Detained in Minsk buses with explosives

Oleg Pekarsky, First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs:
I would like to make an official statement about the events that took place around October ploschadi.V away from the area 19 hours in the Internal Affairs received information about a possible movement to the square of the two cars to be equipped with special equipment for bodily injury, explosives. And that set up a group of people that is going to make a destabilization on October Square.

Was soorentirovan outfit that was out and confirmed that the removal of October Square stood a group of young men who call themselves all sorts of flags. They were carrying batons and behaved aggressively. The requirements to check and verify the absence of this information, they are not obeyed, and we had to bring back the next outfits.
Additional forces arrived and was attached a second attempt to implement inspection of the two vehicles, which moved various things. At that time we did not have enough information. However, given the experience of 2008, when the celebration of Independence Day was an explosion, we had to react accordingly.
The requirement to present the vehicle was surrounded by a ring of young people and the cars were not allowed to inspect them peacefully. Unfortunately, we had to physically push the group of people from the van. In this case, our employees have made a strong resistance. Three staff members were hospitalized and are in hospital MIA.
Decision was made without the use of special tools to push the crowd and inspect the vehicle. It was osuschestvleno.Informatsiya of finding in these vans means to cause bodily harm, various equipment, gas cylinders, which could be implemented as a detonator, and could be made explosives was confirmed. They were found in the present, a material and conducted a formal audit.

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