Doku Umarovs statement: do not kill the Russians are against Putin

Online video has been located with a public statement of the leader of the Caucasian militants Umarov. He said that he had ordered subordinates to avoid attacks on civilian objects in. This statement explained by the fact that, as claimed by Doku Umarov, the country has witnessed "the processes of civilian protest", which show: the population does not accept the policies of Putin.

According to the views of Doku Umarov, This means that from that moment on, many Russian citizens no longer support the policy of the North Caucasus and the authorities. Therefore thriller ordered all teams conducting their operations in the Russian countryside, not to expose the suffering of innocent people. Meanwhile specifically Doku Umarov intelligence agencies are suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks in the Russian Federation — and among other at the airport "Domodedovo" in the past year.

Umarov, whose video statement is spreading rapidly through the web-based resources of the Chechen separatists, says, if, after the publication of his appeal attacks on civilians and peaceful objects are not completely done, it should be recognized provocation "Putin regime", which can be arranged on the eve of the presidential election: it after Vladimir Putin hopes to remain in the Kremlin.

In a statement, Umarov, in addition, it is noted that by "videoprikaz" does not fall within the objects of special services, security agencies, the army, and Russian political control.

Hard to find out who, where and at what time the video was made appeals Umarov. Recorded — Chechen rebels in the snowy woods. No real info, about the present whereabouts Umarov.

On the anniversary of the terrorist attack in "Domodedovo" (January 24), in which nineteen people were killed and more than two hundred were wounded, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation confirmed the version according to which the explosion at the airport was planned and organized favorite "Caucasus Emirate" Umarov.

Directly behind this terrorist act, in March 2011, the Committee of the UN Security Council has included Doku Umarov in the combined "black list." In May 2011, the U.S. State Department in recognition of the organization "Caucasus Emirate" terrorist announced a large reward — 5 million dollars — for information on the whereabouts Umarov.

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