Even today, December 7,

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Cloud …

…the evening patserushyts snyazhkom. Temperature: -6 — 1 C.

Not pass by:

The second day of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly in Minsk.


In 1921, at the initiative of Bronislaw Tarashkevich in Radoshkovichi formed Society of Belarusian schools.

In 1941, Japan attacked the American base at Pearl Garbar.

In 1988, in an earthquake in Spitaku (Armenia) have killed more than 25,000 people.

In 1943 died Vaclav Ivanovo (nar.1880), the Belarusian public and political figure.

There is a reason:

International Civil Aviation Day.

MINUS 365:

Bebenin: "My job is simply died out."

Quote to remember:

"Or again we quarrel there; zydutstsa Catholic and Orthodox quarrel with" Oh, you say, a Pole — and you Moskal. "And they both do not know what they say: neither one pole nor this Moskal, wallpapers though ruzhnay faith, but to the people other because they both grew up on the local zemelku our Polesko-Belarus and the first word in the prophesy of our parents have heard from their parents, and arguing only themselves to insult and shame for people to laugh.'s deliberate and issue a primer twofold signs, choose one that spanaravna , that everyone knew that if such signs or syakie, warehouses and tyezh speech, language and tayazh people that speak the same language — native brothers. "

Vaclav Ivanovski, from the preface to the treated them in 1904, the Belarusian lementarya.

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