Earths magnetic field weakens

Earth's magnetic field weakensWhat on earth there is life, there is only one reason — the Earth is surrounded by an invisible membrane magnetosphere. The magnetosphere protects the planet from the hard cosmic radiation, the impact of which is deadly to all living things.
This invisible shield is weakening, and the death is only a matter of time. In the process of weakening the protective functions of the magnetic field, the impact of cosmic rays will be felt more and more. The direct effect of radiation leads to increased radiation and increasing cancer. Cosmic radiation interferes with the person at the genetic level, causing mutations and changes in DNA. So far suffered only astronauts have fallen under the short-term impact of the hard radiation, 39 of them in a few years revealed a cataract. The penetration of the radiation on the surface of the Earth threaten life on the planet.

The magnetic field of the planet is so important to human life that scientists are trying hard to solve the reasons for his change. These studies are difficult because you can not see and explore, you can only simulate.

The magnetic field is out of the south pole, goes around the planet and is at the North Pole. According to scientists, it begins at a depth of 4800 km in the bowels of the earth, creating a huge cocoon, which protects it from the hard radiation of cosmic particles. They are moving away from the Sun at a speed of 1.6 million km / h Most of the cosmic radiation passes by Earth, entering the atmosphere only at the poles. Today, scientists have found a place where direct cosmic radiation penetrates the Earth.

Off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic region found significant weakening of the magnetic field — the area of the South — Atlantic anomaly. Scientists from NASA sounding the alarm — the anomaly zone area of 8 million square kilometers, and it is steadily growing. We studied the effects of cosmic radiation on the technique — it led to the complete abandonment of all satellite communications. The magnetic field over the South — Atlantic anomaly has become much thinner, and cosmic radiation penetrates to the surface of the Earth. The first flight of the injured passengers flying over the Atlantic. Plane located above the anomaly zone and was hit by radiation, lose connection and can be wrecked.

Scientists project that the phenomenon of the South — Atlantic anomaly is associated with a global weakening of the magnetic field of the planet. This conclusion is based on experiments that result, scientists have determined that since 1640 planet's magnetic field has decreased by 10%. But scientists have come to the conclusion that it could disappear in 10 times faster, in about a 1500 years. If it disappears entirely, then the planet will be destined to the fate of Mars.

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