Drought in China: a threat to neighbors?

Than the drought in China could threaten the surrounding countries and the Russian Federation? In China takes the most terrible drought since 1954, she enveloped the southern and south-western province of Yunnan, Guangdong, Sichuan and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In the eastern and central provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Shanghai rainfall had fallen by 30-80%. Shoaled Yangtze River — the water level fell by 40-50%, the problem began with hydropower — disruptions experienced naikrupneyshaya to China Hydroelectric "Three Gorges", Hydroproject China.

And can not see the end of the drought, meteorologists do not predict improvement. The drought has made several problems:

— people are suffering from drought, as in the "province of thousand lakes," Hubei drought is already half a year, from late 2010 to illumine this day in the region fell to 50% less rainfall than the same period last year. The level of water in storage fell so that the water will soon no longer be used for irrigation. Grow food prices, although the government is holding them back;

— the direct economic damage has already been estimated at more than 1 billion. bucks. It can grow, drought lasts, and will soon stop due to hydropower in electricity neuvvyazkami may encounter the inhabitants in the Central, East and South China. The lack of electricity is already in the current time. Under the plans danger excellent water transfer from south to north.

— environmental problems, under threat of extinction were rare in the world of dolphins, they live in the Yangtze River (their population numbers approximately 1,000 individuals). Under the impact populations of fish, birds and other animals.

Acts of powers: Beijing announced plans to invest more than $ 600 billion. Bucks for 10 years in the construction of a unified multi-level savings and rassredotachivaniya aqua resources. At the local level, farmers provide equipment for the drilling of new wells in place of dried penetrate new ones. Are kept under control food prices.

The possibility of destabilization: at the present time such there is a threat exclusively in embryo. Although it is clear that the "Chinese junk" is also trying to shake — occurred unrest in Inner Mongolia, a series of terrorist attacks. Beijing reacts to the actions of the Arab world and Pakistan — tightened censorship of the Chinese web, security measures, in other words, the situation is under control.

The government has significant supplies of food grains in the emissions market authorities can keep control of rising food prices in the current time there is no danger of famine. Although rumors stroll among the population that a natural disaster — this is a manifestation of discontent Heaven China. It looks like a presentation of Russian Christian consciousness — even in the annals of global and bloody events preceded any natural phenomenon — drought, eclipse, pestilence, etc..

Is there a threat to the Russian Federation?

Even in the worst case scenario — the drought will be a couple of years in a row, and China will face a massive famine that will lead to social and political cataclysms. The script is viewed normal to the Chinese civilization — the division of the country into warring fragments, which will not be before the world. Of course, there is nothing quite good, but that of the final will be a part of Chinese elite politics, Our homeland has nothing to do with it.

There is a perception that a wave of panic messages in China is running out, those who profitable destabilization in China and the Chinese "color revolution" that would lead to the "democratization" of China. Rumors about the likely hunger — a very powerful tool for inflation of the crowd — one example is one of the prerequisites for the unrest in Petrograd in February 1917, or the lack of organized in Moscow before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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