Ekoposelentsy — white crow or the heroes of our time?

What does an inhabitant of the city today? Chronically tired, bewildered and gloomy — all running, all in vanity, immediately grabs for all but did not really gets done. "Well, what can you do, this time" — doomed summarize many. Many, but not all. Are these people who are not willing to put up with the situation. Whom little periodic forays into nature, often be reduced to a trivial gastronomic feast with all the consequences. And even though these people are perceived by society as freaks, fools, white crow, these "freaks" are increasing.

It is about ekoposelentsah — people who are willing to lose the bonds in which a comfortable well-fed life of the civilized world to chain of modern man. For them, a nightingale warbling, the beauty of sunset and apple-grown immeasurably valuable sounding very heaped stereos, film review on doroguschego home theater and chemical delicacies that abound in today's stores. These people are not afraid to relocate city apartments and a successful career and been converted into "savages" living in subsistence farming and living somewhere in the forests and mountains.

Ecovillage that originated in Western Europe, about half a century ago, are gaining adherents around the world, adding to their numbers of new residents happy. Those who did not decided on such drastic changes to the habitual way of life, are ekoposelentsam with understanding, even reverence. She rarely heard in address these courageous nature lovers epithets like "crazy" and "out of this world." And it is definitely nice, as happy and obviously meaning a global trend of rapprochement with nature, which focuses on sustainability of our being and healthy in every sense of life.

Source: http://ecofriendly.ru/ekoposelentsy-belye-vorony-ili-geroi-nashego-vremeni

But the question of what use ekoposelentsy cover is still open. So many of the ordinary people might be interested in process or materials used builders.

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