Dozens of children were frozen to death in Afghanistan

Last Month unprecedented frosts in Afghanistan killed more than 40 children, mostly in refugee camps near Kabul. Previously reported 28 victims, said

This winter was the coldest for the country over the past 15 years. Representative of the international organization Save the Children in Afghanistan Grabmen Bob noted that in the coming days is expected to gain frost that threatens to increase in the infant mortality rate, especially in the refugee camps, home to the most affected by the war the citizens of Afghanistan.
According to him, in the harsh cold kids actually do not have to be saved from them. To escape from the cold weather they do not have warm tents, blankets, fuel, food, warm clothing and even shoes, ITAR-TASS reported.

Earlier it was reported that dozens of children were living in tents and under plastic tents, seriously ill. Their families do not have money for medicine and firewood.

In early February in Kabul was registered a record low for the area air temperature — 15 degrees below zero, says "Rosbalt". According to forecasters, so low temperature did not fall in the capital for more than a decade. In addition, over fifty children died of measles in a single month in the central Afghan province of Ghor.

According to the head of the provincial health department Ghulam Nabi Yagana, mobile teams of doctors can not help children in most areas of infection, because many counties were cut off snow.

Over the weekend, the cold and icicles in Moscow suffered more than 30 people, two died. "Last Friday, three people were hospitalized with hypothermia, another man was found dead. Eight people were taken to hospitals with frostbitten limbs, "- said the source in the medical community.

Two others suffered because of fallen icicles. On Saturday, the city hospital with hypothermia were three, even four patients, including a child, were found frostbite, said "The View." And on Sunday with hypothermia were hospitalized four people, another froze to death.

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