Distributor Vitebsk Courier was fined 700,000

Distributor independent publication Sergey Kondakov was arrested on October 31, when the scattered "Vitebsk Courier" in the mailboxes. October District Court Judge Oles Zharikova admitted his actions offense.

The incident, which is understood in the court occurred in entrance of an apartment house 28, building 5 on the street Tereshkova in Vitebsk. Local Sergei Anikievich called police after seeing someone pushing in the mailboxes independent newspaper.

According to human rights activists present at the trial Paul Levinau, Mr. Anikievich argued his actions by saying that "children are often set fire to paper in the drawers, so the house could cause a fire."

Judge Olesya Zharikova Sergei Kondakova recognized guilty of illegally distributing publications and awarded a fine of 20 basic units, which is 700 thousand.

As pointed out by Paul Levine, raskidvanne the mailboxes free issues of the paper — this is the only way to spread the "Vitebsk Courier." The publication is devoid of a license to sell and has the possibility get in the subscription catalog. In addition, the only independent newspaper in Vitebsk is registered as a Russian periodical and printed in Smolensk — in the hometown newspaper denied registration and opportunities to be published.


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