Dmitry Bondarenko: This — sweeping traces

In the Minsk prosecutor's office stopped checking into the death of journalist Oleg Bebenina finally believing his death is suicide.

Checking the circumstances of the death of Oleg Bebenina led investigators Minsk prosecutor's office. December 3, just 3 months after the death of the journalist, investigator Sergei Gupalovich announced that it has stopped check.

"Testing is completed. It was decided not to institute criminal case. Because of the lack of evidence ", — the" Radio Liberty "investigator Gupalovich. According to investigators, Oleg Bebenin committed suicide.

In accordance with the law, materials testing investigation department of the Minsk regional prosecutor's office sent watching the prosecutor, who may not agree with the decision and send them to a new audit. Friends Oleg Bebenina of headquarters of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, who questioned the version of suicide, do not believe that the decision will be overturned. Coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko says:

Dmitry Bondarenko

"The most important thing — is that Bebenin, one of the leaders of Staff Sannikov, died on the eve of the election. He repeatedly threatened with physical violence, but criminal charges were never filed by the Belarusian authorities. Although this high-profile case with a lot of suspicious things. "

In October, at the proposal of the Belarusian authorities in the country to study the verification of death Bebenina came OSCE experts from Norway and Sweden. It has recently become known for their families. These were Sonia Bjork with the criminal police in Stockholm and Professor Sydsel Rog Institute of Forensic Medicine in Oslo. According to the report, which was reported to the OSCE, the experts agreed with the findings of suicide Oleg Bebenina.

Those who doubt the version of suicide-known journalist, on the conclusion of the experts say that they had not conducted an independent investigation, but only acquainted with the materials testing Belarusian investigators. Dmitry Bondarenko believes that the current investigation into the death of Oleg Bebenina possible only after the change of the political regime in Belarus.

The body of the founder of the opposition website "Charter 97" Oleg Bebenina was found hanging in a loop at his dacha near Minsk on September 3. The police from the outset considered the suicide theory as the core. Some members of the opposition and friends Bebenina in the "Charter 97" say they do not know the reasons why the journalist could voluntarily withdraw from life.


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