Earthquake in the Land of the Rising Sun is caused by the nuclear tests themselves as the Japanese?

The earthquake in Japan caused by the nuclear tests themselves as the Japanese?

This version of events on March 11 not so long ago put forward one of the recognizable Chinese bloggers, and soon it article seriously began to open a discussion and decent global media. According to this version, the earthquake was caused by a bad underground nuclear tests of the Rising Sun, and the following steps on the plant "Fukushima-1" have been artificially staged to hide the real boost to growth in the background radiation Land of the Rising Sun, in other words nuclear tests.

First, the creator of the article reminds nedavneshnih words Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara that against China can be applied to a nuclear weapon. This statement was the governor of the Japanese capital immediately seemed quite weird, because Japan does not go in "Nuclear Club 'and has always said that is not going to acquire nuclear warheads. Maybe it's just beautiful words, and Shintaro Ishihara case expressed real plans for the Japanese government?

The article also draws attention to the enormous vortex formed near the coast Land of the Rising Sun after the March 11 earthquake. Photo funnel circled all the world's publications and on the views of the creator, it was called just an underground nuclear test. The fact that as a result of explosion subsidence bottom left, and the water Tipo became "absorbed in one of the underground bunkers."

In addition, the creator seems very unlikely failure of all electrical systems at the plant "Fukushima-1", which ultimately led to the leakage of radiation. According to the official version, the emergency diesel generators out of service after a 10-meter tsunami that enveloped the coast of the island of Honshu and "Fukushima-1". Neuzh a comfortable residents of the country of the rising sun did not consider that nuclear power is in the zone of probable tsunami destruction, and failed to pay tribute to her defense — says Chinese blogger.

Fascinating as the fact that the South American aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan", located 100 km from the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" for kutsee received a monthly dose of radiation, although the evacuation zone around the station was only 20-30 km. Creator implies that it came because radiation leakage is not occurred at the station, and the ocean in a nuclear test. And, in the end, the article notes that the Japanese authorities were reluctant to share information about the tragedy and do not allow the station to the emergency of international professionals from the IAEA and the Global Nuclear Association.

The earthquake in Japan caused by the nuclear tests themselves as the Japanese?

In general, all of the Chinese blogger "evidence" for a more detailed examination do not stand up to scrutiny.

"Whirlpool". At the epicenter of the tremors on the ocean day or the displacement of tectonic plates formed a crack length of 380 km and a width of 190. Specifically, in this crack and began absorbed water, which led eventually to the formation of a huge crater in the first hours of the disaster.

"The failure of power supply to the plant" Fukushima-1 ". The press has not once open a discussion that the dike at the plant was only 4 feet tall and could not cope with a 10-meter tsunami struck the it. Yes, it is a severe miscalculation of the Japanese, but to incriminate them in that they created it on purpose, just stupid.

The aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan. " The radiation background near "Fukushima-1" in the certain moments of 1600 exceeded the normal time. At a distance of 20-50 km from the station, he also excelled in the normal 10's and hundreds of times, so that the monthly dose, acquired by South American military does not seem something supernatural, but rather very small.

"The silence of the facts by the Japanese authorities'. The most absurd thing in this article. Japanese Prime Minister spoke with the same statements about the situation in the country every 20 minutes and estimated journalists slept about 5 days. Area near the "Fukushima-1" is not closed, and there have already visited 10's journalists from various countries, including television Our homeland. International experts at also has long been found in Land of the Rising Sun and work together with the Japanese nuclear scientists.

So there is no reason to believe that the actions of a Land of the Rising Sun were man-made disaster, and were caused by the testing of nuclear weapons by the state of the Rising Sun, or any other state. This is a natural tragedy from which to draw appropriate conclusions, and not to make the most fantastic version and theory.

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