Earthquake in the United States: damaged National Cathedral and Embassy of Ecuador

As a result, a strong earthquake of magnitude 5.9 in Virginia damaged buildings on Tuesday received the National Cathedral in the U.S. capital and the Embassy of Ecuador in the United States.
As the official representative of the National Cathedral, Richard Weinberg, resulting in tremors damage was caused to the central tower. Also, he said, are found minor damage inside the building, according to ITAR-TASS.
About the destruction of the diplomatic mission of Ecuador reported fire department in Washington. The nature of the injury, nothing is known, information on the victims.
The earthquake was suspended flights of planes from Moscow airports Ronald Reagan in Washington, DC and Dulles, Virginia. This was reported by the local authorities.
Flight delay also occurred in the New York area air port — at Kennedy Airport and Newark (New Jersey) urgently evacuated personnel dispatching towers. Experts check whether the building were not damaged and not damaged runways.
"We hope to resume flights in the next few hours," — said the representative of the air and sea ports of New York and New Jersey.
As a result of aftershocks two nuclear reactors at the plant in Virginia muted automatically. However, the currently available data, the loss of the nuclear power plant there. Told reporters spokesman NRC (NRC) U.S. Roger Hannah.
According to him, it is a nuclear power plant "North Anna", located in the district of Louis. It is located near the epicenter of a quake. Currently, nuclear power supplied by the electrical system of the energy generated by backup diesel generators.


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