Due to disagreements Serdyukov was sacked chief military financier

Due to disagreements Serdyukov was sacked chief military financier

Misha Mokretsov, Deputy Defense Minister, not converged in the views of the Minister in question rassredotachivaniya funds allocated under the state defense order. According to the media, referring to a source in the central office of the Ministry of Defense, minister Defense Anatoly Serdyukov signed on November 15, a proposal to dismiss from office Mokretsova. At the same time he was banished to the final signing of the presidential administration.

Midges before firing began taking leave. His duties at the time sang Tatyana Shevtsova — other deputy Minister. Midges was a confidant of Serdyukov since 2000. The Defense Ministry, he gained the status of "most influential civilian person."

The proposal Serdyukov was the phrase "in connection with his transfer to another job." But, according to the media, dismissal due to appear in late summer of disagreements: minister and deputy fundamentally differed on the question rassredotachivaniya cash flows within the state defense order. Matters arising from the financing of the armed forces and military and economic security, were in charge of Misha Mokretsova. Managing the device in the summer went to Lena Vasilyeva, former counselor minister, and remained Mokretsov Deputy Minister to the nearest time.

According to the source, Dmitry Medvedev decree of dismissal is likely to be signed. Biting midges, maybe get a place associated with the fin. activities in a structure close to the Defense Ministry.

After the dismissal of Misha Mokretsova from Anatoly Serdyukov, left seven alternates: Nikolai Makarov — General of the Army, Chief of the General Staff, the first Deputy Minister, Alexander Sukhorukov — Chief weapons first Deputy Minister, Nikolai Pankov — Deputy Minister-Secretary of State, also has four deputies. Gen. D. Bulgakov is the only military. While the military financier place freely and it is not going to eliminate.

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