Environmental threats in connection with the crash in the Pacific F-16 no — FM

No threat to the environmental conditions in connection with the crash in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, the U.S. Air Force fighter jet F-16, according to preliminary data, no, said on Monday the Foreign Ministry.

Sunday fighter crashed north-east coast of Japan, the pilot successfully ejected and is already on the board of the American merchant ship. The U.S. Air Force explain the reasons for the accident.

"Immediately upon receiving information about the destruction of the Russian side has taken the necessary steps to organize the rescue operation. To the scene were sent to the AN-72 aircraft and the Russian FSB border guard patrol boat" Antias "study area", — said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It also states that, "According to preliminary information, the threat to the ecological conditions there."

Earlier, a source in one of the Russian security services told RIA Novosti that the F16 crashed at sea, in international waters, far from the territorial waters of Russia, and the Russian side will not take any action related to the search and the discovery of the American aircraft, only if the Russian side will not turn the U.S..

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