Democratic shower for society

Today ends the speeches of the candidates for president on Belarusian TV and radio. Within two weeks of the election of nine members had the opportunity twice to 30 minutes to perform in a live radio and television. Alexander Lukashenko recourse to the citizens with the program ignored. How to react to the speech sample Baranovichy candidates?

The presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich, who on Thursday night along with Dmitry mustache visited Baranovichi, said that during the two weeks of opposition candidates were able to use the opportunity to appeal to the voters complete performances of the candidates were in his opinion "the democratic shower" for the company:

Society as a shock, the power of a little panicked, so now begins the process of "erasing" the recorded information by BT

"Society in shock, the power of a little panicked, so now begins the process of" erasing "the recorded information by BT. But they are just too clever by half. They launched too many candidates and thought that there behind the scenes extras will pinats each other down. Thank God enough responsibility, with one exception, I mean Mr. Kastusiou speech before yesterday, at which the I think neizvinitelen. The object of criticism of all applicants were only current government. "

Meanwhile, non-political people who watched or listened to several speeches of presidential candidates usually could not remember their names.

Man: "There was a certain candidate from Minsk, but I do not remember his name. Basically all I like, but the important thing is that when they are elected, they are the people that supported that everything was fine and the family and the state."

Among many older people were those who did not like the performance of one of the other candidates:

I do not know all the presidents ahayvayuts, no good

Man: "I do not know all the presidents ahayvayuts, nothing good."

Woman: "You have to have them act more civilized, cultured. Criticize, say, but why so? It just creates a bad impression. "

People who came yesterday to meet with opposition candidates Statkevich and mustache, no problems were defined who they liked more:

Man: "For me, the most clearly made Statkevich. Brave, without any promises, without populism, he appealed directly to the people directly."

Another man: "It's positive attitude to the statement of Sannikov, a professional diplomat. Uncompromisingly, but a little hard representative of the Belarusian Popular Front."

Woman: "More like the program Romanchuk, as it is still an economist."

Politically biased sample Baranovichy generally negative view of the fact that the incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko refused to speak to them:

I think he was afraid of the people. He has already said everything I could. His answer people know

Man: "I think he was afraid of the people. He has already said everything I could. His people know the answer."

Man: "It's disrespectful to the viewers, to the people. It once again shows that the ham is ham".

Woman: "I believe that this is humiliating us, his people. I did not like the fact that he did not come to get the certificate of the candidate. And it was his duty as President. It ignores the most important meetings, and is played on the court."

A resident Baranovichy Tadeusz Parhovich attended meetings all candidates for president, who visited his town, he asked all the questions, all spoke. His conclusion:

"The impression good, I remembered all positive. They are not enemies of the people. And not the opposition, all of them good program. But it is very difficult to choose."

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