Earth stops January 16, 2013?


The speed of rotation of the planet depends on the climate change

Today the wind accelerated the run of the planet …

The speed of rotation of the earth affected by different factors. For example, if wind is slowing, planet rotates faster to maintain the angular momentum. In November 2009, however, has played something else. The culprit turned out to the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, encircling the continent. Stephen Marcus and his colleagues at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA) and the Institute of Physics of the Earth (France) noted that the November 8, 2009, it has slowed dramatically. Measure the exact length of the day showed that while land is slightly accelerated, coming to himself Nov. 20 — along with the current, said Similar was observed for the first time.

No one knows for sure why during the slowed, but Dr. Marcus believes that this was due to atmospheric changes. Two days before the wind blowing in the same direction, too quiet. Two days after they had returned to normal, so will flow. His colleagues at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory believe that the speed of the wind shift could affect the territory of El Niño. In addition, the planet can begin to spin faster because of the increase in the level. When water builds up on the poles in the area will increase the mass of the Earth's axis and the Earth twirl like a top.

…A year ago — stalled

By the way, almost a year ago, February 25, 2011, scientists Anchorage (USA) rattled the opposite message, published in the Weekly World News. Then they found the slowing rotation of the planet and predicted that the Earth stops rotating through all three! "The slowdown will lead to a more stable long days and nights and can cause everything from the devastating floods and earthquakes to mass starvation" — says geophysicist Joseph Jankowski. — This is — by far the most serious and immediate problem now facing mankind.

Scientists have long believed that the Earth's rotation is slowing down. It is believed that three billion years ago, day lasted approximately 13 hours, while it is now one complete rotation of the earth on its axis is 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds. At first thought that the slowdown has been gradual, with the length of Earth's day, increasing by only 0.02 seconds per century. But the new measure allegedly showed that the changes in the rotation of the Earth have become more important than ever before. According to the calculations of Professor Jankowski intimidating, the Earth will cease to a halt by January 16 of the year 2013.

— Incredibly, this will turn into a permanent day on one side of the globe and permanent night on the other! — Exclaimed the professor at his press conferences. — Those people who, by coincidence, will be on the dark side of the Earth will be in a dark, cold world of eternal blackness. In fact, the whole life of the plant — which is dependent on photosynthesis — will die within a few short weeks, leading to cardiac activity in agriculture and famine, which the human race has ever experienced. But life will not be sweet for survivors on the day side of the globe. Imagine a spinning top, spinning slowly — before it stops, it starts to oscillate. The same thing will happen to our planet, causing the continental plates move. The result will be massive tidal waves and earthquakes in which billions will die. "

Then fellow professor cautioned against panic, promising that more carefully examine forecast. And today, it was found that the Antarctic Circumpolar Current running slow planet.

Svetlana COUSIN

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