Elixir of youth 6-9 movies to watch online

Elixir of youth 6-9 movies to watch online
In Suzdal lands tell an epic 1000-year-old one prince married for love a beautiful woman, but the health of the young wife was feeble. She often was ill and could not give his wife children. Prince invited the 10's healers, but they were powerless. Then he decided to go in search of drugs. He told of an old wise woman who lives in the forest often and keeps the ancient secrets. Not without effort prince found her an old log cabin surrounded by thickets of feral nettle. The ancient wise woman listened to him and said: — You can assist failure. She took the dried nettle seeds and threw them into the pan. Cooked for a long time, throwing more and more grass. Night and day spent in an old Prince Veda. Ready broth is poured guest in an earthenware pot and ordered to give by a few young wife. Gaiety prince returned home with a miracle elixir …

Elixir of youth, number 6 (18.07.2013)

Elixir youth, number 7 (25.07.2013)

Elixir youth, number 8 (01.08.2013)

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