Dead place. Ghost town



730 kilometers from Magadan. The settlement Kadykchan. One of the cities — the ghosts Russia. Now this place looks really scary: discarded things, open doors, open windows. At each step there are signs of a normal, live an ordinary life. But people are not …

In 2003, local residents hurriedly left the village. Scary, fascinating, unusual picture. What caused people to leave the comfortable settlement for no apparent reason? Or all the same reasons were? They talk about the documentary film "Dead space" channel "REN TV" from "The Day of the strange things" 29 April from 10.00 to 21.00.

With the Even language Kadykchan translated as "Valley of Death". In the middle of the last century in Kadykchan housed one of the most dreaded Kolyma camps — the Gulag. Then, on the site of the city was a wasteland, and the prisoners were brought back to them in the fierce conditions rebuilt from the ground up for the future settlement of the miners …

Vitavtas Norkus was one of the unusual inhabitants of the village. He remembers as a child, right next to the houses has a huge area, enclosed by barbed wire: "Children, we were walking around looking at. Came out of the village, the hills begin. Find small bars. Thought it geologists left their footprints. But later found out that it was dumping prisoners. "

With these columns began the so-called fourth Kadykchan — a place that was called the village dead. The entire territory of the abandoned settlement — a huge cemetery.

The fact that between the world of the dead and the universe exists energy information exchange, back in the 1920s, assumed a prominent Soviet scientist Vladimir Vernadsky. Academician spoke of the existence of some of the noosphere — the area in outer space, in which the accumulated knowledge and emotions of entire generations of people. Modern scholars believe that Vernadsky was not so far from the truth. Between the earth and the universe does indeed exist an inexplicable bond. So, all the negative emotions of people to accumulate in certain area, which is located in outer space, and then it all comes back, back — to the ground, forming a place where negative energy accumulated clots.

Not only is the road that leads to Kadykchan, but the city itself is on the bones of those who built it! It keeps a dead energy, the researchers said, and there will never be happy living. And all because the souls of the dead prisoners thought the whole village — its territory. And, as time has shown, the people there did not belong there.

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