Excavations carried out the world Arkaim

Archaeologists Chelyabinsk State University Infox.ru reported the first results of an international expedition, open from May to July in the Chelyabinsk region. Season 2011 gave archaeologists three unknown parking lot of the Stone Age and a lot of interesting items in the Bronze Age barrows Arkaim.

The joint expedition CSU and Reserve "Arch" was attended by experts from the UK, USA and Slovenia. The task of the expedition was to explore archaeological sites in the village in the Steppe Plastovskom area. Experts in non-destructive methods of investigation of the University of Sheffield (UK) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) investigated mounds and settlement of the Bronze Age through magnetometry and electrical. These techniques help to reveal details of the architecture of ancient monuments, without having to dig. The results of the work is processed using special software.

Stone Age people used the underground sources

A team of American archaeologists from the University of Pittsburgh (USA), together with Russian colleagues, conducted a comprehensive study of the area between the modern towns and Steppe Chernorechye a radius of two kilometers from the river for the presence of archaeological sites. With intelligence archaeologists pereobsledovali dozens of known objects and opened several new ones. Of particular interest are three parking lot of the Stone Age — Stone Age, the chance discovery of the watershed, where archaeologists usually do not look. Ancient settlements located near water, necessary for life, so they are looking for on the river banks. In this case, sites were located in two underground sources, this explains why they have not yet been discovered. At sites archaeologists have collected a large number of stone artifacts — tools, waste stone industry.

Surprises from the burial mounds

Excavations of Bronze Age burial site was conducted by the Education and Research Center to study the problems of man and nature and CSU Reserve "Arch." Archaeologists have uncovered two mounds of Arkaim. In one of them at the burial site, they found two whole skeleton of a horse and several children's graves with vessels. In the center of the burial pit, which was timed sacrifice horses, found the remains of an adult male skeleton, several ceramic vessels, four bone Psalm (items of harness, very rare occurrences), stone arrowheads, stone pestle.

In another mound was excavated three large burial, one of which was negrablenym — a rarity in the Bronze Age, and two children's graves. All buried in the mound were teenagers and not older than 15 years, which allows some interesting conclusions about society arkaimskoy era. In negrablenom burial archaeologists cleared skeleton teenager lying bound on the left side. When it is found a set of dice — alchiks, bronze fish-hook, hammer, ax, adze, knife, stone arrowheads and two vessels. A large collection of objects recovered well from two graves were robbed, two ritual bone spatula, awls, arrowheads, spear, spindle, a collection of blood vessels. Very interesting find products from elk antler unusual shape and unknown destination. Scientists do not yet know what the subject. Perhaps the assumption of his appointment will help make trasological analysis that studies signs of wear on the surfaces of guns.

Studied archeology cemetery Steppe is today considered the largest burial ground Arkaim era of few. His research, which archaeologists plan to continue, it is important to understand the role and place of Arkaim and monuments "Land of Cities" in the cultural genesis of the Bronze Age, the ancient history of the Southern Urals.

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