Earthly history of the peoples of the ancient world

Vsevolod Ivanov. Exodus from Hyperborea

History of the Earth — is a complex and sometimes tragic chronicle of the many events that the destinies of nations and civilizations. We have heard the echoes of some of the events in ancient times, in the form of myths, legends and stories. From ancient times, the pyramids were destroyed structures, strange stones, ancient burial mounds … living witnesses of those times is not, nor is there any significant information sources. There are a large number of modern scientific and literary works, which are put forward various theories and views of life of the ancient world, at times contradictory and fantastic. This work does not qualify for the truth, for they are creating a modern people with a completely different mindset than the people of the ancient earthly world. May someday be found serious sources describing the history of those times. But today they are not. But there is a silent witness to those distant events, kept us a story, and that is the layer of the Earth's noosphere. He is mentioned in his writings, some scholars, such as Vernadsky. This is — the information layer, created a cosmic mind, to collect and store information about the most important events in the world. We can say that the energy-information, space library. But to connect to the library can only highly spiritual people who have been a great evolution. This paper provides a brief overview of the history of the ancient world of the Earth, based on information noosphere.

Earth was formed 6.3 billion years ago, at the edge of our universe supreme builders Space — intelligent energy. About 5.6 billion years ago, the planet has been integrated into the solar system and the beginning of a long and difficult way to expanses of the cosmos with his Sun and planets — neighbors. Planet intended role of the experimental world. When motion of the planet in the solar system on a complex trajectory toward the center of the world, is the main living area of the creative directing and controlling force in the universe — intelligent energy, it goes through various stages of evolution. At a certain stage of evolution, when the surface temperature of +55 ° C the first civilization on Earth emerged reasonable Divine Consciousness — angelic civilization. Several tens of thousands of angels in the shape of a glowing cocoon, arrived on Earth from outer space to prepare the surface of the Earth to the subsequent settlement of its humanity humanoid type. They have created the world luxury wood and settled them and waters of some simple species. This period in the history of the earth as recorded in the myths of the creation of Paradise.

Over the years, tens of billions in the universe there was a work to create a reasonable material consciousness, the objective of which would be — to become the assistant of intelligent energy and divine structures in the evolution of the Cosmos, construction and experimentation in the physical world of the universe. After numerous experiments, higher power created the form of rational consciousness — "homo sapiens" or just a person. This consciousness is still in our carbon universe main type of material consciousness. A population of young planets artificial person called a process of humanization.

The first law of the cosmos is as follows:

The man is a form of existence of the cosmic mind in the dense material world. It consists of a biological body shell, the musculoskeletal system and the distribution of information and the structure of energy forms (IRS).

The purpose of man — accumulation during its many incarnations IRS in the universe of information, knowledge and cultural values. Evolutionary development of the human being in the estimated duration of the dense body shell, then the energy and light forms. Evolving in space, a person crosses a variety of sectors of the universe, has a chance to take part in the construction of space and material objects in the management of the cosmos.

The man has a certain freedom in the choice of his behavior, methods of understanding the world and spiritual development. The problem of man in his evolutionary movement determines the supreme body of the civilization in which a person goes through evolution.

The ultimate goal of man is to merge it with the highest driving force of the Cosmos — the cosmic mind.

So. Around 170,000 years ago, according to the plans of the powers of the universe there was colonization of the planet with a squad of men of advanced civilizations in our galaxy. In the modern world we call them Lemurians. Their habitat was a large island in the Pacific. They also had small colonies in Tibet, in Antarctica and on the American continent. After completing its mission, the Lemurians about 80,000 years ago left Earth, returning to his native metropolis.

Around 70,000 years ago, the land in the areas now in the Russia (Volgograd, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Belgorod, Kursk, Orel, and partly, Punjab) was established civilization that we now call civilization Titans. The detachment also colonizers arrived from a distant planet of the galaxy. In this area you can still find a ruined stone villages and towns, as well as building the scientific and technical center of glass and concrete. Also preserved in the Urals, Altai, and in the suburbs much destroyed or covered with old pyramid Titans. Around 30,000 years ago, the Titans came into confrontation with arrived from another galaxy, in the constellation of the Dragon in our solar system dark, degrading, but technically highly aggressive civilization. Their so called "dragons."

After the onset of the next "dark" period in the evolution of the Earth (about a quarter of the total length of the solar year value in the 6 — 6700 years, called the mythology of Kali Yuga, Night of Svarog, the Iron Age, etc.), when out of Space solar system goes reasonable energy and many physical vysochastotnye energy required for successful evolution of humans, the confrontation between the Titans and the "dragon" has become a war. These events are recorded in the mythology as the battle of the Titans and the gods. Gods were frank bastards — "dragons." There were battles with the use of radiation and energy weapons in the territory now in the Russia. Titans are gradually degraded and started to give way in the fight against "dragons." After losing the battle, the Titans left the planet. After they were underground shelters in Lada, Moscow and Volgograd region.

45,000 years on Earth began the most active phase of planet mass settlement units of various civilizations of the galaxy. In just 40,000 years on Earth were created from 32 colonies inhabited planets. Planned higher cosmic forces experiment had the objective of creating new genotypes of people, the exchange of cultural and scientific knowledge, improvement of the interaction between individual civilizations in critical hard material world. Similar experiment in the universe at that time was not. Immediately it should be noted that the experiment was a failure. Between terrestrial civilizations gradually emerging contradictions, hostility, and often violent opposition. Detachment "dragon", prompting by the time the destruction of civilizations in the solar system, the planets Mars and Phaeton (this planet was, in general, exploded), and, pushing the planet civilization of the Titans, has influence on the young colonists, helping to exacerbate the contradictions between them.

Part 1

The history of the ancestors of the Slavs

One of the first, landed on Earth civilization, was a native of the region's star Aldebaran (scholars attribute it to the constellation Taurus). People brought large spacecraft to the islands of Severnaya Zemlya archipelago. It was organized their colony. They called themselves Alva. Of the various myths and ancient tales, we know that sometime in the north of the country lived a highly, highly spiritual and gay people, who called Hyperboreans. These were Alva. Among terrestrial civilizations Alva were the most advanced civilization that has made the greatest contribution to the development of the peoples of the earth. No question about the original ancestral home of the world's humanity can not go. This legend is not warrantable. Many refer to the earthly community of various nationalities as Atlantic civilization. This is incorrect. Atlanta does not stand out among the other colonists. A two nationalities, including Alva, inferior in many ways.

Alva established for several decades after the landing on the planet its powerful organized society on the four major islands. The so-called Piri Reis map is not really its island geography and their form. The three islands, which are now known as the northern retained many thousands of his position, and the main outlines. The fourth island was very different from their counterparts. It was an area of about 50 square kilometers. In the middle of the island stood tall and majestic volcanic cone of 1,400 meters above sea level. The painting was extremely beautiful. Cone Mountain, in the language of Alva was called Meru. This island was installed basic research and locating apparatus and equipment.

Alva Alva called their country. Symbol of the country — cedar, motto — inspiration, spiritual impulse. They built stone modest dwellings, as well as administrative and business buildings. Created a family and have children. Fed exclusively on vegetable and sea food. Rye, grapes, vegetables and fruits. Use strict system of physical, moral education, and learning. No olive grove, where idlers, feasting, and eat the fruit Hyperboreans spent their time or tired of satiety life threw the rocks into the sea, not in reality. It is unrealistic myths. There were oak and pine groves. The entire population of the hard work. Time for rest and fun was short. It was the people of high morals, humble and hardworking, with extensive knowledge and abilities. If they were able to see today's Homo sapiens, spiritually and physically degraded, with a distorted consciousness prozombirovannogo various false theories, schemes and teachings, knowledge and pseudo-religious dogma, they would be horrified.

Alva had a research aircraft, cargo, military, naval ships and submarines. To perform many operations used controlled machinery. Most importantly, the Alva lived on space law, unknown to the modern human world. Like many cosmic civilizations have played a large role Alva teacher: Magi — educators, scholars, sages, doctors and builders. These were outstanding representatives of their society, controlling and directing the development of its people. They have a high knowledge and skills. A particularly important role they played in the dark period of the evolution of the Earth. To maintain the moral, spiritual and physical health Magi found on the surface geo-active points with positive energy, build cairns over them, playing the role of the capacitor energy where and conducted healing sessions, meetings, and training.

In the period 22-23 thousand years ago in the island nation of Atlantis, located in the Caribbean began to show negative trends, such as among the common people, and among the top of society, priests (Magi analogues). Became apparent selfishness, aggression, lying, hypocrisy, and most importantly, unhealthy rivalry: who is smarter, stronger, who owns more esoteric methods of influence on people. "Dragons" paid attention to it, and looked for ways to work with the Atlanteans. Finally, about 22 thousand years ago between the "dragons" and the Atlanteans signed a pact on cooperation. By the Atlanteans in the signing of the documents took part the chief priest of the male line of Adam and the female line priestess Eve. Even in a new era in the Bible was introduced another Basenko: about pervolyudyah on earth Adam and Eve, seduced by the serpent-tempter, meaning "dragon." Another myth invented by black priests.

Task of the League was the conquest of the earthly world and its management to their advantage. Not all agree with a black Atlanta priests. Many honest and bright Atlanteans were destroyed. At this time, many people began to flee Atlantis outside the metropolis. Most of them moved and organized a colony in the Mediterranean Sea — in the territories belonging today to the Tunisian Sahara, Israel, Turkey, Catalonia, Portugal, Bulgaria and the island of Santorini. Most Atlantic colonies were eventually destroyed "dragons" a warning to others Atlanta. Some colonists were assimilated by the neighboring nations. Today, the direct descendants of the Atlanteans can only be called the Catalans in Spain. They not only carry genes of Atlantis, but also some cultural traditions: bullfighting, building pyramids of human bodies, some folk festivals and games. Catalans have adopted from their ancestors increased stubbornness, temper, aggression, strength, perseverance, a sense of superiority over other nations.

Another worth noting a small colony in the Atlantic, organized by a small group of priests who disagreed with the policies of the metropolis. Today, the island is called Madeira, and in those days it was called Sham Bala — White Mountain. Among the priests there were many famous people, then voploschavschihsya on Earth. This teacher Morya, Saint Germain, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the other. Researchers recently found off the coast of the island underwater ruins of an ancient settlement. This was the village of light Atlantean priests. The island for thousands of years down to the water for a few tens of meters.

And the conquest of the earthly world union of black and Atlantean "dragon" would have taken place, but hampered Alva, who had comparable with union power and thus limited the expansion of the Union. Alva, seeing the danger to himself the situation, make a decision on the establishment of its colonies and dispersal of its population in the vast area, which now belongs to Russia. Twenty-two thousand years ago, there are settlements in the territories that today are under Vladimir (Park Sunghir), in Moscow, on the border of Moscow and Kaluga regions in Lada. In Zhiguli time there was a city-fortress. Recurring hronomirazhi over Zhigulis reveals to us the ancient city of Alva. It was founded as the second-largest city after the capital, on the Kola Peninsula around Lake Seido. Today there are traces of an ancient civilization. Again, there are voices that might live there in Atlanta. But never that black was not there! Even the "dragons" side of the area. The city was well protected, there was a strong military, flying technique, delivered to Earth from a planet in Alva.

For nearly 11,000 years between black Union and Alva remained neutral. But 10,800 years ago, there was an event that shook the whole world.

"Dragons" decided on the offensive against Alva. They have developed a program of destroying islands of Severnaya Zemlya. On the central island of Atlantis with its capital Poseydonis at a distance of 100 km south of the island of Cuba, the well was drilled at an angle. In the well was installed large artificial crystal weighing 600 kg, followed by a plutonium bomb was mounted high power. The energy liberated at undermining the bomb, was strengthened and concentrated crystal and is tangential to the molten magma of the planet in the direction of the islands of Severnaya Zemlya. However, there was a fortuitous event. Giant in power beam torsion energy actually reached the area of the North Island of the Earth. But the passage of the energy of the beam trajectory to deviate from the set, and the impact was only on one island to Mount Meru. He was blown up.

Part of the energy reflected from the magma, and returned to the source of the explosion, there was a second powerful blast that destroyed the central island of Atlantis with its capital. By the way, the capital looked very plain. Among the facilities just a stone pyramid, a height of about 80 meters, attracted attention. No luxury buildings and temples outstanding architecture with gold, canals and lush gardens was not in sight. Probably Atlanteans themselves have created for themselves this myth, then repeated by different narrators.

After two huge explosions on Earth rolled several water shaft height of 40-50 meters, inundating some regions of the planet. This case is recorded in the history of the Earth as the Deluge. Unfortunately, the giant waves swept away with the other three islands of Severnaya Zemlya civilization of Atlantis, leaving the skeletons of some buildings. A flood of ocean water swept through western Siberia, and reaching the ridges Sayan, Altai, Pamir, Tien — Shan and the Caucasus, rolled back to the ocean, leaving behind salt marshes are vast salt lakes and such powerful lake with salt water as the Aral and Caspian Sea.

Before cataclysm black Atlanta, fearing severe consequences of the explosion, was sent to Egypt, a large group of young priests, held a serious school more experienced priests, as well as a "dragon." The latter circumstance is largely determined the development of world history, which has come down to our day. "Dragons" have taught this group of priests to various esoteric methods of human exposure. And most importantly, the priests have learned to change their body, that is, to transfer his consciousness into a new, more youthful human body, effectively creating the conditions currently almost eternal life on earth. This phenomenon is reflected in the most significant way to the development of world history and the subsequent history of Alva.

At the same time, before the explosion, the evacuation of the population and the transfer of technology from the islands of Alva in the Polar Urals. Alva were warned a month before the explosion of the white Atlanteans Shambhala possible severe consequences for Alva. Most of the population and technology have to throw to the Urals and to save them. However, about 400,000 severozemelnyh Alva died in the depths of the sea waves, unable to complete the demolition work. Sorrow for the victims touched not only the earth, but all aldebaranovskih Alva. The result of migration to the Ural Alva was the emergence of a new range of their habitat. Over time, all the Alva residence on the territory of modern Russia were united by the common name of the race — the country of the sun planting, seeding the world of true knowledge, peace, kindness, wisdom and love.

To the level of about 6000 years ago, the development of the world's societies went relatively smoothly, except for the atomic bombings "dragons" of some settlements Semitic tribes in Israel and Jordan. The degree of the fall of these societies as contagion threatened to spread to neighboring nations. And it was not in the plans of "dragons". We have heard echoes of the events in the form of the myth of Sodom and Gomorrah.

With the advent of another dark period in the Earth (Night of Svarog), which has just ended in our eyes, the situation began to turn against Alva. Alva gradually began to lose their skills and abilities. For "dragon" there came a good time to settle accounts with Alva. As, most of the military equipment Alva was based on the use of certain kinds of solar energy, unknown to our scientists, and they began to disappear and to weaken. Themselves "dragons" used a technique based on the gap in space nuclear power.

Provocative attacks against Alva ran serious fighting skirmishes. Especially, major battles of flying vehicles deployed for three days over the territory of today's Moscow, specifically its western part. The result of these actions have been brought down nine saucer-ships "dragon" who went into the ground in the crash, and two flying ships Alva. There was one that was buried under the ground in Krylatskoye Hills, the other in the park of the 50th anniversary of October. After the "dragons" for a long time not to poke his nose into the territory of Alva.

However, the management of Alva, in anticipation of the continuation of the aggressive policy of the Union of the Atlanteans and "dragon", has developed a plan to preserve their gene pool in the world. It consisted in the distribution of Alva across a large area of Eurasia and the increase in population. This plan is called kimotskim (Kimoto-rescue, in the language of Alva). Under the plan, all Ural Alva settled around the Urals, especially in its southern part, creating a small settlement. In this part of the Urals there was a settlement of the Magi Arkaim, which worked best magicians of the Urals. It was a high school acquire real knowledge, wisdom, and health. Arkaim was based on the powerful energozone with positive energy. At one of the points of the zone of active pyramid was built. Arkaim school were tens of thousands of Urals. It is in Arkaim was trained and trained Arius and his assistants. It formed the backbone of the Army Air for going to India.

At the confluence of the rivers Irtysh and Omka built a fortress called Thule. It was a scientific, technical, technological and cultural center Alva. From the southern Urals in India goes 230000th Alva armada led by Arius. In northern India, there is a small state with its capital Alva Zita (Indian name Mohenjo-Daro).

North of the present city of Vladimir's a different settlement of the Magi — Zusdat where now stands the city of Suzdal. By value match Arkaim. Alva in the central part of the areola Rasei expand their range around Moscow, near Kaluga and Vladimir (used in modern city names).

Alva is a great outcome from the Kola Peninsula. They were called Zuhri. Small stream of people leaving in Pomerania and Finland. The bulk of immigrants moving along the coast of the Baltic Sea, gradually populating their childbirth in Latvia, Lithuania, East Prussia, Poland and western Belarus. A little later, Zukhra spread to Germany (East, south and north of the country), in Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Measure displacement and dispersal of Alva on extensive in Eurasia has been very timely. Got stronger black race Atlanteans organized in Egypt center of black magic. The city was built, and the three pyramids. Two pyramids were training to prepare students. Third — Pyramid of Cheops — had functional significance. It was installed on geoactive point with negative pathogenic energy. Periodically from that point there is a powerful, short burst of energy. Pyramid was intended for the resettlement of consciousness — IRS (shower) an aging priest in the young student body. At the appropriate time the student announces the completion of his training, had one last step — the dedication to student priests. To this the student was placed at night in the upper chamber of the pyramid, at the bottom of the priest came secretly. At night, the priest has activated its energy structure at the time of the burst of energy from the Earth's come out of his body-soul consciousness. It is the channel that connects the two chambers, rushed upstairs, where the student body is going through, and drove out his soul in the body of the student was fixed. Savage, dirty, despicable system. Thus, the priests provided a very long existence in the world, amassing a great experience, esoteric knowledge and high intelligence. Naturally, all these events were their older teachers "dragons."

About 3.5 thousand years ago, the "dragons" have arranged Alva big tests. They attacked a short time just three of Alva, using surprise, deceit, lies and deceit. After thousands of years this method of attack used by Hitler, fosterling black priests, treacherously attacked the Soviet Union. In the city of Tula was blown atomic charge, destroying much of the city and making it uninhabitable. The city was destroyed in the Lada from the air. A more serious battle took place in India. "Dragons" got a serious rebuff. Despite the severe damage of the capital, Alva managed to destroy the earth 12 ships flying Wiman. The remaining vimana disgrace cleared for home. This battle has been reflected in the Indian epic Ramayana. Unpleasant surprise for the Aryan Alva was contamination, which fell and broke vimana long-lived radioactive elements. After the ships 'dragons' worked at nuclear reactors. Alva had to change the area of residence.

And through the centuries by the team management Alva Aryans came from India and went west, settling in childbirth in the northern Caucasus (Khazars, Zatara, Zkify, Alans, lotus-eaters, and Kazazhi Daur). Two smaller kind settled in the south of present-day Ukraine. One kind of came to the Balkans, from which have emerged since the other Slavic nations in the Balkans. The leader of the clan was Zerbe.

Thus, all of the southern Alva may consider themselves Aryans. German-Semitic bastard who imagines himself Aryan was only black student priests.

It is worth mentioning another story kind of Alva. After the destruction of the city in the Lada, survivors Alva moved to the Caucasus to the southern Black Sea coast, founded the numerous settlements from Novorossiysk to Abkhazia. The main town in the region is on the site of Gelendzhik. Mostly largest group of this kind has decided to establish a colony in the Mediterranean area. Over time, the colony grew. It was called Sumer. Aggressive by neighboring Semitic peoples shumertsev forced to move home. We know from the story of Troy. This was the new city of Alva-shumertsev. Troy word meant three horses and cart, in which Alva moved. The tragic fate of the city and its residents known. Survivors Alva Trojans established in the territory, now in the Lebanon, his small strongly isolated colony, which has been preserved to this day. Alva-Lebanese kept their gene pool and some of the ancient traditions. Their sacred cedar tree became a symbol of Lebanon.

Gradually Alva, as well as all the inhabitants of Earth, degraded. Spectrum of solar radiation has changed, many energy weakened. Changed the way of life, culture and languages, lost knowledge. Machinery stopped working and hid until the good times. But common Alva and their gene pool survived. Over time, kind of Alva neighboring nations called the Slavs, the name of the goddess Fame, patroness of Alva. Glory was a symbol of honor, honesty, kindness and love. This symbol is revered and loved. Worship, as well as religions, the Alva was not. They just knew the cosmic laws and how to arrange space, and management structure of the universe, called by God (charities anthem). They did not need the ersatz spirituality as religions arising in a dark age.

Strange archeology

With the advent of a new era crimes Union "dragons" and black priests against Alva continued. In the second century, the army of Alexander the Great (in the body of which was embodied black priest), who conquered half the world, entered the territory of residence of the Slavs. The purpose of the campaign — Moscow. All-powerful army of mercenaries for one month due to fighting with the forces of the Aryan Alva was put to flight, and Alexander himself was nearly captured. In the fourth century the territory relating to Ukraine, joined the Roman army, as directed by the priests. Immediately after the first battles with the forces of the Aryans Roman army, after suffering heavy losses, set off on the run. Tatar-Mongol invasion, attacks of Teutonic and Swedish knights, Polish invaders, the Napoleonic invasion, the war against Hitler's hordes — all of these bloody events were provoked and paid for by the black Atlantic priests. The most difficult times for Alva-Slavs came from 6-7 century AD. Western Slavs gradually integrate into the European Community, loses touch with the Russian Slavs. Priests of a new system of subjugation Alva — ideological. This applies primarily to the introduction of alien and hostile Slavic religion — Christianity. Implementation and forcibly baptized happened with the Greek priests and mercenary troops. , Killing many people. Rewrite the history of the Slavs. They were transformed into primitive pagans who do not know God and those who worship idols of wood or stone.

And priests have inspired its own version of the world and mankind. Under this option, the Atlanteans were the main driving force behind the development of human society. And all members of the white race are descendants of the Atlanteans. Our entire civilization is called the Atlantic. Fallen into this trap thousands of historians and archaeologists. Organized a science of Egyptology, archaeological studies, looking in the tombs of the Pharaohs — a puppet of the priests.

One of the books is directly written that Egypt, as the traditions of Atlantis, is a beacon of humanity, the air is filled with the wonderful aroma and energy. How to sing the praises of such a country where dark deeds committed, a murder, including ritual, a country of slaves and the mercenary army that is constantly at war with its neighbors. Energy is only negative, it feels that many tourists, trapped in the pyramid of Cheops. The air is filled with dust, and the fragrant "flavor" comes the closest to the city garbage dumps.

Where the story disappeared Alva Slavs? As if they were not on the Earth! Before a new era in the Eurasian continent they lived about 45 million! Where archaeological excavations at the homes of Alva? Chance find in a parking lot near Vladimir Sunghir caused a worldwide sensation. Ancient times people were quite civilized leather clothes and linen with embroidery, jewelry, stone amulets. If excavations continued on, then you can find much more artifacts from the life of Alva. This would be not a sensation, it would be the opening of our history is silent!

But excavations "for some reason" ceased. In this place today plans to create cultural and educational center with the construction of shopping and leisure center of the first with restaurants and parking lots. Will be installed as the Orthodox chapel. More sacrilegious project is hard to think! Forgot your ancestors! Vladimir-Suzdal to the 7th century played the role of the central region of Alva-Slavs. For nearly 500 years, Alva flocked here from all over Europe at the traditional meeting to determine future policies and strategies. It has already been mentioned that the near Suzdal was the center of the Magi. Where is this place? Because something needs to stay away from them. We only know that the Orthodox Church celebrates the event or celebration: the suppression of the revolt of the Magi. Vilely murdered by mercenaries and churchmen. Where is the place of burial? No answer. In this land of hidden library of Ivan the Terrible, military equipment Alva, literary and artistic value. And where archaeologists? They dig in the "holy" land of Egypt, or digging in the royal and princely trash and reveal old and useless burial. Strange that science — archeology.

In Zhiguli thousands of tourists and professionals pass the ruined city Alva and no one question is: what kind of stones, slabs and blocks are clearly artificial hillside.

In the construction of new homes in Omsk at 6-10 meters depth were found ruins of strange plants, processed blocks, slabs of granite and marble. No archaeological work was carried out. The case was hushed up, new homes built on these ruins.

In Moscow, the construction of a new district in 70 years at the same depth were also found ancient stone buildings. Archaeologists look at them, they were amazed, and threw up his hands. And these facilities remain underground.

Arkaim more luck and Seido-lake. Amateur enthusiasts have found this place and began to carry out the study. Now these projects are connected professionals. The hope is that the history of these places will be restored, as the whole history of Alva, the ancestors of the Slavs.

History of Atlantis

As the story Alvi strongly intertwined with the history of Atlantis and is partially addressed in the above article, you can add a brief history of the earth's people.

Colonists from the distant young planet from another galaxy appeared on Earth 32,000 years ago. Their earthly colony was on a number of small islands in the Caribbean Sea. On the largest island town founded Poseydonis. Head of the first group of colonists was their leader named Atlanta. Active, physically strong, curious, ugly and shocking people. Good sailors, fishermen and travelers, but bad builders. Poor knowledge and low spirituality. Fall of Atlantis began about 26,000 years ago. This led them later to work with the "dragons." The subsequent history is well known. Arranged their insidious explosion destroyed their mother country. Only the Mediterranean colony, where the descendants of the Atlanteans eventually mixed with other people or have been destroyed. Preserved only Catalonia, so many scientific papers, repeating the false myths and stories by black priests.

Part 2

Among the colonists landed on the planet Earth, except Alva, there were several representatives of various cosmic civilizations in our galaxy. All of them featured a bright originality, high spirituality and the general principle of life in the universe: evolution through art. In this part of them will be discussed.

Earthly story Potro

One of the first civilizations of the organized colonies in the world. It happened around 44 thousand years ago. The first colony was established on land belonging to China today, on the beach north of the modern city of Shanghai. The population grew rapidly, to create a family and clan. Colonists expanded their range. Villages were built of stone and wood. Sprawling settlements along the coast to the north and south. A little later Potro populated large island, which today belongs to Japan. Warm humid climate, lush nature and stunning views create favorable conditions for life, art and contemplation. Main power consisted of marine life, seaweed and rice, which was imported by them from their home planet. 19 -20 thousand years ago, a large delegation visited the colonists to their planet. These were the teachers who for years taught the colonists sciences, construction, arts and esoteric. Echoes of this event was reflected in the myths and legends of China and Japan.

For millennia, the colony has grown significantly, going deep into the continent and spreading to new islands. Built magnificent palaces — the school of arts and creativity, as well as space for meetings and gatherings. Functioned medicine based on the use of natural compounds and esoteric techniques. Culture of the society grew and strengthened. Ask seafaring, shipbuilding, industrial fishing. Everything was going great. But around 12 thousand years ago between the island and mainland society began to arise contradictions, which increases with time. This led to the peaceful separation of communities in two, two people. Over time, they evolved into two states — China and Japan, where people have the same roots. It is also worth noting the fact that the formation of a new colony, which created the Japanese mainland, north of China. We are talking about Korea. Between the three companies to the 5th millennium BC went cooperation and exchange of information and knowledge. But come dark age. Contradictions sharpened. An isolation of each nation. Then we went to the hassle and even war.

Surprisingly different: China and Japan, despite the global cataclysms that have survived to modern times many of their traditions of their ancient culture and knowledge. But keep their love of peace and morals of the ancient teachers could not.

Earthly story makyatov

One of the first colonies in the world, now in the India. The age of about 44 thousand years. The people were nice and had a builder of high spirituality. The art was dominated by dancing and singing. Over time, they were called Indians. Of these times were ancient religious school Bonpo and some elements of meditation and spiritual quest, when — that make up a unified system of space knowledge and spiritual education.

3500 years ago in northern India appeared Alva — Aryans, played an important role in the development of the country. This region was a kind of experiment — the mutual influence of the two cultures. There were new ideas in art and engineering. Alva taught Hindu cosmic knowledge, metallurgy and construction of the simplest mechanisms for movement. Alva — Aryans, as a more developed nation, established a school of knowledge, which is visited by young Alva and Indians. Teachers were the Magi. Many of knowledge of those times is later preserved in the Indian epic encrypted. To communicate with the Indians Alva created an artificial, rational and simplified language — Sanskrit, which after a time lost its meaning.

The resulting battle between Alva and "dragons" in India over the last flight, but the main town of Alva was infected with radioactive elements from the crashed ship — Wiman "dragon", working on nuclear reactors. Had to change the area of residence. However, before the outcome of the Aryan armada of India, northern India there were two groups of mixed peoples. One group absorbed the best of Alva and Hindus in North India making special highly spiritual people. Until now there running closed esoteric school. At the time, the young Jesus of Nazareth, to get to this region of India, was admitted to the school and passed the initial training courses knowledge Alva. There was another group, but with a small fraction of the genetic Alva. This group received a serious knowledge of Alva, but gradually began to use that knowledge to influence their neighbors with personal gain. Following the outcome of the Aryans in India, the group quickly began to deteriorate. Esoteric knowledge has become a system of negative effects on people — hypnosis, the evil eye, the formation of negative thought forms, designed to humans and cause it disturbance to the functioning of the body. The name of this people Romane. Neighboring nations, especially the first mixed team did not put up with this and Romane expelled from India. In our time, these people called Gypsies. Interestingly, the Roma are still used in the clothes, dances and songs of the elements of folklore of ancient India. A gypsy tents are a simplified version of carts Alva — Hyperborean, where they came from India.

In the dark age Indians were to deteriorate and lose their knowledge and history. They were imposed religion Buddhism, which is a mixture of the old esoteric school knowledge and misconceptions about the world. But the deepest respect for their teachers — Alva survived to our time. As well as the spiritual foundation of the people survived.

Earthly story kyamsov

The second development people after Alva. As Alva, they had serious technique and possessed aircraft. Motto — evolution through art, architecture, and architecture. Symbol — carved columns and capitals with the base (the symbol of man's evolution from the material world to the divine heights). Later, there is another symbol — a winged horse Pegasus, symbolizing the inspiration in the works. Landing on the planet 7600 years ago. The original territory of residence south of Bavaria today. Created many small settlements in simple one-story houses and highly public buildings. These were schools for children, art schools and workshops. For high caucuses and conventions were three magnificent buildings — the church. Later, they built a church just for the Greeks — a temple in Athens. Three churches in Bavaria still exist, but they are heavily covered with soil and vegetation, bushes and forest. Need to have a great imagination to see in quaint hill temples.

About 6500 years ago in relation to climate change was relocation of the people to the south. The new zone kyamsov residence is in the territory of the northern parts of today's states — Greece and Italy. 5,500 years ago the creation of the first state kyamsov named Mycenae with the eponymous capital. The city was established governing body and collected teachers and sages kyamsov — Oracle (according to the destination match the Magi). 3500 years ago, this state was divided into three parts. Mycenae — general management, Sparta — the main function of the military organization and the physical education of youth, Sornt — Continuing the tradition of the construction. Neighboring people called them the Etruscans.

2700 years ago, after a military confrontation with neighboring nations kyamsov leadership decides the division of the peoples of the five streams and their settlement in different places. The first stream is left in place and mixed with neighboring nations. The result of this confusion was not the best. Genes underdeveloped nations were stronger. Mixed nation rapidly degraded. Kyamsov plan did not materialize. Assumed that the hybrid will be more spiritual and knowledgeable, and will take the leading place in society, ennobling and teaching less developed populations. Did not happen. However, some properties of the people of the hybrid inherited kyamsov. This architecture and construction, as well as the desire for art.

The second thread moved to the territory, which today belongs to Syria. Created a small country called Lesotho, and its inhabitants were called Lesotho. Only later historians have called this state Mesopotamia. Subsequently, the State under the onslaught of the barbarians was transformed into militarized state, known in history as Babylon. Under the blows of the Semitic tribes hostile Babylon ceased to exist, in its place, a new state Assyria mixed people. Remains of Lesotho stood out as a separate community, which has survived to this day. It is a Christian community in Syria, which is now destroyed demoniacs descendants Semitic tribe under the guise of religion.

The third stream is relatively small, has moved into the region, now in the east of Turkey, where a number of established structures extant. In the Middle Ages joined completely without a fight in the Turkish empire. , Only a small community, which owns some of the knowledge and traditions of their ancestors.

Fourth stream had gone to the island of Santorini in the Mediterranean Sea, where the division of territory with a small colony of Atlantis. The explosion of the volcano destroyed both. However, on the island of kyamsov were some buildings that are currently being studied by archaeologists.

Fifth thread moved to the island of Crete, where he established a small colony with the administrative and cultural center. This was later called the Minoan civilization. A powerful earthquake severely destroyed the colony. It was decided to change his residence. All Cretans are moving to Asia on one island, standing in the middle of a large lake. Today, this place belongs to Inner Mongolia. Stood out among the residents of a large group, consisting mainly of the common people and the leaders of oracles. The island was built a big city, the central part of which was a large temple. Skeletons of certain structures in the sands of Mongolia at the time were found by experts. Climate change and desertification has forced these people to move to the southern area of the foothills of the Himalayas. There descendants kyamsov and ended his earthly journey. Leaving the caves best relics of his people: the best examples of art produced for thousands of years, and of flying machines. Unlike Alva, who kept their gene pool in the world, kyamsy engaged in experimentation. They believed that the experience gained in the world that was passed to the planet from which they come, they will enrich the mother country and be successful heavy dark period of evolution, through which the Earth today.

Civilization has left its memory stay on Earth in the form of numerous amphitheatres, ruined palaces and buildings, and numerous works of art and temples, like the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Acropolis in Athens. Italian painters of the Renaissance — a continuation of the traditions kyamsov.

There are little stories kyamsov continued. A small group left the Himalayas and settled on the island of Ceylon. The purpose of resettlement — to teach local people to various tricks, including different forms of art and construction. After completing this task, kyamsy solutions in this Hindu nation.

Great still earthly story with kyamsov! Many of their life on earth methods coincide with activity Alva, but the final turned out different. One people disappeared from the face of the planet, while the other remained in his descendants.

Earthly story chipozov

About 7,000 years ago, a small group with a highly spiritual planet and landed on the southeast coast of today's Iraq (Persian Gulf). We can assume that the third nation in the history of the Earth's development. Quiet, modest and peaceful people managed to avoid all the disasters in the region. No they did not touch. We can say that chipozy were all the time in a kind of isolation, despite the fact that they were integrated into the state of Iraq. The task of the people was to gather information and experience, but not his, and the neighboring nations and the world's humanity in the dark period of the evolution of the planet Earth. This experience is gradually transferred to their planet. After their planet in the solar system, moving behind our solar system, soon to enter the dark sector of space and experience all of this period. Can be considered a striking fact that chipozy retained all their knowledge and skills with which they have come to our planet. Degradation to engulf all earthly people in the dark period, surprisingly bypassed these people.

Check out chipozov on Earth is a big transition in our solar system to a new area of space. They want to see how the transition will occur, the consequences it will lead to what is necessary to prepare their civilization.

Earthly story domutov

Highly spiritual nation. The Earth colony was established about 6000 years ago in the area now in the Iraq. In the rivers were built 10 large settlements where the majority of the people. These settlements were discovered by archaeologists in our time, and seriously investigated. Domuty were great builders. For this they are respected by even the most aggressive people and invited to their land to create different objects. They participated in the construction of ancient Jerusalem and Byzantine churches, Egyptian temples and tombs, most trimmed Egyptian pyramid. They got to Russia. Vladimir's Orthodox churches — the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, Dmitrov and Nativity Cathedral, St. George's church in Polish. They built by order of the Byzantine priests, together with the Russian builders, who transferred the knowledge and skill. Architects were descendants kyamsov. Not in vain in the bas-reliefs of temples can be found figures of lions — the symbol domutov, horse Pegasus — a symbol kyamsov and bear — the symbol of Orthodox Russia.

Domuty very long preserved their identity and independence. Only in the 15 -17 centuries gradually disappeared in the other nations.

Highly spiritual people, despite the many contradictions and calamities, have made a significant contribution to the overall culture of the civilization of the fourth planet Earth.

Today in China, Japan, Iraq, Greece, Syria, and other countries are very ancient artifacts dating back 10, 20 or even 30 thousand years, keeps the traces of machining precision mechanical devices. Is this not proof of the existence of very ancient civilizations and vysokorazumnyh?

Part 3

Earthly story Semites

About 6500 years ago, the area now in the Saudi Arabia, in the south of the modern town of Medina Space Marines landed with a young planet in our galaxy. Led the squad leader named Semite. Since then, the original people and their descendants are called Semites. Like many people, the important role played by teachers, the guardians of tradition and culture, which are called among the Semites of Melchizedek. Fruits of people quickly, create, sort, built settlements of wood. Gradually, the Arabian peninsula inhabited by Semites. Good climate and good nature of the time contributed to a relaxed and carefree life. The big problems of the people began about 5,000 years ago. Climate began to change rapidly, it is dry and hot. Dramatically changed nutrient base of the population. Vegetable food is partially replaced by meat. So Semites among the first on the planet have to consume food meat to survive in harsh environmental conditions. This fact influenced the psychology and mentality of the people. At the same time, some tribes began moving north, filling the open land in the Middle East and North Africa. Some tribes were in the Arabian Peninsula, focusing on the coasts or in small oases in the depths of the peninsula. Over time, these kindred peoples were called Arabs.

Four kinds Semites moved into other areas of the planet. Two kinds gone to the Caucasus, eventually forming two kindred peoples and two states — the Armenians and Georgians. We know that the two countries were strong enough and developed. Both nations formed a unique culture and traditions. Starting from 2nd millennium BC, Caucasian Semites isolated themselves from their Arab relatives. In addition, they have come under strong influence kyamsov who taught Semites many technologies and skills, and equip them with many cultural foundations. The most diligent students were Georgians. They were able to create after time high cultural and spiritual country. Almost all Georgian traditions, costumes, festivals, dance, visual arts gradually migrated to the neighboring peoples of the Caucasus. In the ancient Georgian state existed seminaries and academies, built on the example kyamsov. The only thing that prevented the Georgians then, and today, their temperament and aggressiveness, inherited from their ancestors — Semites.

The third race, but rather a few families from generation of Georgians, on the way to the Caucasus kind, came out of a sort of manual submission and went to Europe, specifically in Spain. Today we know this nation as the Basques — restless and aggressive people, creating problems not only in Spain. The Georgians and the Basques have some of the same traditions and language.

The fourth race of the Semites moved into the territory of today's Greece. Stir with a kyamsami time, they formed a nation — the Greeks.

And finally, another Semitic people who curse half the human world. It is about a Jewish tribe. Then they were called tori. This artificially created about 5000 years ago, the people on the basis of representatives of the various Semitic birth. Created his Atlanto-Egyptian priests, who settled in Egypt. Cataclysm before the world — a world with a flood of young Atlantic 135 priests, well-educated and trained "dragons", moved to Egypt, where he organized the settlement. The settlement was not far from the legendary monument of antiquity — the Sphinx. And he was not a monument, a technical device, set 12,000 years ago in the strong geo-active pathogenic zone. Was it installed the representatives of one of the advanced civilization of the constellation Sirius. Under the Sphinx is a chamber resonator, effort burst of energy, then energy beam in metal tubes mounted in the body of the Sphinx, directed through the eyes in the direction of the constellation, where he is captured and analyzed, results on the state of the Earth's interior.

As a result of the displacement of lithospheric plates geoactive zone shifted to the west. It is on this area priests fueled negative energy. This allowed them to live to old age in the 800 — 900 years. Before his death, they are using the area, transferred his consciousness-soul in the body of a young student, providing itself almost eternal life. As a young student priests used the Atlantean colonies of Mediterranean or Semites. A little later this energozone was built large stone pyramid used by priests to transplant their souls.

Priests selected a few hundred young Semites who have certain qualities that are to educate them, to be exact zombie. To do this, the priests created a temporary tent camps in different parts of Egypt, where in complete isolation among the rocks and sand in the ascetic conditions that the kind of training. Teachers were priests. Students educated in skills to influence people and manage their cunning, lies, hypocrisy, resourcefulness, meanness, deceit and greed. Students lived in a small village of stone, near the pyramids. Periodically conducted classes in the camps for years have borne fruit. There was a new Semitic people — the Jews. They created their own family, to have children. About 3,000 years ago, their number amounted to tens of thousands. Had their own leaders. But the most important thing that sought the priests of the Jews in the gene machine changes began to take place, to the next generation. Some Jews began to see clearly in the process of learning and began to fight with the priests. They mercilessly subjected to destruction. In this way was "screened out" for 200 years, almost a third of the "chosen" people. But the rest of the population is completely subordinate to the priests.

At some stage, a Jewish priest gone out of Egypt in the region that would later be called Judea. The Exodus from Egypt is voluntarily, without persecution for at forty, And only two months. Part of the population settles in a rundown neighborhood of Atlanta, who was later called Jerusalem. To restore the city and invited additional construction builders — domuty (see par 2). Led the overall process of creating the Jews, his education and moving was a major black priest named Moses. Which went down in history as the great "holy", and is the great prophet of three world religions.

What is the goal pursued by the priests, creating the Jewish people? The priests had a common plan, created their older counterparts — the priests in Atlantis: create a managed earthly humanity to meet their own selfish ambitions. The military power of the little that was given. Although these methods are priests in the future continue to use. Was necessary to achieve a more effective method or methods. One was the creation of the people, through which could be controlled by mankind. Further history generally known. With the help of Arab military units of the Jewish people driven out of Judea and scattered around the world. And then with the instructions generated by the priests, in writing or in the form of energy as recommendations, orders or ideas transmitted to certain actions of Jews living in different countries. One of the written works called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was accidentally made public. Forms of energy transferred specially created structure or society of the Jews, who were called Levites. This structure is formed by the priests of the most talented students. This privileged society, preserved in Israel to this day. Nobody ever dared to touch this society, offend or disperse. It's untouchable caste, controlled by priests. Receiving information from a mental distance priests, the Levites, refine it, clothed in a certain thought-forms and sent them into the ether. These energy waves to automatically catch only the Jews the same as that of the Levites, energokonturom. In fact, the Levites — is the transmitting antenna of the priests, and some Jews around the world — receiving antennas with the same settings. So there is everywhere industrialists, bankers, financiers, politicians and scholars among the Jewish population, working equally by certain rules and laws, occupying key positions in a number of countries and subjecting them to the priests.

Another method of enslaving the peoples of the earth, used by priests. It is religion. 18,000 years ago in Atlantis black priests invented ideological control method and the enslavement of their own people through an artificial belief in the ephemeral, cruel and punishing God. On Earth were the governors of the god — the priests. From the use of this method was subservience to God and the priests, fear and bigotry. This method was used by the Egyptian priests with great success, creating three world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In our time, the control system of the world, created by the priests, begins to crumble. Dark period in the evolution of the Earth over. Come into force the laws reasonable light Cosmos!

Earthly story Yakuts

This might seem unrealistic, but this nation is one of the oldest on the planet. 44,000 years before the first colonists to the young planet landed on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. The temperate climate of the time and fertile soil contributed to the rapid multiplication of people. Yakuts were characteristic for the low level of technological and spiritual development. Around 20,000 years ago between the Yakuts and Alva, the first contact. Since then, up to the global flood Alva acted as a teacher for the Yakuts, teaching them many tricks. Habitat Yakuts gradually extended along the coast of the ocean up to the mouths of the rivers Lena and Kolyma and inland. The situation changed dramatically after a global catastrophe. Yakut all civilization on the ocean was washed away by the waves. Only the people and buildings, living on high ground — the highlands. Dramatic climate change has forced people to move to the south of the remainder of their habitats. A strong cold spell has changed the way the Yakuts. They lost many of their skills and quiet nature. There aggressiveness and intolerance of their neighbors. Hard life caused them to look for happiness in the south. That Yakuts and their neighbors in distress those barbarous Turks were aggressive people, who for centuries have attacked Chinese civilization. It was built after the Great Wall was intended to protect against the Yakuts and the Turks. About two thousand years ago, the Yakuts have adapted to the new environmental conditions. Staple food was a reindeer, which has bred in the vast northern Siberia. Deer brought salvation Yakuts and change the culture and traditions of the people. Today, virtually all of the northern peoples of Siberia and the Urals are the descendants of the Yakuts. The peoples of the Russian Far East and southern Siberia — is or descendants of Turks, or mixed with the Turkic peoples of the Yakuts.

Recently, there are means of communication in the information about the discovery in the different regions of Yakutia traces of ancient peoples living, aged archaeologists estimate more than 10,000 years. The remains of stone structures, tools, pottery, metallurgical furnaces and cemeteries. This is the remains of an antediluvian civilization Yakuts.

Turks earthly story

Colony of this people, who arrived with a young planet in our galaxy was formed 43,500 years ago in the north of Lake Baikal. Good climate, rich vegetation and nature contributed to the rapid development of the nation. As well as the Yakuts, the Turks have learned much from Alva. Between Turks and neighbors — Yakuts were fraternal relations. Turks to the world cataclysm represented fairly numerous people (about 1.3 million), a large number of villages built of stone. Flourishing cultivation of agricultural products. There was a simple culture: music, dancing, singing, weaving, pottery, manufacturing weapons. The situation has changed after the global cataclysm. A series of powerful earthquakes that follow them falling volcanic dust covered the entire earth's surface, has complicated the settled life of the Turks. Hunger and climate cooling led to a decline in population, the emergence of aggression and intolerance to more developed nations. Attempt to conquer Alva, living in Siberia and the Urals, ended in defeat. These battles between Turks and alvamilegli in osnovuindiyskih myths about the battle of the gods and Yakshas (from the author, with the modern Turkish language it means "ancient or very old"). Defeated, the Turks turned their attention to its southern neighbors — the Chinese. Several campaigns have not brought them success. Then come to the aid of the Yakuts and small kindred peoples. And the Chinese would have a very bad thing if it had not been built the Great Wall of China and its smaller counterparts, blocked the way north, aggressive people.

Turks rescued strongly modified fodder. Hunting for wild animals and fishing on Lake Baikal became their main occupation. Further deterioration of the climate caused the birth of elders of the people to create a program to save the example of Alva. The plan was to save the people of the Turks division into several streams and dispersion of these flows over a large area of the planet. One stream went to the East and settled the Kuril Islands, Japan, and North Aleutian. This nation is now called Aleuts. Pretty quickly Aleuts forgot your origins, cultures and languages, and have a primitive way of life.

The main flow moved to the south-west. This was 4.5 thousand years ago. The first stop in the Altai. The fourth part of the stream entrenched in the region, the settlers began to build in wood and stone buildings. Today these people are called Tuvinians. Known sensational discovery in Altai — the rich and well-preserved burial of a young woman. Archaeological discovery — the mummy — called "Altai Princess". It is a monument Turkic culture. A young girl, who died from the disease, was the daughter of the head of a large family. Was buried with great honors. Dry climate helped to preserve the mummified body.

The remaining flow came to Central Asia and founded today in the cities of Bukhara and Navoi large colony. Over time, the Turks were the basis for the emergence of the people — the Uzbeks. Famous military leader Tamerlane was a descendant of the first Turks who came to Central Asia to Lake Baikal. Mixed people — Kazakhs and Uighurs (ethnic group in the north-west of China), also have common roots with the Turks. Many literary sources report that some palaces and religious buildings in Bukhara, built on the ancient foundations. And this is the remains of ancient buildings constructed first Turks in Central Asia. After one Turkic stream settled in Central Asia and in the nearby area came from Pakistan (to use a modern name) small people, unremarkable, but has one advantage — they were good builders and outstanding architects. People easily merged with the Turks. Under the direction of this nation, the architect built outstanding monuments in Central Asia.

Further promotion of the Turks in the West led to the creation of another colony on the west coast of the Caspian Sea. Today, the people formed the basis of the population of Azerbaijan. Turkic population grew and grew. Constantly at war with their neighbors for the expansion of its territory. Close settlement of the Caucasus region is not given a chance to do so. Gradually, there was a plan to establish another colony. For this purpose we have a strong army of Turks, the last thread has entered the territory of the Greek state of Byzantium. It was the last point where the international migration of Turks ended. This country was their sweet spot. For 10 years, the Turks conquered this country and established their own country, Turkey, which sounds in the language of the Turks — Tyurkiye.

It may be noted two small families of Turks who do not obey the general direction and left Azerbaijan. One family went north and established a colony in the area, which is now one of Tatarstan. Turks gradually merged into the region from other nations to form a mixed people — the Tatars. Part of Turkish culture and language entered into a common culture and language of the modern Tatars. Another family headed west and settled on the Crimean peninsula. We know them by the name of the Taurus Mountains. Sea and land robbers, take great trouble to neighboring nations. In the 19th century, the Russian troops to disperse. Some of the Turks fled to Turkey, and some assimilated with other peoples of the Crimea: the Slavs, Tartars, Greeks. But this is modern history.

Prove the existence of the earth's ancestral homeland of Turks in Baikal and how the outcome of the Turks are in the numerous monuments and artifacts in the north-east of Lake Baikal (especially a lot of archaeological excavations carried out today on the former Turkish settlements in the Irkutsk region), Altai, Central Asia and Azerbaijan. Tuva, Uzbeks, Azeris and Turks have very similar languages and common elements of culture.

AV Denisov

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