Education of daughters in Russia


Education of children in Russia has long been surrounded by a variety of beliefs, rituals and traditions. Many centuries ago, as now, the parents want to protect their children, to educate them hardworking and polite, to learn to read. Childhood was considered only source upon which the quality of all adults. This was a Russian saying: "Learning is a child — as a stone carving", "STI tree until bends, teach my child while the listening." His eyes were our ancestors and to the questions of discipline. Children were taught to obey the will of the parent and to honor their elders. Girls and boys strongly razlichalos.Esli boys raised as miners, the girls as future mothers and housewives.

They are taught from childhood diligence, accuracy, diligence, respect for elders, tselomudriyu.Roditeli were required to teach the girl "keep the purity of her for her husband." "Domostroy" in which people lived then demanded that the head of the family: "If you have a daughter, and it directed its severity, so keep it from bodily ills: not to disgrace the face of her, if in obedience to his daughter go, and not your fault, if she foolishly breaks his celibacy, and we will know your friends in jest, and then you shall be confounded before men. For if his daughter to his immaculate — like a great thing to have committed, in any society will be proud, never suffering because of it. " Girls with childhood helping on the farm. They looked after the younger children and helped in the field and doma.Mat was obliged to transfer skills daughters, who must hold a good wife. From an early age girls were taught to sew, rukodelnichat, prepare, conduct hozyaystvo.Gotovili to the primary role of wife and zhenschiny.Roli materi.Vzroslenie girls held by the traditions and was accompanied by many obryadami.Tak girls from early childhood prepared dowry. In some villages, the girl herself sewing or embroidering of his pridannogo.Obryady touch and appearance of the girls. For example the girls from childhood hair braided into a single three-beam scythe — it symbolized the union of vitality. Spit located exactly along the spine, and it was thought that all the forces of light pass through the hair in the spine (backbone), and fill the human life forces, preparing it for the future motherhood. When she married, her hair braided and comes apart for two braids, because from that time she received strength not only for myself, but for the future of the child.

Girls growing up in an important stage was the rite of jumping in skirts (cloth fabric that women of ancient Russia used instead of a skirt.) To 15-16 years girls wore long shirts and only then came the day when in the presence of all the relatives and neighbors held a special observance. The girl climbed on the bench and began to walk on it from side to side. The girl's mother followed her with open arms and skirts in her daughter pleaded: "He jumped up, my child, to jump, cute." Very young girl, as usual, should respond angrily: "I want — I jumped up, I do not want — not jump!" Accomplishment of this ritual meant that she declared herself a girl of marriageable age, and gave them the right to send the suitors svatov.Vse his childhood and adolescence she was under the patronage father. After the wedding, the duty of care of the girl went over to her husband. In Russia, said, "Father saves daughter to the crown, and her husband until the end." She had read her husband, who was the head of the family. And what she taught her parents pass on to their children and grandchildren.

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