Discarded dead babies found in east China


About ten babies bodies were found along a road outside Sanba Dezhou City, Shandong Province in the morning on February 28. According to the Chinese edition of "Zili vanbao," the bodies of dead children found the employee organization for the protection of the environment by the name of Sun.

Locals along with the police collected the dead babies dumped on the roadside. Shandong Province. February 2012. Photo: sjb.qlwb.com.cn

"At 7:00 am, I saw something on a pedestrian road lies. I thought it was an animal, but when approached, she saw that the baby is dead, "- says Dr. Sun.

She buried the baby on the side and only later discovered that the bags lying around the bodies of the dead children.

On some packages are attached tag with the words "medical waste" and "infectious waste." The parcel is already several fully developed bodies of babies.

The police, along with local residents gathered them and buried nearby.

City Department of Health said it has launched an investigation into the case.

In China, such incidents are not uncommon. From time to time there are reports of this throughout the country.

Thus, in March 2010 in the city of Jining, Shandong Province were found dead 21mladentsa thrown out like garbage.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health of China, even publishes a special request message to all health facilities fail to bury the bodies of embryos and infants according to the rules. The report also contained a strict prohibition to throw them together with medical waste.

Ilya Ivanov

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