CULTURE imposition of Christianity. CHRISTIAN HISTORY OF CRIME

Some highlights of Christian history. The history of degradation in the dates and people.


301-302 years. Gregory proselyte, who later became dignify "the educator of Armenia", during natural disasters, using the oriental superstition, managed to baptize and convert to Christianity Armenian King Tridata III (the Great). Tridat, inspired by the speeches of the prophet Elijah (Elias, "My God and Jehovah") on Mount Karmilon, ordered to arrange the massacre of pagan priests and turn to the Christian church or home to read all of the churches of the Christian message Anaitidy, Mithras, Ormuzd and the Greek and Roman gods. All of the great Library of Armenia, collected over the centuries Hellenistic sovereigns were burned "because of demonic knowledge."

309g. To show his power most courageous Christians burned the temple to the goddess Fortuna.

313g. Bishop Irenaeus, however, said: "Christians do not need laws because they are above the law." Saint Anthony the Great, the founder of monasticism, openly incites the immediate suppression of the pagan world … fire.

314g. Immediately after its full legalization of the Roman emperor Flavius Valerie Constantine Christian Church goes into the attack on the pagan religion: Synod in Ankara slanders the cult of the goddess Diana (Artemis), accusing him of witchcraft … and adoration of the Christian Satan.

319g. Constantine issued a decree that the Church is fully exempt from paying taxes, and Christian clergy are exempt from military service.

324g. Emperor Constantine declares Christianity the only official cult of the empire. Giving to plunder the temple of the oracle of Apollo in Didyma in Asia Minor, tortured, and killed all the priests of them, accusing them of high treason. Suddenly produces persecution of the pagans to the holy mountain of Athos and destroys all the temples and shrines.

326g. At the instigation of his mother Helena, which is considered a Christian saint, the emperor Constantine killed his first wife, Fausta. Elena goes to their "spirit guides" to Jerusalem, where, despite the fact that the Jewish law provided any and all burning crosses on them after the execution of criminals, Elena — like a shadow of doubt, asserts Christian literature 114 years later ("discovered" ) (naturally, with the help of … Jewish rabbis, had intended to seriously cash in during the looting of the Hellenic temple treasures, clusters and a half thousand years) of pristine (a) so-called "holy cross", which was allegedly crucified Yeshua, according to the Christian tradition's version of events . On the instructions of her son Elena level with the ground the temple of the god of medicine Aesculapius in Aigese Silis and forces in their colonies erect Christian churches. In addition, they destroy the Temple of Venus in Jerusalem, as it was supposedly built on the site of the tomb of Rabbi Yeshua hypothetical, as it destroys the other temples of this goddess, such as Apac, Mambre, Fenikkii, Baalbek (Ioiopoli) etc.

330g. Christians looted and set fire to the sanctuary Bayah Roman god Apollo and his priests lynched. On the date specified by astrologers (May 11, "The sun near Sagittarius to the influence of Cancer, so the city religious"), Constantine move the capital of the Roman Empire founded by him in the city of Constantinople, which he adorns, sacking for this pagan shrines and temples.

335g. The inauguration of the church … "holy grave (Holy Sepulcher)", built on the ruins of the Temple of Venus (Aphrodite) in the 326-327gg. For her attire were looted all the pagan shrines and temples in Palestine and Asia Minor. By special order of the Imperial were crucified on the cross as the culprits … poor harvest this year, all the "oracles and charged with magic." Along with them were martyred Sopatr, Neoplatonic philosopher, who personally tried to convince Constantine return paganism by a path philosophy, and caused hatred of Christians, who visited his court.

337g. Dying Constantine was baptized by an Arian bishop of Nicomedia Evzeviem. After many years, the church recognized him and his holy mother, and they were called "St. Constantine" and "St. Helen."

341g. Emperor Flavius Julius Costanzo (Constantine's son) announced crackdown on "all the prophets and followers of Hellenism." Many pagans were imprisoned or executed.

346g. In Constantinople announced large-scale persecution of pagans. Fired after the famous orator Liban, accused of engaging in magic.

353g. Constance edict introduced the death penalty for all those who in any way with the use of sacrificial worship

354g. Constance new edict banning all cults repeats with sacrifices and statues, and again confirmed the death penalty for this worship and ordered to seal all the pagan shrines and defile them, giving the gambling and prostitutes, ie turn them into gambling houses and brothels. Roman bishop libero decides to celebrate the birthday of Yeshua December 25, the day the pagans celebrated the birth of the Invincible Sun.

361-363gg. Emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus, went down in Constantinople December 11 361g., Declared full religious tolerance. George Natsiantsinos (invective (brane speech) against Julian, I 58-61) protested, saying that Christians were thus deprived of the joy … velikomuchenichestva.

363g. Julian ordered to remove the temple of Apollo in Daphne in Antioch miasma (noxious fumes) from the remains of the saint Vavilly (bishop of Antioch, who was considered a martyr in the era of Decius, but in fact, was executed by Emperor Philip the Arabs for killing Gordian … denied him a "holy Communion "). Christians set fire to the temple after it was taken out remains. June 26 Julian was savagely murdered by a Christian of his suite, when he fought with the Persians.

364g. The new emperor Jovian Flavius ordered the burning of the library in Antioch.

364g. September 11 issued an imperial decree, on pain of death forbidding pagan cult. To the recruitment of torture committed against pagans added crushing ribs with iron hooks. Examination of the viscera in the wombs punishable by death ("to get rid of curiosity due to predictions"). Three decrees of February 4, 9 September and 23 December confiscated property pagan shrines, which were restored under Julian, and again individuals prohibited from performing rituals, sacrifices and sing songs (meaning ritual). Synod recommends Laodesee punished by death astrologers and Christians who celebrate Saturday.

365g. The imperial decree of November 17, forbids pagan officers to command soldiers Christians. Gentile Vezy AGORA Pretekstat rebuild in Rome for its own account (despite the protests of the pope), the sanctuary of the Twelve Olympians.

370g. Emperor Valens "break loose", deploying krupnomassshtabnoe persecution of Gentiles throughout the Eastern Empire, centered in Antioch (thus have been tortured to death, the ex-governor and priests Fidusty Hilary, Patricia and others). Many books were burned in the squares, and were tortured and killed thousands of innocent people who simply refused to betray the traditions of their ancestors. The victims of persecution were all well-known members of Julian (Orebasy, Salyusty, Pegasus and others). After the horrific torture was burned alive at the stake philosopher Simonides, and on 12 March beheaded philosopher Maximus.

370-371gg. Western emperor Valens, who hated the well-dressed, cultural, rich and nobility (which emphasizes the historian Marcellinus Marcellin AMIA), "break loose", expanding the persecution against the Roman pagans. Thousands of people were exiled, tortured, or killed, and all their property was confiscated and given to the church.

372g. Seized by a hysterical fear of magic, the emperor Valens allowed the governor Asian Feast destroy all pagans and destroy their works. People are in fear of their libraries were burned to the ground in order to avoid danger. Others gave executioners.

375g. "Saint" Martin completed the destruction of pagan temples in Galatia, and the ruins of the building in their monasteries. Christians of the eastern empire seal the sanctuary of Asclepius in Epidavros and fined / punished for any signs related to local cult, including the theater.

376g. Indecisive western emperor Gratian allow Christian community of Rome to destroy the sanctuary of Mithra and many traditional pagan worship in the sanctuary of the "eternal city", abolish tax-exempt property, which belonged to the "pagan" priests, prohibits the transfer of their new property and confiscated all their personal property. Under the leadership of Bishop Ambrose of Damascus, he orders again to remove the Altar of Victory from the hall, where going to the Senate, which go back Julian, besides that he rejects the title "Chief Pope," because he was a "pagan." This title was later awarded the Damascus Bishop and later transferred to the Pope.

385g. In Trier, Germany, were beheaded for heresy the first Christians, the Spanish Pristsilian and six of his followers.

391, Rome. Emperor Theodosius I prohibited all pagan cults. In the same year he ordered the Delphic temple was destroyed.

392, Rome. Theodosius I ordered the closure of all pagan temples. Some of them must be destroyed. Gentiles are excluded from the army, administration and justice.

394 Theodosius prohibits Olympics.

[20:25:17] Alain: CULTURE imposition of Christianity.  CHRONOLOGY "Christian" CRIMES

V century

405 By order of Flavius Stilicho Christians burned the Sibylline books.

409, Emperor Honorius and Theodosius II issued a law that mathematics and astronomy were considered magical sciences.

415g. In Alexandria, in Egypt, not long after Easter, the bishop and the future Christian Saint Cyril incited the crowd of Christians to the monstrous murder of the famous and beautiful woman mathematician, writer and philosopher Hypatia, which controls the famous Library of Alexandria. Hypatia — this remarkable woman — the invention pertains hydrometer .. It resulted in the Patriarchal Church of St. Michael, where Christians … broke it in pieces, after which they twirled them, speaking in a procession along the city streets, and burned them at last on a huge bonfire with all its written works near Kinarona. After the murder of Hypatia, the Christians destroyed the library itself. August 30 was a new order to arrest and crucifixion on the cross or burn alive all the pagan priests of North Africa.

What is, in the 10th century will be the life of St. Catherine of Alexandria, very similar to the life of Hypatia. Only with the difference that tore apart Catherine Gentile, what hypocrisy!

415g. Bishop Cyril of Alexandria gave the property of the Jews crowd of Christians. His decrees Theodosius II forbade the Jews to build a synagogue and to serve as judges in cases involving Christians and own slaves Christians. Under this emperor doctor Gamaliel VI was the last of the Jewish patriarch. At 415g. Theodosius revoked his powers, leaving him only the title until his death in 426g.

429g. Primate (religious leaders) were ordered to transfer the tax directly to the state of the Jews.

438 Rome. Enters into force a law which provides for the death penalty for the Gentiles.

408-450gg. Christian Emperor Theodosius II (408-450gg.) Executed even children for the fact that they were playing with fragments of pagan statues.

448g. Not being able to win on the basis of philosophical Neoplatonism diskuscii, Christians have not found a better way out of this situation, how to burn all discovered and seized from Roman citizens copies of critical treatise of Porphyry (a pupil of Plotinus) "against Christians."

451, Rome. Introduced the death penalty for those who give their homes to send the nations of the pagan cults.

VI century

529g. Edict of the Emperor Justinian closes the Academy in Athens and confiscate its property. The last seven teachers find refuge with the king of Persia Khosroyev, which gives them a chair at the University of Yundishapura.

562g. Justinian gives three months to the Greeks — the Gentiles in Athens, Antioch, Palmyra and Constantinople, that they renounced the cult of the fathers (paganism), and then follows the crowd violence, arrests, ridicule and humiliation, torture, imprisonment and the death penalty Gentiles. In the square Kinigui ("Hunt") in Constantinople on huge pyres burn thousands of books and many statues, resides in private hands. Artisans and family prosecuted for their religious beliefs of its members. As well as the host for the religious beliefs of their slaves.

590g. Throughout the Eastern Empire (Byzantium) Christian spies constantly convey to the "open" conspiracy Gentiles. New penalty in the form of impalement, crucifixion and amputation of the head. Sat on the papal throne, Pope Gregory, nicknamed the Great (590-604), and, after a bit, he will burn the library with the Palatine Apollo, founded by Octavian Augustus, as "a prisoner in someone else's wisdom it should not interfere with pious enter into the kingdom of heaven" .

I know it has helped decrease the Roman Empire.

Some of the crimes in the name of Christianity stands should classify millions of victims in all the centuries in many countries. We are, of course, are more interested in Russia.

Europe and Russia

719, Pope Gregor instructs Bishop (Bishop) Boniface missionary among the Germanic tribes. V723 Mr. Boniface cuts down his own famous shrine Germans — Donar Oak (god Thor) in Hesse and builds a chapel.

956-986 years. Harald Sinezuby force trying to impose Christianity in Denmark, up to 960, as does Tryuggvi Hakon the Good and the father of St. Olaf in Norway ("Saga of Yomskih Vikings").

988 Pr. St Vladimir (Basil: baptismal name) — destroyed idols of Veles and Delight, the idol of Perun beaten with sticks and horses dragged through all Kiev, destroyed idols Horsa, Stribog, Simargl, Mokos, Dazhdbog. "And who will not come, I would be disgusted" — so said Vladimir. Rus was baptized in blood font, illuminated glow of fires.

CULTURE imposition of Christianity.  CHRONOLOGY "Christian" CRIMES

989-990 years. "Holy Prince Vladimir" in the process of baptism massacred in Novgorod. Prince Vladimir was baptized in the conquest and White Croats destroyed dozens of towns and villages. Body "of the Church of St. Charter. Vladimir, "which ordered the burning of the Magi.

995-1002 years. Olaf Tryugvasson begins the introduction of Christianity in Norway, defile the temple of the Torah ("The Saga of Olaf Tryugvassone").

1008 Destroyed sacred grove (Sviatobor) sorbitol near Merseburg bishop Merzeburgskim ("at Wagner argument of idolatry of the ancient inhabitants Misnii", Leipzig, 1698)

1018 Fire in Kiev. Christians, attributing his evil sorcery, mercilessly killing many older women, alleged witches.

1022 In Orleans Cathars were burned ten devoted his students, among them the confessor of King Robert I Etienne, Lisa and scholastic chaplain Heribert.

1063-1157 years. Repeatedly burned church Radegast (Retrinsky Temple), the retreat on the ground lyutichey-General. Last German Emperor Lothar. Molten bronze idols lyutichey including 85 pieces of the Temple found in the early 18th century and described in 1774-1795. Many figures contain Slavic runic inscriptions, as Mikorzhinskih stones (Poland, Poznan Province).

1069-76 g.Usmirenie "Slavo-Finnish pagans Beloozero Ian Vyshatich. "Chronicle" and chronicler Pereslavl-Zaleski. At the same time Prince Gleb Svyatoslavich and Bishop Theodore commit massacres (genocide) of the Gentiles in Novgorod.

1071 ".. The rebels near Yaroslavl two Magi … And they came to Belozerov, and it was with 300 people. At the time, happened to come to collect tribute from Svetoslav Yan, son Vyshatinu … Yan is commanded to beat them and pull their beards. When they were beaten and pulled out of the split beard, Yan asked them, "What do they say you are gods?" … They said, "So we are gods they say: do not be alive to us from you." And he told them Yan: "That is what they told you the truth …" and grabbed them, killed and hanged in an oak "(Laurentian Chronicle. PSRL, Vol.1, v.1, L., 1962).

1091 gg.Podavlenie Magi in Rostov ("the magician died soon") — PSRL I-75-78, 92 and Pereyaslav chronicler.

1168 After the capture of the Danish King Waldemar I Ruyan islands (Rügen, Germany), vandalized and looted the temple Sventovita (Arkona). Sventovita idol along with other images of the pagan idols destroyed by Bishop Absalon (Gelmgold "Slavic Chronicle." Until 1177).
1169 "Holy Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky" burned Kiev.

1206 god.unichtozhen idol Mokos in Novgorod at auction and put the Church Paraskeva.

G.Frantsiya 1210, Paris. Burned alive fourteen amalrikyan, asserting the unity of God and the world.

G.Parizh 1214. After a hearing held by the Chancellor Guillaume Nogaret were burnt grandmaster of the Knights Templar, Jacques Molay and other knights.

G.Frantsiya 1215, Paris. Burned two teachers Sorbonne University Almar Ben and scholastic philosopher David of Dinant.

Novgorod in 1227, the four wise men were brought to the bishop's court, and there burned, "Magi izzhgosha four in Yaroslavl yard" with the permission of the Archbishop. Nikon Chronicle, Vol.10, St. Petersburg., 1862: "There appeared in Novgorod magicians, nymphs, potvornitsy and many volhovaniya and potvory, and signs worked. Novogorodtsy also caught them and led the Magi to the court of Prince Yaroslav the men, and all the wise men tied up and thrown into the fire, and then they all burned. "

1239 GV Mont Aimé, near Chalons on the Marne Inquisitor Robert le Bouguereau burned 182 catarrh.

1250-ies. "St. Alexander Nevski" massacred in Novgorod (and this is not a field of battle, the killing of civilians, civilians).

1252 Bull of Innocent IV "ad exstirpenda" (the destruction) imposing pytkok to obtain confessions.

1285 Rudder book. "Excommunicate those who go to the Magi and obavnikam."

The end of the XIII century. In justifying the practice massacres of dissidents and resisting, the hierarchs of the Orthodox Church willingly refer to the activities of the biblical characters. So, Bishop Serapion of Vladimir at the end of the XIII century, calling for the punishment of the "witches" and "witches", pointed to the example of the Prophet and King David in Jerusalem, which eradicated "all the workers of iniquity: one murder, other imprisonment, and otherwise — of prisoners in prison "[E. Petukhov, Serapion of Vladimir, Russian preacher XIII century, St. Petersburg, 1888, p.65.]. Have church leaders that the extermination against certain provisions of the preaching of the Gospel? They could not see it, but the thought of the evangelical charity only if it was beneficial to them.

1327 Florence, Italy. Inquisition accused of witchcraft and sent to the stake Ascoli Cecco (Francesco Stabilization) — the famous Italian physician, physicist, mathematician and astrologer.
1375 Novgorod. Penalty Strigolniki heretics.
1411 Pskov. Burned 12 "prophetic zhonok" (witches, witches).
1462 John Mozhajskij and sentenced to death boyar Andrei, publicly burned him at the stake, along with his wife for the alleged miracle.

1471-1484 years. Rome. Pope Sixtus IV, following the Judeo-Christian tradition, the remains of a temple of Hercules kills (Hercules Invictis).
1484 Bull of Innocent VIII, sentenced 100 thousand people.
1485 Piedmont. Burned 41 "witch."
1490 Council demanded death heretics, Ivan III prevented.
1499 book "The teaching of priests." Against paganism, that they did not take to the temple offerings of kings, potvornika, igrets (buffoon), under the threat of resignation from the church.
XV century Novgorod Metropolitan Zosima Bishop writes: "Ano fryazove by faith kako castle keep! Ambassador Cesar E affects about blister king as he cleared his land, and al those speeches and the list sent to you "- take envious, and I want to learn from the Inquisition …

1504 By order of the Moscow Metropolitan Daniel for reading foreign books in Moscow Prince Lukomski burned as heretics were burned Ivan Volkov, Michael Konoplev, Ivan Maximov, in Novgorod — ugly sleeves. Later, they shared the fate of Yuriev Metropolitan Cassian.
1505 sermons against paganism "to read and write Metropolitan Photius and Daniel," "Domostroy" and "Stoglav" prescribe punishment magicians and those who know with magicians.
1515 burned and destroyed more than 500 witches.
1551 Stoglavy Cathedral banned from a number of sciences, including astronomy.

1551 Ivan the Terrible wrote Metropolitan Macarius, "tonsured a monk for the rest of the corporal, to always revel. Upivanie immense, debauchery, sodomy. Desert Fathers run from icons, ostensibly to raise money for the construction of the monastery, and in fact, then, that they drink. "

All this clericalism there on the labor of the Russian serf. Only at the Holy Trinity Monastery were about 80,000 serfs.

1552 sermons against paganism "Sudebnik."

1554 Burned Matthew Bashkin, who preached that slavery is incompatible with Christianity.

1564 Ivan IV, letter Kurbsky: "Nowhere is not broke obryascheshi kingdom of priests hedgehog Vlad."

1568 At the instigation of the clergy was defeated first Russian printing and serf Nikita, who invented the aircraft burned "for the community with the evil spirit."

1570 Rome. Inquisition burned at the stake of Italian reformer and poet Anton della Paglia [Anton Della Paglia].

In 1584, came to the throne very pious Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich. In 1586, the Russian church headed one Job (canonized), in one of his writings to approve the execution of the pagan priests. As far as the sources that survive, the time of Job burning become a common penalty. British envoy Fletcher, who lived in Moscow from 25.11.1588 to 06.05.1589, describes one of the burning of heretics as a witness: … husband and wife … were burned in Moscow, in a small house that was set on fire on purpose in order. Their fault remains a mystery, but it is likely that they were punished for some religious truth, while the priests and monks have assured the people that the people were angry and cursed heretics.

Fletcher confirmed the accuracy of the reports describing the method of execution — the burning of a wooden house, often mentioned in Russian documents XVII., But unusual for other countries. If only for half a year in Moscow Fletcher had to witness the burning of two people, there is reason to believe that such burnings was considerably greater.

The beginning of the XVI century. The execution of Thomas' cousin Dmitry Tveretinova (Iconoclasts).

Statistics: 1601-1700 gg. Moscow was published 483 copies of the book.

Of them are not religious — only 7 (seven).

1600 Burned at the stake Inquisition great Italian scientist, educator Giordano Bruno. Not for the claim that the earth is round, and for the propagation of ideas polygenism. Some human races, he wrote: "Those of the" new earth "does not form part of the human race, because they are not people, though very similar to their own members, the figure and the brain." "… No reasonable person withdraws Ethiopians from the same protoplasm as the Jews."

1601-1603 years. During the famine, Metropolitan, with barns full of grain and held their stock, waiting until the prices go up even higher.

1616 Church forbids works astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

1619 Toulouse. By order of the church burned Italian philosopher Vanini. First he cut off the tongue, so he could not speak to the people. Since the philosopher intended to continue writing, the decision was made to burn Vanini alive. In his "Dialogue" Vanini recalled ancient hypotheses about the origin of man and the natural claims of atheists, if the Ethiopians descended from monkeys, if the first humans walked on all fours like animals, and if in nature there is a kind of hierarchy of beings, from the lowest to the highest.

1622 Germany, Heidelberg. By order of the Catholic Church removed all the books from the library of the University of Heidelberg in Rome.

1633 The Inquisition forced to give up "their delusions" of the Italian mathematician, philosopher and physicist Galileo Galilei.

1640 Christian bigots of the group "zealots" motivated young Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich issue a decree against buffoons. "In Moscow alone dozens of carts stuffed musical instruments taken away and knights and nobles, and in the homes of townspeople. And burning, burning, burning. "

1648 Order of the Christian monarch Alexis banning songs, festivals, dances, games. Not even allowed to teeter. (!) It is forbidden to bury the fallen soldiers in Gorizia (mounds) and conduct funeral feast (with funeral feast). The decree mentioned about the dangers of buffoons, were ordered to break Duda, harp, etc., and those for the buffoons that (imitates ryazhnichaet) prescribing a whip and a link.

1654-1659 years. The split in the Russian Christian Church. The persecution of the Old Believers. At the instigation of Nikon and the orders of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the new rite Christians commit the following acts:

Slain priest Daniil Kostroma, pop Mihajla Volga
Gabriel priest beheaded in Nizhny Novgorod
The elder Jonas Kazantsev cut into five pieces in the Kola prison
In Kholmogory Polievkt burned priest, and with him fourteen
In Nizhny burned a lot of people
In Kazan — 30 people
In Kiev — Archer Hilarion
And living on the Volga, in the cities, towns and villages, to put a sword tysyaschami

The founder of the Old Believers Avvakum, for example, protested against the persecution suffered by his followers, is based on the fact that the New Testament is not recommended to do so. "Fire, and with a whip — he angrily asked his tormentors — yes visilitseyu want to adopt the faith! Kotorye-to apostles taught you? "[" Life Avvakum ", Moscow, 1934, p.137]. But he himself voluptuous dreams of how he would have butchered his opponents, if would have been able to, "What, sir, the king, as if you gave me the will, I would have, that Elijah the prophet, all united in pereplastal The first day … to Nikon, the dog would nachetvero dissected, and then would nikonyan those "[" Life Avvakum "str.301]. Wind up with the fact that Habakkuk burned. There is no doubt that, if he took over, he burned the same dedication to their opponents — and also in the name of piety, based on the teachings and examples of the Old and New Testaments. ["Books and Bible" I.A.Kryvlev]. Even for Christians, but other areas did not have the patience, and killed everyone.

1666 After making the cathedral the remains unrepentant Strigolniki Solovetsky Monastery on the insistence of Patriarch Joachim were executed (50 people).
In 1676 after nine years of siege kin Solovetskaya Governor John Meshchersky rushed to the village and brutally destroyed up to 500 people (… and vserazlichnymi smertmi ispisha cup of suffering, like a Claes dobroplodnyya keenest anguish sickle reaped things were made, and the blood of his stories drevletserkovnaya zapechatlesha).

In 1682 wooden frame burned: Avvakum with his wife Anastasia and children, Father Lazarus Romanovsky, endure double cutting tongue and clipping right hand (right hand), Deacon Theodore Annunciation Cathedral, also endures double cutting tongue and right hand cut off, and the monk Epiphanius.

1684 Decree of Jehoiakim: torture dissenters, unless he yields — execution by burning. And provides a penalty for concealment.

1716 Old Believers put double taxes, since 1726 — a quadruple.

1721 issued a decree of the Synod, to which every Russian diocese introduced "diocesan inquisitors", and over them were raised and "protoinkvizitory." My inquisitorial activity ROC exercised through the courts at the disposal of the diocesan bishops, through the patriarchal court and church councils. And it had a special bodies set up to investigate cases against religion and the Church, the Order of Religious Affairs, the Order of inquisitorial cases Hovokreschenskimi schismatic and offices, etc.

After this time the crimes against the faith condemns these criminal through the courts. So many victims is sought in any legal documents of the time, which is very difficult.

1728 Issued theological treatise Stephen Yavorsky "Rock of Faith". "Heretics dignity and right to kill heretics samem useful is to die, and so it is a blessing, when thou kill."

Church ideology of those times, Theophan the Recluse (1815-1894), later recognized as a saint of the ROC, referring to the authorities, said: "We have to stop the freedom of ideas — to clamp his mouth to journalists and newspaper people! Disbelief declare a state crime. Material beliefs prohibit a death sentence! "

In the interval of 1800-1905 events are diverse repression against the Old Believers and several Jewish pogroms.

1905 g.mitropolit Vladimir and Serpukhov Bishop Nikon concocted the "Instructions", which were read out on October 16 in all the churches, where all were called "wake up and rise up" against the "scum of the human race," even if we have to "die for the king and for Russia" . This was followed by a series of pogroms.

Crimes against humanity of Christian virtue is continuing.

2011 religious zealot in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine killed last molfar (known locally as the sorcerer, magician folk).

I also want to mention numerous criminal cases with the present church. Pedophile-priests, crushed jeep with her children, raider attacks property and fight against dissent — these achievements of the present church. Not to mention the fact that in Russia, 800,000 people are working on this field, do not produce anything, but only the fat and learn.

During the Inquisition in Europe, Christians killed 13 million people, including 5 million women!

And this is not a complete list.

How can you call the holy faith and from God, if it is imposed ways away from God's acts of creation and the gift of life, ways of ruthless terror despite neither women nor children or the elderly. How can you call faith supposedly from God if the carriers of this belief kill scientists, philosophers of antiquity, declaring all pre-Christian and pre-Christian era of knowledge of darkness and obscurantism, burned libraries, people carriers unique knowledge in the fire. And it is true knowledge are the causes and means of creating our world and us.

The scale of the destruction of the people in the reforms undertaken by the top authority, is appalling. But even more frightening is our familiarity, even some willingness to our destruction.

'Assessing the Great Northern War, Klyuchevskii writes: "The decline of the payment and the moral strength of the people hardly have paid off if Peter won not only Ingria with Livonia, but the whole Sweden and even five Sweden." According to estimates of the famous historian PN Miliukov, was released in 1905 the book "Public sector in Russia in the first quarter of the XVIII century, or reforms of Peter the Great", Peter's reforms have cost Russia more than 20% of its population. And, indeed, and St. Petersburg, and the Ladoga Canal, and the fortress Kronstadt, and Ural industry and other facilities were built on the bones literally evicted from across Russia tens of thousands of farmers and "working people."

The Baptism of Russia should people thirds of the population, the reforms of Peter — a fifth of all living, and we continue to tolerate these reforms and the current reformers and modernizers, accelerators and reformers calm and familiar, like animals, stupid and habitually chew his hay and waiting for us to be poisoned slaughter. So we do not mind more like cattle. No mind, no soul, no human pride.

Now, writes historian VV Puzanov with reference to the collection of 'Ancient Russia. Town, the castle, the village '(Moscow, 1985, p. 50): "Of the 83 studied by archaeologists fixed settlements IX-XI in early. 24 (28.9%) 'ceased to exist by the beginning of XI century.' [1]

Of course, the researcher is trying hard not to see that, in fact, he says, speaking of 'the formation of a unified state of Russia', 'pacification' of some vague 'tribes'. But the facts, as they say, are stubborn things — no source says absolutely nothing about the 'pacification' anyone else in the last few decades the power of the future 'holy'.

By the end of X, XI century, top sources include not punitive expedition against the 'tribes', and the baptism of Rus. This was the price 'education gospel' eastern Slavic lands — 28.9% of the Russian settlements. Almost one third.

Of course, not all of them without exception carved Baptist. Someone just throwing everything left in the forest. Born 'glorious' tradition, to expand Rus seven centuries. Tradition, when the country was not extended sovereign people, and the people of the state itself had escaped — whether it goes to the White Sea from the yoke of Moscow Novgorod or departing from the yoke of serfdom or noviny-king the Antichrist runaway serfs and Old Believers.

Enumeration of crimes done by Christians is not the purpose of slander. Transgressions that were not Christians, Hitler, Stalin, example — not less. The list of crimes is needed in order not to overestimate the fact of familiarizing people to Christianity. Do not deify the act of baptism, allegedly decisive turning irrevocably leading man on the path of light, goodness. Human nature changes very slowly.

Today, when the baptism of Russia make a public holiday, think about it, why do we celebrate a genocide? The destruction of a third of the population. Why we do not celebrate liberation from the slavery of the people of Russia in 1861? Why not celebrate your rebellion of Spartacus, Stepan Razin, Pugachev? Why in our consciousness only slave date pushed, forced to memorize? Why did you decide that Christianity is a "progressive" of paganism and Christianity all have to accept any price. Because Christianity, in the main, and primarily managed by several people rigidly centralized system designed to solve the main problem of ruling. Not 'unite' the country has sought power and control. Like today builds power "vertical" instead of a real improvement in the lives of the people. Pagans are people just like Christians, but they are hard to manage due characters they can be different and, therefore, God is not one, but several. This state of things is difficult to accept, then how to shoot a tribute and to fool the people, edit them as you'd like? And all this was settled easily after baptism, when launched rigidly centralized system. This is not the wise men, who each lived alone.

The basic idea of Christianity — love of 'God's chosen' people. This idea permeates the entire Bible. We need to stand on their own land and be proud of their own history and culture. Why do we discourage national identity and impose the study of Jewish and other world religions? Why impose on us through the Bible study of Jewish history, rather than to study his own Russian (any other national) story? If you — not the Jews, but your history, religion — Jewish, who are you? Only fools, blinded by the servants of the Jews, and no one else you can not be.

Maybe, maybe someone thinks that religion (Christianity) was the value of a supranational, universal, worldwide. Became above purely national of Jewish origin, nature, history, and nature. That laid down in the Bible moral laws are universal. Can lead to happiness, the light of any people in the world that will take Christianity. I look around and see no one nation, no country, no age, whenever religion would reconcile the rich and the poor, the government and the people, the church and science, man and society. Slaves of people did. But happy — ever!

Church (in Russian judge) has always been 'the Tsarist secret police. " More important to save the power of the king than the one that was the name. Now we are pushing the church into the community under the pretext that it is a social institution. Society needs to teach people moral qualities. In fact, the church antisocial, anti-social, anti-social. It takes place with the government against the people. Did not see any of the priests with the striking miners, or the starving disabled, no pickets or demonstrations. They — the officials of the church. Execute commands sent by. Take people from protesting promises rewards for earthly laborious patience in a future paradise. Church — the spirit of the counter-revolution. Church says about worldly and higher. Aspire to a higher calling and disregard the worldly temptations. And the priests themselves love to ride on jeeps, accept gifts from the government. Now, as the idea of restoring historical justice, we serve the government's actions for the return of church land, buildings and property. It was the former imperial power board of the church, for holding people at bay religious fears. Today the church to return land and property — to recognize the right betrayal of the people, which the church ages involved and engaged with the kings now.

Let's just cover your story, instead of progress and justice, as the goal to which society should strive to be back and to the practice of monastic villages. Code attributed to the whole church of the village, and she possessed human souls are not in the sublime religious, but in the sense of the slave, forcing people to work for themselves and appropriating the product of their labor. Yes, you can hide a lot of 'return to history'! Kontrprogressivna church. The views of thousands of years, the dogmas, emphatically not me, and now people are imposed as the ultimate truth.

Why return power to the powerful place of religion in society is called the return of Russia to its historical roots? Why history of Russia for the power it is that after baptism? One of the main tasks of Christianity: to destroy the national memory, to make people blind and helpless, and more easily manage these blind. Pride — a mortal sin. Christian should be humble and patient. Christ teaches: "a blow on the cheek, turn the other" (Matthew 5:39. Endure poor, slave. You kind of sins. His no sins? Then for the sins of the parents, all the same — be patient. Servant A person can not be proud of . A just patience and reverence. 'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven "(Matthew 5:3). Christianity makes people poor in spirit. This benchmark to which to aspire — teaches religion. Christianity in the main emphasis is on Christ — "savior," and not to the creator-god of the world. Why? To showdown with God was not satisfied. why God made the world the way they do. To emphasize the human soul in this perfect over them injustice. To not critical of the acts god, and slavishly stretched. For savior — the main figure. This taught to see in religion, it is only accentuate the personal outlook of everyone. Spas. You have nothing personally do not need. For you have rescued you. You just be patient and resigned Carry your cross for life. Cross this unjust life. God could do something more reasonable: Kill Devil remake rights for the better, change the world for the better. But we slave religion taught to focus on the figure of the Saviour. be thankful to him, and for to endure the whole world all my life.

Revolutions, wild outbursts of violence we must churches (of any religion). The Church does not give rise public relations, public and personal awareness. Driving processes deep discontent. Making follow once and for all the rules. Voltage increases, and then — as jerk! Personal search for justice banned — be patient! The trade unions, community promyschlennye also have the ability to achieve a more equitable relationship. In the way of family, culture and much defines religion. Determines not as free development, but as stagnation.

Long live our new holiday — the day of the baptism of Rus holiday rape alien faith, in addition to all other dates that are taught to us to ensure that we — no, we — the slaves, the slaves of the political system, the slaves of economic injustice, police bezpredela slaves, slaves environmentally destructive, the slaves in the religious sense — SLAVES TO ALL! Of us in our own country does not depend on anything else. If we build a democracy, it should immediately lift Christianity, because Christianity was imposed by force, top, bloody, and not democratic. In the meantime, we have a one-sided democracy only where it benefits the authorities. Stalin and his condemnation of violence against the people, Vladimir with far more genocide, adulterers — hundreds of concubines had destroyed people — they offered to the holy and declare genocide now a national holiday.

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