December wonders in the Sun, SOHO recorded

One can not disagree with the statement:

Editorial JCE PLANET
So many versions and now put a cliche — the truth on what either of them early. More data are needed. Although the need to learn from the different parties there is no dispute.

You'll have to excuse me, I have to present this material in a separate article, but restrictions on entry in the comments section does not allow embed videos into the discussion. Video should be in another section — strangely close to the Sun, but you look like? In that section, only fixed strangeness, but not hypothesize a "what can it be." Scientists shamefully silent, so it would be better placed in the movie section of my article "traces …" but for me, when I'm not a scientist, so …, but want to be close to them, but they shy away from me like the plague — that and VP — writes sarkkaticheski damkiiiiiiiny and could just — all St. Petersburg talented, we know — we are!

Since I'm still painfully, the efficiency of my work is very low. I thought someone in this time of analysts before I dig up the causes of climate ugliness and all the "accidents" that happen in the solar system. Jackie asks the reason — so here it is this reason. NASA already and does not want to hide what is fixed satellites observing the Sun, although they try to hide something else. See for yourself, the video of a series of shots, from 1 December 2010 to the present. Pay attention to the UFO that appears to date 3.12 in the left corner and is moving to a very bolshii and inexplicable, but, clearly, if I publish in this section that the facility, which is so often depicted by circles and called Nibiru. Again coincidence? Ay, scientists use Occam's razor can obosnuete these "miracles" sticky matrix ROM under the influence of the galactic center. So look …

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