Dulles plan in Russia — fresh evidence

Schoolgirls Knowledge Day

September 1 editorial news agency "Maritime 24" one of the residents of Vladivostok sent a video, which depicted five drunken schoolgirls could hardly stand. Pay attention to the condition of these girls and their growth, which is just above the car wheel, then it is possible 12 years.
From there, it's such a terrible message: "Four pupil of the sixth year of secondary school № 18 in Vladivostok poisoned" counterfeit "vodka, marking the beginning of the school year.
When the girls drank vodka purchased, the child's body reacted instantly to a large dose of alcohol: three drunken-grader could hardly get to the parental home. The fourth friend was weaker — passed out by the garage near the residence.
According to a local agency, "Data", his parents found a daughter of a mile away reeked of alcohol, unconscious and was taken to a children's hospital on Sadovaya street. But doctors there could not lead a teenager to life.

12-year-old girl was taken by ambulance to City Hospital № 2, where she was diagnosed with "alcoholic coma." Doctors continue to fight for the life and health of the child all the methods of emergency treatment. "

Episode by episode will play out a grand in scale tragedy of the death of the rebellious people on earth, the ultimate, irreversible extinction of its identity. Of literature and art, for example, we gradually root out their social nature, break with artists Otobaya they engage in hunting images … research, whether that of the processes that occur in the depths of the masses. Literature, theater, film — all will depict and glorify the basest human emotions. We will do our best to support and raise the so-called artists who will plant and grind into the human consciousness cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal — in short, of all immorality. In government, we will create chaos and confusion.

We will quietly but actively and continuously promote the tyranny of officials, graft, unscrupulousness. Bureaucracy and red tape will be built into a virtue. Honesty and integrity will be mocked, and no one will need to become a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug abuse, animal fear each other, and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and hostility peoples, especially hostility and hatred of the Russian people — all this we will deftly and quietly cultivated, all double flowers bloom .

Only a few, a very few will understand or even understand what is happening. But the people we put in a helpless situation, turn to ridicule, will find a way to slander them and declare the dregs of society. Will pull spiritual roots, trivialize and destroy the basis of national morality. We'll shake the way for generations. Will take on people from childhood, teenage years, the main rate will always do for young people, let us break down, corrupt, defile it. We will make them cynical, vulgar, cosmopolitans.

That's how we'll do.

Allen Dulles. "Reflections on the implementation of the American post-war doctrine against the Soviet Union", 1945.


And now the party continues …

Ceiling on the escalator metro station "Paveletskaya" chopped to pieces in the Day of Knowledge minor Muscovite

The young lady who was in a state of extreme intoxication, accidentally touched luminaire his bag and wound oskolkami.Kak learned "MK", 15-year-old schoolgirl about 21.00 hurried home after good cheer, commemorating the beginning of the school year. She decided to run away down the escalator to the transition from radial stations on the ring, but suddenly her purse strap caught on a cylindrical bubble lamp.

Glass breaks into many pieces. She felt that she had blood on her face, and cried hysterically. His heart-rending cries student raised his ears and employees of the subway, and the police. Manager, who was on duty at the foot of the ski lift, immediately stopped the tape, and staffed by the 2nd Department of Internal Affairs on the Moscow metro ran to the poor and carried to the premises, where tried to stop the bleeding before coming "soon."

Paramedics arrived at the teenager recorded Rezanov cheek wound, and alcohol intoxication. According to doctors, the health and appearance of the girl is not in danger — the cut was not deep, and is likely to face after healing hapless passenger will not scar.


Tragedy nearly ended Knowledge day for four schoolgirls Vladivostok. 12-year-old girls after the official line went to the nearest school to the kiosk and easily bought there two bottles of vodka. Poisoning was so strong that one of the girls went into a coma. Now doctors are trying to save her life.

The police launched an investigation. When checking kiosk revealed that license to sell alcoholic beverages at the owner was not there. And vodka, like cognac, liqueurs and wine, sold under the counter.

All the alcohol dubious sent for examination. For women, the seller filed an administrative case for the sale of alcohol to minors.

Representatives of social services said that the affected girl, a student of the sixth year of secondary school N 18, — from wealthy families. At school, they are called student.


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