Derived from the Persian Gulf South American aircraft carriers

Carrier battle group of the United States of America, led by the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, which carried on duty in the area of Iran, left the Persian Gulf area, passing the Strait of Hormuz and went out into the Arabian Sea. At the current time in the waters of the Persian Gulf is no 1st U.S. aircraft carrier.

February 16, Gulf waters left another South American aircraft carrier group, led by the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. When the ships were passing along the coast of Iran, they are constantly accompanied Iranian patrol boat, kept at a distance of 800 meters. No severe incidents did not appear.

At the moment, two U.S. aircraft carrier groups are located in the Arabian Sea, carrying a combat puzzle associated with providing air support of NATO forces in Afghanistan. Earlier, representatives of the Naval Forces of the United States reported that the waters of the Persian Gulf will certainly another carrier.
Thus, it was reported that in March or April of this year in the region will come another South American carrier battle group, which will include the aircraft carrier Enterprise, guided missile cruiser and three missile destroyers, and then come back and aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, which is the flagship of the French Navy.

According to reports, South American aircraft carrier Carl Vinson entered the waters of the Persian Gulf to replenish supplies in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Last week, in a few days he was in the port of Dubai. Prior to his own visit to the water Persian Gulf aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in conjunction with the ships carrying outpost duty off the coast of Iran in the northern part of the Arabian Sea.

The U.S. Navy began maneuvers in the waters Persian Gulf after Iran threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz in the event of entering the European Union, concerned about Tehran's nuclear applets, an embargo on Iranian oil. Through this strait carried naval supplies of oil (about 40%) throughout the world.

Many experts believe that Iran can make a nuclear weapon. To get it, Tehran will need only 1 year. Meanwhile, Israel is likely to air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities in the spring of this year, introduced earlier Leon Panetta, the head of the Pentagon.

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