Day of campaigning on the area of free in Mogilev

Active picketing held today Mogilev supporters of presidential candidates. On the ground in front of the central House of life campaigning for Sannikov, Neklyaeva and Lukashenko. On the pedestrian street Lenin called to vote for Michalevic.

On the ground in front of the House of life, or as it is called now in Mogilev area of free, passers-by willing to take campaign materials of candidates. From time to time, controversy erupted. One of the first was held near the picket for Lukashenka.

"Two terms and hung around enough, as in the United States, in Germany. Necessary that changed presidents, as in globally. Even Putin said: "I'm not sick power." So we changed presidents, then it would be no problems. Maybe he is a good man, but you need to change it. Two terms and all. In Ukraine, change, change in Poland. It's real, "explains his position is one of the discontented.

Picket for Lukashenko

Agitator for Lukashenko commented on the explosion of human discontent:

"Well, I do not know why it happened — you can see how many people, so many opinions. People think the same as they like. This is their choice, which candidate to vote."

Lukashenka's on picket about a dozen agitators. Picket BRSMovskaya flags, slogans and many Russian-speaking very loud songs of Belarusian artists.

For twenty meters from the picket for Lukashenka two activists handed out leaflets to passers by Sannikov. Up to two stands with portraits of the opposition candidate-related blue flag with the words "Belarus", surrounded by the EU stars, people come up deliberately.

"Almost every passerby takes flyers. Only elderly people occasionally show displeasure, but they are few. Most people are interested. They lack information, objective information. This I recall it was under Gorbachev when they pursued the magazine" light ". Hunger information there, why do people go and take, said a member of staff Sannikov Victor Boldin.

Picket Sannikov. Victor Boldin

Picket tent Neklyaeva not without human attention. Passers-by immediately obtained in the package campaign gifts from the candidate. The agitators did not have time to pack them.

"People come up and dismantled very active. Packages are checked very carefully to the program and was a candidate and contact numbers to could to call. People do not have enough information. Many admit they do not know about all the candidates. There they come into controversy, "note the agitatarki Neklyaeva.

Agitating for Neklyaeva

With regard to the dispute, it did not have to wait long. Cpadar elderly women began pursuing statements to their hectic work. He strengthened his case with verbal abuse.

"If you think that the government can change one person, you are wrong. For a man, which is now in power, and there is government troops. You think that he is one. I will vote to keep it gangster redistribution as in the nineties. "

The scandal ended as suddenly as it had begun. Mr. spat and walked away, and convincing them of the rightness of their arguments.

Picket Michalevic on Leninsky

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