on the analysis of presentable democracies in their own depraved nature and require a thorough transformation. Even if the economy draconian "reforms" and really brings economic benefits, it is very clear, the political price for it, in any case, quite unacceptable. The main value of the enclosure should be inflated labor agreements and Maastricht. But an approach based only on the negative, is doomed. Need a positive element, a different picture of how the world should be developed. Maybe this will serve as a starting point for that coalition, we need to do.

It seems to me that the main task of the creation of a possible coalition is to concentrate on the state level: those countries that have not yet fully absorbed NMP, you should try to gather and connect. It reclaims the organizational efforts and initiatives as inside of — to make a public database, the electorate — and globally — to collect these countries together. As well as supporting the NWO countries have their own organizations, such as "Seven", "left" need their own international forum. We call it a "99." It's not the same thing as the United Nations, at the very organizational structure which is foreseen its overthrow States class of "Seven." Maybe "99" may be collected from other existing organizations, such as the TOES, "The Other Economic Summit" ("Other Economic Place").

Getting tired of "99" to be formed on the basis of self-determination, mutual support, fundamentally act. The principle of national self-determination must be supported by "99" individually and collectively, creating a united front against the invasion of NMP. Mutual support involves support "99" on their own resources, including trade — collective self-confidence — for the economic future. Rely on foundations and leadership, "Seven" — meaning surrender NMP. Action fundamentally means that the "99" should be consistent and controlled by successive positions on the issue of human rights, independence, non-interference, the rights of workers, the integrity of the environment.

The confrontation brand new world order

Global NWO monopoly on media builds severe barrier to the organization and development of the "99". Therefore special attention should be given to setting-independent communication channels as to suppor
t organizational activity and to the confrontation campaigns demonizing of the NWO. Very profitable and support of individual social groups in the states of "Seven".

NMP confrontation — a terrific deal, but obedience is simply unimaginable. We must act at the moment, because no other chance we might not.

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