Debates nine go Lukashenko — not

Nine candidates for the president today in a conversation with the "freedom" have confirmed their intention to participate in a debate to be held on December 4 at the Belarusian television. Nyaklyayeu hesitated whether to go on TV. Alexander Lukashenko to participate in the debate does not intend, head of the press service of the President Paul Light.

Presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou says will necessarily go to the debate. It does not even bother likely in the absence of the candidate studio Lukashenko:

"I know that Lukashenko will not. It is clear to all. But we will not be there together gryztsisya, pull each other's forelocks, grab the shirt. We simply will state its position. There will then 5 minutes per person. But take advantage of TV, I believe it is necessary. "

Igor Draco, head of election headquarters Ales Mikhalevich, says that the application for participation in the debate applicant promptly transferred to the National Television and Radio Company. Mr. Draco feel this need to participate in the debate:

Because they give little time for speeches, once again appear on the screen would be nice.

"There is a sense from a purely pragmatic point of view. Because they give little time for speeches, once again appear on the screen would be nice. But be sure to survive position, which held out until the last time — not to swear at each other. Unfortunately, there Kastusyou end could not resist. "

Nyaklyayeu claims that after much thought, he decided to go to the TV:

"If we talk about the general political sense, then such conditions to participate in the debate to no avail. After all, the debate around the world is known format — the one who's in charge, debating with someone who wants to take his place to come. Otherwise, the debate irrelevant to this debate have not. And me with Sannikov clarify our positions, which are the same on all major issues, there is no need. And we will not run, as those horses on gipadrome everyone in their path, pahvalyayuchysya who trot or gallop looks better. "

Presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk decided not to transfer its right to the TV debates trustee, says the head of his election headquarters Lev Margolin:

"He's going to be there. And it is accurate information. "

Vitaly Rymashevski Today he returned to Belarus from Brussels. And he will be personally involved in both television and in radio debate, said the head of his election headquarters Paul Seviarynets:

"You can use this broadcast to once again express their beliefs. And to make it all the candidates together. We will try to agree on what to say, those candidates who will go forward. Not to criticize each other, and to criticize the current regime. And to call people to the area. "

We will try to agree on what to say, those candidates who will go forward.

Andrei Sannikov limited participation in the debate only on television, according to the head of his election headquarters Vladimir Kobets:

"On television, will participate. And on Sunday, do not participate in a radio debate. We have a Sunday — a trip to the region. "

Statkevich TV debate will go on, and on the radio would send someone from the trustees:

"Of course, it psevdadebaty, and not a debate. However, even if there will be a few minutes of the live broadcast, I'll go to them and I will participate. "

Such plans and one other candidate, Dzmitry Us:

"I wanted to send a radio trustee. But I refused. It is said that there is a CEC decision, according to which should be just the candidate himself. "

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik at the request of "Freedom" clarifies the situation:

"Resolution of the Central Committee can participate in the debate and the trustees of the presidential candidates. And live with the program should serve the candidates themselves. "

But the Victor Tereshchenko person will be a member of two esters:

"And there, and there'll be sure to participate. Personally, no proxies. "


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